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December 12, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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December 12, 2018

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December 12,2018 Page 5A ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don Daniel ) As the headline screamed, Dynasty Denied, but a better headline could have been "Shock and Awe" as the reaction to a Bittick no longer being our heriff. Wait a minute! The new sheriffonly has a two-year title to the badge and talk is wait until the next time. The appointment orAl Shackleford as interim High Sheriffwas a breath of something new but as soon as Brad Freeman took his oath of office, Sheriff Shackelford again retired. I'm gonna write this for which I am sure consequences will befall: Although Sheriff Bradford Freeman has been around the sheriffs office since 1986 and has become "set" in his ways, the professional help could be used. Oops! Forgot. Al is not a native of Monroe County and an "outsider", which in some citizens' opinion made him unqualified to be even interim sheriff. I USUALLY enjoy Christmas shopping for my seven grandkids and their parents. This year I took a different tack, ordering stuff on line. The anticipation of discovering what I am giving is just like a preliminary Christmas morning, when the UPS, FedEx, and USPS delivered what I ordered. Often I have to ask, "Did I really order that?", and sometimes can't remember for whom the gifts are for. Then when it comes to wrapping, I use more tape than paper. Nope, I do not save paper, bows, or ribbons from Christmases past. BACK TO shopping on line. I have a wood/coal burning heater in my basement that supplements the electric heating for the house which saves on the still astronomical CGEMC bill. I used to enjoy cutting wood and kept my chain saw in excellent cutting condition. A couple of years ago, I was in England, touring all over the country staying in B&Bs, most all out in the hinterlands. The smell of coal burning to heat i iiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiil~ the houses brought back a lot of memories of my childhood in Harrison. We had a fireplace in every room of the huge house which was heated with coal. Smelling the coal burning in fireplaces and stoves in England reminded me of the fireplaces of my youth. So I began my quest to find some coal to burn in my basement heater Finally, I foundacoal supplier in, of all places, Columbus. A once-a-year trip to load up with 50-pound bags of coal usually suffices for winter Now, thanks for your patience and back to shopping on line. The coal shovel I inherited from the house in Harrison at least 70-plus years ago, finally just had to be replaced, bent, tarnished, handle about to break off. Instead of going "on line" to search for and purchase a coal shovel, I went shop- ping locally, stopping first at Georgia Hardware right on the square in downtown Forsyth. I was afraid Owner Lee McGee would laugh and say "You gotta be kidding. A coal shovel?" But I asked. Lee knew exactly what I wanted and walked to a spot on a shelf and schzam, a new coal shovel My point, something you think you have to have? Go ask Lee and enjoy shopping in down- town Forsyth not only at Christmas time but all the time. Might find something you thought you didn't need I am thinking about having the old and worn out shovel framed as a memory of happy times past. THREE OF Santa's reindeer are Rudolph, Donner and Blit- zen and Sandi Williams was the first answering last week's The Question. She received a certificate for a dozen Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Juliette's Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, a dessert at Bolingbroke's The Sweet Tea, slice of Shoney's strawberry pie, drink, chips and sand- wich at The Pickled Okra and a Forsyth Main Street t-shirt. Sandi, pick up your certificate at The Reporter office. Okay, here's your opportunity to get the goody certificate by naming three other of Santa's other reindeer. Differ- ent from the ones Sandi named. Deadline is after noon on Thursday. HERE ARE a few unattributed Forsyth city council mem- ber comments at their meeting last week: "Don't get too far away from it"; "Somebody received a $700,000 plus water bill. It has been corrected"; "I don't have a problem with that"; "We throw a lot ofstuffat her"; "8 a.m.?" "Having lunch brought in?"; "That's why I quit worrying"; ' fter I was able to "'; "He looked very suspicious"; "I've called 911 a couple of times". AND OVER at the County Commission meeting, here are some unattributed commission comments: "What we've got rolling around"; "SPLOSH funds"; "Come back with a better deal"; 'Tm not happy"; "This needs to happen"; "Jim's night"; "Would you