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December 11, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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December 11, 2019

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December ll, 20T9 ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKlNG IN by Don Daniel Granddaddy led the Wrightsville railroad ' is the time of year thankfulness, appreciation and forgiveness should be adopted and practiced again, if forgotten. The reason I bring this up, a couple of weeks ago, three cousins from my Daniel side of the met here at the house and I learned and remembered a lot of things that have renewed my thankful- ness, appreciation, forgiveness and family ties. I realize for a lot of people accomplishing and renewing faith in humanity and relatives is a road far too long with memories ignored or forgotten. ' WOW, DIDN’T mean to get so serious starting out so let me change the subject Columbus Stevens Daniel was my father’s dad and his mother was Ora Ross Daniel She called him Lum. She W“ always cooked me a potato pie on a wood stove and resisted getting an electric stove, but finally conceded Often when I went to see them I rode the WT from Har- rison to Wrightsville, spent the night and then rode the train back to Harrison the next morning. It was a mail train that actually went from Dublin to Tennille every day, carrying mail and haul- ing timber and one passenger car. Granddaddy Daniel was the boss on a “gaudy dancer” crew on the Wrightsville and Tennillen-W’N’Tu- railroad and after retirement became custodian at the Wrightsville Baptist Church. During our “memory revitalization’ Granddaddy Daniel loved his coffee black and strong and sipped the coffee from the saucer. They didn’t have a bathroom for a long time and first thing every morning he would lug the slop jarout to empty at the outhouse. He enjoyed making us grandchildren laugh and one way he would do it is count our fingers: Littlelum, Lingdom, Longdom, Lickpot and Thumbo. Of course we would laugh as he counted Have no idea where that came from. . THE FIRST correct answer to The Question came from Bar- bara Greek identifying John Ambrose as the one honored by the local Masonic Lodge. Barbara gets a certificate for Dairy Queen Blizzard, dozen Dunkin Donuts, Scoops single dip of ice cream, slice of Jonah’s pizza, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, Whistle Stop fired green tomato appetizer and a Forsyth Main Street t-shirt Here’s The Question for this week: what is the prize money to be awarded for the selected design of the Bicentennial logo? (Hint: page-two story in last week’s paper). CONGRATULATIONS TO our county’s They Think They Are The Fabulous Five for “passing” or having a “clean” audit As explained by the auditing firm Mauldin and Jenkins, “the county from a big picture perspective is doing pretty good” The firm, and I quote, “largely credited county finance officer Lorri Robin- son and county manager Jim Hedges” According to the latest county check register, here are a few rather large expenditures us taxpayers have paid: $36,790 to Bran- nen Motor Company for a truck; $6,511.11 to Central Georgia EMC for a lot of electricity at county properties; $3,477.98 to City of Forsyth utilities, electricity; $2,151.77 to Corporate Connectio for t-shirt/caps/ jackets; $636.75 paid to Courtney McElveen for National 4—H conference Hotel; $15,545.56 paid to Dell for new computers at the new fire station; Commissioner George Emami got a $296.22 check for travel; Forsyth Cablenet got a $4,644.93 check for TV watching; for “road matter” Hanson Aggregates, Inc., got $22,393.38 ; local business Harbin Engineering was paid $9,015.55 for HE Project 4990-010—01, whatever that is; county manager Jim Hedges got a reimbursement check, $1 15.90, for travel; $8,424.48 paid for a “Crime Scene Van from Interceptor Public Safety; Middle Georgia Fencing did some fencing, getting paid $18,500; $82,836.82 was paid to Monroe County Hospital for medical services, appropriations and rental of land; $40 to this newspaper for one subscription (wonder who for); Office Depot got a taxpayer check for $5,425.13 obviously for a lot of office sup- plies; a lotta gas was paid for, $50,877.77, to Walthall Oil. A total of $443,134.25 was taxpayer—paid with 105 checks. HERE ARE some unattributed commissioner comments from their last meeting: “First in the hot seat”; “We’ve sorta put it in stone”; “I’m just saying”; “I know what’cha saying”; “I think you answered mine”; “He’s got into the scheme of things”; “A lot of heavy liftin ’3 WELL, MONROE County’s affordable housing shortage is looking brighter with the announcement last Week of the build- ing of 88 more homes in F0 . The homes are going to be in the $220,000 to $250,000 price range in the subdivision known as the Manor at Montpelier subdivision. I hope the developers have their ducks in a row and the build- ing and supplies will not have the same fate as the retirement villas down on East Main. ABOUT TIME is the sentiment over/down in Juliette as the county is going to undertake building of public bathrooms. I am sure Robert Williams---the ex-oflicio/honorary mayor of the