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December 25, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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December 25, 2019

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December 25, 2019 EREIMertEI‘ ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING W by Don Daniel May you relish true JUST THE WAY IT IS by Sloan Oliver liberals are hypocrites, Part XXIV ow, I didn’t realize meaning of Christmas Whtifiii‘ifsrz... he best way to celebrate Christmas is to live all year long with the idea that every day is like Christmas. This special time of year just means more than I can really express. My memories of my earliest Christmases seem to haVe become just as important as this Christmas and having believed in Santa and becoming a Santa has been and is a pleasure. I have distinct memories of my three children at the age where they believed in Santa. I relish the memories they recreate. Then, there are the seven . grandchildren who have . g -' reached the age of having ' ' discovered who Santa Claus is M and realizing that there is more W to Christmas than Santa Claus. Accepting the true mean- ing and reverence of the season has been instilled in their growing up ages and can be directly attributed to their parents, grandparents and great grandparents. No great grandchildren, yet, but I am sure the real and true meaning of the season and day will again be passed on to another generation. MY FIRST job after college was advertising manager for the Swainsboro Forest-Blade newspaper. I always looked forward to selling Christmas greeting ads because they were the easiest to sell. Some businesses that didn’t believe in advertising jumped at the once-a-year oppor- tunity to wish the community a Merry Christmas. Even when I owned this newspaper, the Christmas greeting ads were an easy sell. Some merchants who were “Scrooges” at other times took the opportunity to wish Monroe Countians a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year just as last week’s edition again proved with the Let- ters to Santa from the children of Monroe County. I learned something way back in my Forest-Blade days: reading the Santa letters give merchants a good idea what they should be selling. Even today, Santa letters’ editions in newspapers across the country are studied extensively by marketers and merchants. And if you want to “discov- er” what items those who still believe in Santa Claus hope they will find in their stockings, left by Santa or under the tree, read the letters. CONGRATULATIONS TO Evelyn Chappell identify- ing Dasher, Donner and Prancer as three of Santa’s rein- deer per last week’s The Question. Evelyn gets a certificate for dozen Dunkin donuts, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, single scoop of ice cream from Scoops, slice of Jonah’s pizza, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie and a Forsyth Main Street t-shirt. Here’s The Question for this week: according to last week’s Reporter, the counting of what is showing that they are disappearing worldwide? Discuss it while you are waiting on Santa Claus. First correct answer after 12 noon Thursday gets the certificate. SEVERAL FORSYTH City Council members were caught by surprise when the city attorney announced a judge ruled that Norfolk Southern could and would close the railroad crossing on Indian Springs Drive. The vote was six zilch in favor of the judge’s ruling contrary to the gnashing of teeth opposing the closing when it was an— nounced a couple of months ago. Norfolk Southern made several concessions to appease the Forsyth godfathers causing a rise of in—favor hands. Read the details in the story in last week’s paper. Here are a few unattributed council member com- ments: “the stage is set”; :”re-purposing”; “I have a daughter-in-law”; “It rattles the church”; “I got ahead of my time”; “What I have been hearing”; “I didn’t know a what to tell them’ ; “Think about it and come back”. AND THEN on Tuesday night, over at the county com— mission, as Richard Dumas is reporting, some more tax— payer money was spent to purchase a couple of vehicles. Commissioners also raised building inspection fees, reappointed Phillip English to the hospital board, and voted to pay Rev. Rufus Whatley a salary as jail minister to name just a few. Here are a few outstanding unattributed commissioner comments: “Allow us to congregate”; “We got into the meat”; Let’s kick it around”; “Correct me if I am wrong”; “I kinda agree with Larry”; “People will stay around if they have facilities”; “Here’s the thing”; “Everybody with me?”; “What I am saying is”; “I’ll give you one example”. As of last week, $131,794.33 of taxpayer money checks were written. Of the 51, here are a few: Warren Associ- ates Inc. $47,016.53 for application/certificate”; 13 checks were written for Utility Refund water with the largest paid to Andrew P. Dennis and Blue Magnolia Homes getting checks for $134; County Attorney Benjamin A. Vaughn got his November bill paid, $5,045.10; we rent mats/ uniforms, paying Cintas Corporation, $1,235.31; Consolidated Pipe and Supply sold us some meters to keep in inventory at $21,145; turnout gear costs us $2,857 paid to Georgia Fire Rescue Supply; we had to send Nebraska Child Support $266.77 for an employee’s child support garnishment My friend Dave says taxpayer money should be spent on good stuff. LISTEN TO The Reporter