care to chip in? AND HERE are a couple of checks approved to be paid with our tax money: Monroe County Hospital got paid $100.00 for our appropriation; $1,953.01 went to Office De- pot for a bunch of office supplies and printer ink; Matt Perry got a reimbursement in the amount of $451.16 replacing a TV up at the High Falls fire station; Red Dog Public Safety Outfitters supplied a lot of stufffor $3,835.09; The Towaliga Judicial Circuit Drug got a huge check, $17,556; Watts Ser- vice Center obviously did a lot of repairs and maintenance of county vehicles, getting $3,796.51. A total of $201.906.23 of our tax money got paid out. Don Daniel is the founder and former publisher of The Monroe County Report Contact him at and listen to Will, Don and Richard on the radio at Majic 1 O0 Sunday mornings at seven and watch the show on Forsyth Cablevision. orter TO THE To the Editor: Iam proud to be an officer ha the Best Buddies Program at Mary Persons, the club which cel- ebrates the lives of our special needs neighbors and friends. The problem is there are only two chap- ters for Best Buddies in Georgia, and there should be more. Best Buddies promotes the inclu- sion of students with disabilities. Ours and a new chapter at Pike County High are the only clubs in Georgia. The chapter at Mary Persons has been active for five years. It has increased the friend- ships of students with disabilities, and also between people without disabilities. Best Buddies has had such an impact on students and the community here, and Rt love to see it expand around Georgia. At a Best Buddies Leadership Conference in July, there was a 19-year-old speaker named lack who had autism. His speech was about how much Best Buddies helped him through high school and life. He talked about his peer buddy losie. A peer buddy is a per- son without disabilities. He spoke so highly of Josie and about how much she changed his life. He said he never wanted to do anything, but once Josie came around, he went out more and participated in more stuff. His mother also Spoke about the impact Best Buddies had on Jack. She said beforehand, he was being excluded so much the family was scared to leave him at ate. home alone, worried he would try to hurt himself. She said Josie is not only the best thing that happened to him, but the best thing that hap- pened to the family. Jack's morn wants everyone to have the same opportunities Jack has had through Best Buddies. Students and teachers can start chapters, and it is also beneficial to have a state office. Georgia does not yet have enough chapters to have a state office. Best Buddies does special events State. to raise money for states to open a state office. There is an event, the Best Buddies Gala in November. The Gala is about $400 per person to attend, helping to open a state office. But to me, individual chapters should be the priority first. A Best Buddies chapter in a school shows students that they should not be ashamed of being different. What most people don't realize is that others purposely leave out students with disabilities because they don't want to be associated with them. When a chapter is opened, students want to be known as friends of students with disabilities. Chapters bring the respect that the students deserve to light. State offices do help special-needs students get jobs when they gradu- With your help, I believe we can open our own state office. This would take much work, but, with many people and much determination, it is possible. Best Buddies is very important, and I want to help people realize that. Shelbye Thompson Forsyth Shelby Thompson is an 11 th grader at Mary Persons, and a first year Dual Enrollment student at Gordon JUST THE WAY IT IS by Stoan Oliver ! e death of President George erbert Walker Bush truly. the end of an era. Except[ r Sen. Bob Dole, every prominent statesmen and world leader from The Greatest Genera- tion is gone. Consider the country and world into which President Bush was bom (1924), the events took place during his life, and the events in which he played a crucial role; and you realize that the world has seldom seen a leader who witnessed or con- tributed as much, to their times, as did GeOrge H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States. COUNTLESS BOOKS have been and will be written about the 20th century and all the events that transpired - the wars, the competing systems of government, the struggles of good versus evil, the leaders and the decisions they made during those struggles, the great technological advancements, etc. and Bush 41 was a part of much of that. By now, we all know the broad strokes of President Bush's life - joined the Navy and became a pilot at age 18, shot down on a combat mission and bailed out over the Pacific, rescued at sea by a submarine and