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December 26, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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December 26, 2018

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December 26, 2018 Page 8A M orter JUST THE WAY IT IS by S loan Oliver ! t very week there is so much to discuss and too little space to do so. seems that we move from one pseudo crisis to another which completely consumes the liberal media while, at the same time, that ignorant media ignores the important topics. This week the fake media is consumed with "government shutdown" and is ignoring all other topics. as treasury, commerce, hous- ing and urban development, agriculture, the interior, trans- portation, and justice will close. That means that the Mueller investigation ceases, national parks will dose, and your FHA loan might be delayed. In the overall scheme of things - not much closes as most of the federal government operates on auto-pilot. FIRST OFF, who cares if the govern- ment shuts down? Nobody - because when the govern- ment shuts down, it still operates at almost full capac- ity. In other words, when a shutdown occurs anywhere from 75-80% of the govern- ment continues operating, as though nothing has happened. All federal law enforcement (FBI, DEA, etc.) continues, the military continues to operate, the TSA continues to harass grandmothers at airports while ignoring the burka clad trans- gender who tries to bypass se- curity, the brave members of the Border Patrol continue round- ing up illegals, the Coast Guard continues to patrol our shores, and all the intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA, NRO, etc.) continue operating at fifll strength. So, what doses? Departments such THIS CURRENT "shutdown" crisis is a budget battle, in which the Dems have declared that they favor illegals over American citi- zens; and they favor open borders, or no borders at all, over our nation's security. The Dems, and the ()-h never-Trumpers, are willing to steal billions and bil- lions from Ameri- cans to give benefits to illegals and to non-citizens for the sole purpose of buying their vote. Actually, if the Dems believed in their fake altruism and bogus concern for illegals, I might respect their opinion. However, they don't. They're opposing a secure border for one rea- son: They hate Trump more than they love America. Proof is that for years both parties agreed that we need to secure the border. Now that Trump is president and wants to secure the border, the Dems are doing they're more virtuous than you; has a wall, the Vatican has a everything possible to oppose and therefore, they're better wall, Obama has a wall around anything that President Trump than you. And because they're his house, Bill Gates' house has wants - even when that opposi- better and they know they're a wall, and 2,000 years ago the tion is harmful to the country, right, anyone who disagrees is Romans built Hadrian's Wall Disgusting is not strong enough not only wrong - those whoto keep out the barbarians. We to describe those loathsome disagree are evil. The Nazis have millions and millions of people, were evil, and whatever it took people here illegally who are to defeat Nazism was accepted making a mockery of our laws. EVEN MORE disgusting is because evil was being fought. With all of his faults, candidate the "holier than thou" Dems That's exactly how the Dems Trump, now President Trump who scream "how could you and libs think today, about took on that challenge that no- do this during the Christmas every issue. If you disagree with body else wanted to even admit season" as though they're aware them, you're evil and must be existed. So, instead of propos- of Christmas and what it means, defeated "by any means neces- ing better ideas, the Dems and At one time, I might have fallen sary." libs said that illegals aren't a for the Dem's and lib's ruse and problem - you're the problem fake cries about the Christmas LOOK AT the border wall and you're a racist for even season. However, I know that that President Trump wantsthinking so; as the illegals go the Dems don't care about to build. The Dems and libs about depressing wages for all religion and most don't even be- don't want the wall so, if you do working class employees and as lieve in God. I know this to be (and Trump does), you're evil illegals go about receiving tens true because the Dems continue and you must be defeated and of billions in government aid to remove God, Christ, and reli- destroyed. They call President that should go to actual citizens. gion from every part of society. Trump racist, uncaring, xeno- "Move along you racist if you Then, they use religion when phobic, etc.; they oppose every think illegals are a problem; they want people to think they idea that he has; and they file you're evil and must be de- follow Jesus' message. Their endless court actions to stop his stroyed" so think and so say the god is mother earth, liberalism policies. In reality, those who Dems. is their religion, and Obama is fight President Trump actually their messiah. When I think oppose every single one of his WEEKLY QUOTE: '~meri- about the serpent in the Garden supporters and those who agree cans are tired of having their of Eden and how he deceived with him. So, when they call ancestors compared to the Eve, I think of the Dems and Trump racist, they're calling migrants of today. Settling in an the media (I repeat myself) and half of America racist, they're undeveloped land and building how they deceive good people, calling half of America xeno- a civilization is not comparable phobic, and on and on. to showing up in a post-indus- THE DEMS really are very in- trial nation and signing up for sidious with their opinions and MY QUESTION to Dems benefits:' - The Patriot Post positons on the issues. They're and libs is, "Why not build a 100% convinced that they have wall?" There are walls all over the moral high ground. They the earth. Walls keep people think they're right about every- out. To say otherwise is stupid thing. They care more than you; and ignorant. The White House Sloan Oliver is a retired Army officer who lives in Monroe County. Email him at sloanoli- ver@earthlink, net. 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