On The Radio on Majic 100 Sunday mornings at seven and anytime by choking on the radio icon at Watch us on Forsyth CableVi- sion. Again, I wish you a true meaning of Christmas! Don Daniel is the founder and former publisher of The Monroe County Reporter. Email him at tullaybear@bell— south. Hypocrites”, pub- lished 9-18-2019, would be. That very day, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau displayed a level of hypocrisy that stunned even me. It’s difficult for libs and Dems to surprise me because I know them so well. I know that Dems and libs lie about everything. I know they’re complete- ly dishonest. I know they project their sins onto others. For you libs, that means ASIDE FROM hating Trump, identity politics is the driving force Page 5A about being Native American for profit and political gain? Trudeau’s “culture appropriation” was all in among Democrats, libs, and the fun; though, it’s funny and ironic that media. To that leftist cabal, EVERY- the most self-righteous, holier than THING is about race, gender and thou North American was caught one’s ethnic identity. Their prem- ise is: “white, Christian men are evil; all others are victims of white oppression.” Anything that dimin- ishes Christianity or white males is praised. This identity politics is also called “Intersectionality” and is based on victim sta- tus. Here’s how Intersec- tionality works: Conserva— you accuse others of tive, white Christian men doing exactly what are evil because they have you do. I know that oppressed EVERYONE. Democrat voters ARE Thus, blacks are victims, NOT very intelligent, but not black conserva— and I know they tives. Christianity has op- don’t care about the pressed homosexuals, thus dishonesty and deceit gays are victims. Men have of their masters. Yet, \ oppressed women, thus Trudeau showed that ,\ ‘j {LEA MM women are victims but Canada has liberals ” ‘ ’ " not conservative women. who are as dishon- Lesbians trump heterosex- est, hypocritical, disingenuous, and not intelligent, as are liberals here in America — proving that libs and left- ists are one-in-the-same regardless of the country. (Remember, leftists don’t claim allegiance to any coun- try. They’re globalists and embrace a world government with Leftists in control.) ‘ WHAT DID Justin do? First, for years, Trudeau has been lecturing Canada about his righteousness. He regularly calls his opponents “rac— ists” and white supremacists — just like the Dems, libs, and the media do here in the United States. Get caught dressing up in “blackface” and you’re labeled a racist; get caught NOT criticizing such blackface and you’re labeled a racist. Criticize a black person, it’s because you’re rac- ist. Criticize a woman, it’s because you’re sexist, etc. etc. So, guess what Justin Trudeau got caught doing? That’s right, he' was caught wearing blackface. Not once, not twice, but multiple times. Now, I don’t think that Trudeau is racist; I don’t think he discriminates based on skin color; I don’t think Ralph Northam (D-VA), governor of Virginia, is racist because he wore “blackface” in college. How- ever, let a “blackface” photo of a con- servative be published and the media lynch mob would chase them down and ruin their life. It’s called “identity ual women, and black lesbians trump white lesbians because black lesbians are 3X victims — woman, black, and doing exactly the same “racist” BS that he hurls at others. Even more dishonest, Trudeau blames society at large for his racist actions. Trudeau’s “ “blackface” was sophomoric but done in humor. Not so with Eliza— beth Warren. “Pocahontas” Warren lies: to the very core of who she isn’t. President Trump calls her Pocahon- tas because she claims to be Native American. She peddled her “person of color” claim for three decades and used that victim status to score jobs reserved for minorities. Warren has 1/1,024th Indian blood, less Native American than anyone reading this article. Her actions are egregious. For decades, Warren knew she wasn’t who she portrayed herself to be. To advance her career, she stole an iden- tity and used that stolen identity to play “identity politics.” Warren and Trudeau once again prove Universal Truth #2 — Liberals are Hypocrites. gay. Muslims (despite Islam being WHAT’S UP with Democrat politi- an ideology that subjugates women cians that cause them to lie about and executes homosexuals) are better everything? Recall some of Hillary’s than Christians because .... .. Islam famous lies: Hillary claimed she was is not Christianity (refer back to the named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the original premise — Christianity is evil.) The more memberships you can claim in “oppressed” groups, the more aggrieved you are, and the higher you rank in victimhood status, and on and on the victim “crap” goes. Realize, all victim groups first person to climb Mount Everest (Problem she was born in 1947, six years before Sir Hillary climbed Everest); Hillary claimed she ran from sniper fire when she visited Bosnia in 1996 (Truth there was no sniper fire when she visited Bosnia); have complete freedom to criticize Hillary claimed the attack on the US. and “hate on” white men. But white consulate in Benghazi, Libya in 2012 men CANNOT criticize any ethnic was due to Muslims protesting a group or gender because white men were born with “white privilege.” The exception is “woke” white liberals, those who’ve acknowledged that