unincorporated village---is encouraging the commissioners . A $47,985 bid was submitted but was taken off the Dec. 3 commis- sion agenda for I assume waiting on more bids. WHAT ARE your droughts on consolidating Forsyth’s fire department and the county fire department into just one county fire department? Honestly I have been in favor of that move and advocated such a move back when I started this newspaper. There has also been Waffle House coffee klatch murmuring and conversation of combining law enforcement agencies, the Forsyth Police Department and the County Sheriff’s office. I advocated that a long time ago and got a lot of “ha ha’s” NEXT WEEK I am going to have a contest---not a logo con- test, but a cooking contest DON’T BE surprised if you see Easter Bunny stuff for sale at Walmart the day after Christmas! Don Daniel is the founder and fimner publisher of The Monroe County Reporter. Email him at tullaybear@bellsouth Page 5A LETTERS To THE EDITOR County needs its own water supply To the Editor: recently saw where Commissioner Eddie Row- land is now responsible for county water, hence, I shared this with him hoping he could move forward toward getting the county a water source. We are currently a broker only and captive to seller’s prices ir- regardless, if we want water. When I initially discussed this with commission chair- man Greg Tapley, he seemed to see nothing wrong with trading favors with Bibb for our water. He seemed to think there was a chip to be played somewhere. I could not understand that rationale. I wrote a “White Paper” on the water issue in July 2015. It was subsequently distributed to county com- missioners, city councilmen, state representatives, and some community members of Monroe County. It was discussed with many of these same people. The result was considerable interest, but with little courage, or will to act or do anything to make something water division). The county took no action to protect this asset. The EPD indicated that they had received an ap- plication for renewal from the county that was poorly prepared and incomplete, hence, they returned it and received “no” follow-up from the county. The permitting process will have to begin anew from ground zero (extensive site, plant and systems engineer- ing, plus river flow and rainfall analysis, plus an area specific needs assesment). The county has built out water lines without an associ- ated water source, hence we have built a distribution and metering system for others. Simply put ,”the county has financed and built infra- structure that benefits others at our expense. This is all done under the guise of service to residents. (At what long-term cost?) . The county also purchases water from multiple sources at radically different prices, so some customers subsidize happen. Unfortunately there was money available at this time at the state and federal levels. State and federal representa- tives were willing to help. The Plant Camellia surface water extraction permit (6 these higher rates for others. This is a handwringer for them, “they feel they simply can’t do anything because of the contracts”. This thought process seems to prevail. Question: Name one prosperous Georgia county that million gallons per day with a rider to go to 9 mgpd), water treatment license, and water treatment plant cer— tification had all expired at this point (per Georgia EPD does not own its water system. Dale D. Miller Forsyth JUST THE WAY lT lS by Storm Qiiver Like it or not, Reporter is worth a read ark Twain said, “If you don’t read the newspa- per, you’re uninformed; if you do, you’re misinformed.” If recent articles by Don Daniel are true, it’s surprising how uninformed some of our city officials, county oflicials, and local politicians appear to be - and proud of it. First, we had Councilman Chris Hewitt cancel his subscrip- tion to this paper because he was “p-o’d” at Will Davis and Don Daniel. (I’ve been p-o’d at Will myself but haven’t stop writing for this paper.) Then, sev- eral officials proudly stated they don’t read the Reporter, at all. I don’t care who you are: county commis- sioner, mayor, school superintendent, city councilman, Culloden resident, county manager, this paper’s editor, chamber of commerce employee, doctor, businessman, etc. — in every issue of the paper, you will learn something that you didn’t previously know. As John Ricketson said, “The Reporter serves a valuable function in Forsyth and Monroe County that cannot come close to being equaled by watching the Ma con TV news (all fluff and no meat) and reading the Telegraph.” Spot on. NO SINGLE person has all the knowledge; thus, we all need outside sources of information. I don’t expect the school board to know all that the city is doing or that city officials (and employees) will know all that the county is doing or that county residents will know all that goes on in the sheriff’s department. However, I do expect everyone to stay informed and the best “one stop” source for necessary Monroe County information is not Face- book, not Snapchat, not Instagram, or any other social media, it’s this newspaper. Carry on, Mr. Daniel; let’s just hope thOSe you give the paper to will read it. SPEAKING OF The