returned to combat, married his sweetheart and raised a great family, moved to Texas and became a millionaire in the oil business, entered politics and was elected to the House of Representatives, appointed ambas- sador to the U.N special ambassador to China, and Director of the CIA, elected as President Reagan's Sloan Oliver's uncle was commander Bush in WW2. The Cold War was the dominant foreign policy issue in the second half of the 20th century. It's difficult for anyone under 30 to comprehend the threat posed, to the world, by the Soviet Union. Every aspect of foreign policy was impacted by the constant threat of nuclear annihilation at the hands of the communists. The signifi- cance to the ending of the Cold War cannot be overemphasized. Simply put, when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Cold War ended, the world vice president (VP), and elected the 41st President himsel So, what have you done with your life? emerged from under a dark doud and into the bright sunshine. The lib- eration from communism was that dramatic. I NEVER met Presi- dent Bush but I do have a family connection to him. On the day he was shot down, my uncle, Lt j.g. Jack Peat was officer of the dayon the USS Finback. The Finback was the submarine that pulled Bush from the ocean. After being rescued, Bush spent the TO APPRECIATE Bush 41's place in histor consider some of the events he helped shape just while he was president: Operation: Just Cause which removed dicta- tor Manuel Noriega from power in Panama, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the First Gulf War and the liberation of Kuwait, Germany's reunification, the liberation of Eastern Europe from communism, signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (Start I) with the former Soviet Union, the fall of the Soviet Union, legislation which included the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Civil Rights Act of 1991, the appointment of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, and the end to the Cold War. OF ALL his accomplishments, per- haps President Bush's most significant was overseeing the fall of commu- nism and the end to the Cold War. next 30 days on combat patrol with the Finbac.k For Bush 41's inaugura- tion, all living Finback crew members received an invitation. President H.W. Bush often asked why God chose to spare him over his fellow crew members. Ponder this: How different would history be if he had not been rescued? A PRESIDENT'S greatest respon- sibility is the security of our nation, which includes sending men and women into harm's way Once a president commits the military to action, there is a bond between the president and the troops. I had the honor to serve in the Army during Bush 4 I's presidency (also, during Carter's, Reagan's, Clinton's, Bush 43's, and Obam ) and was sent into harm's way on his command. I always felt that Bush 41 sincerely cared for all us service members who served under him. He deeply cared for of the submarine that rescued George military members and they returned that affection. A great example of his affection occurred in 2010. An Air Force JSTARS crew was returning home from a Middle East deploy- ment. En route back to Robins AFB, their aircraft landed at Bangor, Maine to refuel. As the crew entered the terminal (all must deplane during refueling) President Bush, and wife Barbara, were there to greet them. Both President Bush and Barbara stayed and talked to them for over two hours until the aircraft was ready to re-board- SEVERAL MONTHS ago I highlighted an Undeniable Truth - Liberals are hypocrites. Noth- ing proves that truth more than the medi treatment of Bush 41 - then and now. While Bush 41 was VP and then president, the media hated him; not to the extent they hate Trump or Bush 43, but the media did every- thing they could to overemphasize 41's negatives and underemphasize his positives. Now that he's gone, the media can't praise him enough to the point where you'd think they've always loved him. They haven't. Only after he's gone is the media report- ing that he was good and honorable, something they never did while he was VP or president, especially dur- ing the 1992 presidential campaign. How else do you explain President Bush, a war hero and honorable American, being defeated by Bill Clinton, a serial sexual predator? You explain it very simply - the media was very dishonest in their treatment of George Bush, and equally dishon- est in their treatment of Bill Clinton. The media disliked Bush and re- ported only negatives, and they loved Clinton and reported only positives. WEEKLY THOUGHT: "There is nothing more fulfilling than to serve your country and your fellow citizens and to do it well." - George H. W. Bush Sloan Oliver is a retired Army officer who lives in Monroe County.