their ancestors oppressed previous generations, are given a complete pass. So, a white male cannot criticize anyone but liberal, white males can because they’re “woke.” That’s how intersectionality works. Elizabeth Warren is proof that the Left engages in identity politics. Warren claims Native American ancestry for the sole purpose of victim status. Yes, ID politics are disgusting which is why Democrats embrace it. SO, WHAT’S worse, Justin ‘ Trudeau dressing up as a black guy Youtube video (Disgusting — The lie Hillary told to the nation and to the faces of the victim’s families); and Hillary has lied for 3+ years about her culpability for her hacked emails and disclosure of classified materials related to 33,000+ emails stolen from her unsecure computers. Now, all Democrats have lied about all things related to impeachment. Dems sim- ply can’t help themselves. WEEKLY THOUGHT: Merry Christmas. Let’s pray the Dems see the hypocrisy of their ways. Sloan Oliver is a retired Army of- ficer who writes a weekly column for the Reporter. Email him at sloanoli- politics” in which one’s race, gender, or as an Arab sheik for costume ver@earthlink. net. and ethnicity is all that matters. and fun or Elizabeth Warren lying said they witnessed the might have come from the stand on his own be- Confinued from From beatings. Krystle Jones was spankings he received, he half, noting his work in his also charged with cru- said the most significant church and in the commu- Artaeus Jam a1 Jones 33 of elty to children in the first wounds on the boy’s back nity as a basketball coach. ForSyTh H of cn’lel ’ to degree in the incident, and could have occurred for Jones admitted to causing hfldrel; til; fir t dc tile her case has not yet been other reasons, like running marks on his stepson’s if u . 2 d .alg e adjudicated. Family mem- into a stick in the woods arms and legs but denied 0 owmg a 'Cay “In ' bers testified the boy was or through a briar patch. causing the back wounds. P305“??? datro ee stripped down to his un- Moody said spankings Despite the charges :10“ S 01:6 Juror}: f derwear and hit with the that leave marks are not against him, Jordan said . “min”? p (21’0ng t: o , switch with thorns. Jurors excessive to the point of Jones stated in his testimo- Lnjurles 311.!“ t“; e 0Y8 also saw an interview the being child abuse. ny: “Children, that’s part of Ottom’ lghs’ egs’ arms’ boy gave at the Monroe Instead, Moody specu- my gift.” back and face from the . . . beatings. They were so se_ County C.A.R.E. Cottage lated in his closing state— The abuse was first th t hm h d t when he told then-director ment that the boy wanted discovered when a school Eire “11a d“ SF; ff}: 1: ,0 Lt. K.B. Ayer: “I had a bad to leave his stepfather’s counselor saw the marks bacpk Jada: Sid Ignosys day,” in reference to a day house and go back to live on the boy and notified h l . t b P e ’ when he was beaten by his with his grandmother, Department of Family and w 0a? 0 e a “me stepfather after he misbe- where he lived before Children Services, which E::L_b1281238§: it 10365“ f haved at school. his mother married his told the Monroe County Life Through 1:531:63 i; Jones’ attorney, Bradley stepfather. Moody also Sheriff’s Office (MCSO). Ministries (Jones is not Moody, said his client’s questioned the boy’s Inv. Adam Blanks of the listed as a staff member on typical punishment meth- brother’s credibility, noting MCSO was the lead in- the Churchh website) also ods weren’t working so he the brother’s testimony of vestigator in the case, and forced his ste son to’ mit used a belt on his stepson, the nature of the abuse was Jones was arrested abOut in an effort top go who was having “behav— more dramatic than the six months following the b d f d purge dls ioral issues.” Moody de- accounts given by every- . attacks. “dytfi . erlg’ns' Jot an nied that Jones ever used one else involved and had After the jury came back S? be Incl ems “00k a switch with thorns on changed from his original with a guilty verdict in poace “green AP “1 29’ the boy, noting there was story. Moody also attacked about an hour on Wednes— , 121, 1161 an May t 20163131 no evidence to prove the Krystle Jones’ credibility, day, Monroe County R18 dome on IO nston e boy’s injuries were a result pointing out that she con- Superior Court judge Wil- 91; 'b tifi . of Jones’ beatings. While tinued to live with Artaeus liam Fears sentenced Jones e 0y Fesh. ed agamst Moody contended that Jones for more than two to 10 years to serve with Long? as (“shim Oldte}: lesser injuries on other years after the incident. an additional 10 years of K138551216, $23130: parts of the boy’s body Artaeus Jones also took probation to follow. ‘ COMP pay Jamison an initial lump sum of ’ $57,766 with annual payments of to remain in a fund to be paid out over time. But Hall said the city’s Continued from“ Front although documents show the date of the incident was March 11, 2006. An Oct. 30 settlement agreement with the Georgia Board of Work- ers Compensation says the city will $10,695 per year beginning Nov. 1, 2020 for 22 years as long as he’s alive. The agreement also says the city will pay attorney John Christy $7,500 for his work on the case. The city has already cut the check for the whole amount for Jamison workers compensation company will pay back 99 percent of that amount. Jamison never returned to work after going out on workers comp follow- ing the 2006 incident.