Macon Tele- graph, we’re watching a newspaper that’s committing suicide. In the early 2000’s, when I moved to central GA, I began taking The Telegraph. Back then it was a decent newspaper with good local stories, politically “jig [3, my 't‘ L... :f.l(i...1e.s*-i" “\K balanced national articles, daily editorials written by the local editor, daily Letters to the Editor (four or five each day), good coverage of local and national sports, and informative articles about local cultural events. Now, The Telegraph has none of that. They have fired numerous jour- nalists, have no local editor, no local editorials, no letters to the editor, very little coverage of local cultural events, and almost every editorial is from an extremely biased, leftist pundit. The worst is their national news. All national articles are either from the Associated Press (very biased press corps), the NY Times (more biased than the AP), or from other Leftist media such as the LA Times, the Washington Post, etc. , Again, most “Fake News” is news and informa— tion that is omitted. The Telegraph only gives “good” facts about liberals (and Dems) but never the bad, and they give only the “bad” facts about conservatives but never the good. Like all good leftist media, The Tele— graph never tells the whole, objective truth. In other words, The Telegraph DOES NOT care about fair and bal- anced coverage. They ram “liberal- ism” down our throat with a “take it and shut up” attitude. AN EXAMPLE of the “ram liber- alism down their throats” attitude was last year’s entire coverage of the governor’s race between Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams. For two months, The Telegraph ran gloating article af- ter gloating article about Abrams to the point of nausea. The liberal me- dia considers Obama to be the “first coming.” That same media turned Abrams into the second coming. Basically, The Telegraph worshipped all things Stacey. They never ran one article that challenged Abrams’ leftist ideology or her post-election lies that voter fraud was why she lost. Another example of “ram liberalism down their throats” is everything related to Climate Change. The Tele- graph is owned by McClatchy and McClatchy has swallowed the CC hoax hook, line, and sinker — again to the point of nausea. Almost every or balanced about The Telegraph’s news coverage. Their omission of news makes The Telegraph fake news. Their bias is proven by the fact they’ve stopped publishing Letters to the Editor because most letters were critical of the force fed liberalism. It’s why most people I know have told the Telegraph to “shove it” and have cancelled their subscriptions. GOOD NEWS for county resi— dents, according to the auditing firm, Mauldin 81 Jenkins, the county has a surplus of $4.5 million from 2018. For the first time in years, the county doesn’t require a loan to carry it over until 2019 revenues are collected. Miller Edwards presented the audit to the county commis- sioners and said, “The county, from a big picture perspective, is doing pretty good.” Kudos goes to Lorri Robinson, finance officer, and Jim Hedges, county manager. Robinson and Hedges were cited by Edwards as being responsible for the county’s financial 180. Since the T—SPLOST failed last month, perhaps the county can use some of those surplus funds for road repairs. I nominate the railroad crossing on East Johnson St. near Georgia Bob’s. I almost get a flat tire every time I drive it. SEVERAL TIMES in recent months, this article has not appeared in the paper. It’s not because I haven’t submitted an article; I’ve done so every week since I began writing Just the Way It Is in March 2017. The reason given by the editor is, “I’ve got other stories and letters to print” or something to that effect. If you disagree with the editor, call him the next time this article fails to appear. (Note, sometimes the editor moves this article off of page 5.) WEEKLY Quote: “Beware of pro- government media because it doesn’t open your eyes, it just makes you blind!” —Mehmet Murat Ildan SLOAN’S Question — Since Trump’s election, have you noticed that the media has become pro- government and pro-intelligence agencies because those organizations are anti-Trump? Sloan Oliver is a retired Army of- day there’s another “the sky is falling” ficer who writes a weekly column for article about CC, and it’s all the fault of Trump and his rube supporters. There is nothing objective, unbiased the Reporter. Email him at sloanoli- ver@earthlink. net. 175 Days i Dd‘rkn Back in June, Monroe County taxpayers paid $2,765 for ’ .A v' >§§«w»<w vegan an investigative report into a county employee's allega- tion that commissioner Larry Evans harassed her for not hiring his "niece". But commissioners have refused to let the taxpayers, who paid for the report, see it. They've kept it hidden from public view. Only District 3 commis- sioner John Ambrose and now perhaps District 4 com- missioner George Emami support letting the public see it. It you think you have the right to see the report, tell your commissioner or call the office at 994-7000 and let them know. Meanwhile, we will count the days they’ve kept their constituents in the dark until it’s released. aiagb y... es