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November 28, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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November 28, 2018

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Declare among & EDITORIALS the nations, and publish, and set up a standard; publish, and conceal not; Jeremiah 50:2 2018, 2017, 2016 winner: Editorial Page excellence jg ~ 2018 winner: best Headline Wriling 2018, 2017 winner:, besi News Photography 2018 winner:, bes~ Sports Pages , 2018 winner:, best Serious Column - On the Porch 2018, 2017 winner:. Best Humorous Column ~ On the Porch, ON THE PORCH by Wit1 Davis it bad My 14-year-old son, a backup placekicker for Mary Persons,was a bit grumpy on Saturday. He didn t like it when I suggested an attitude improvement would be helpful since Friday's 10-7 loss was "just a game" I think he spoke for most of Monroe County when he rephed tartly: "It's not just a game, dad!" Indeed. Here in the South, and here in this county, football is surely more than a game. Mary Persons footbalHs a source of great community pride, especially during the incredible, dominating season the Bulldogs just gave us. Football captures the imagination because, like life, it's tough, Football players must work hard. They push. They fight. They struggle. They lift weights. They do things that aren't fun in order to enjoy success. Just like life. I read where UGA coach Kirby Smart said the other day that his purpose with his team is not to have fun. They're there to work hard and do hard things so they can win. Only then do they have fun. Because the Mary Persons Bulldogs had been so good this year, with no blemishes, I think the whole commu- nity took Friday's loss especially hard. While Marist was good as always, strong fundamentally, one of the most common things heard around town since the loss has been: "If we play them 10 times, Mary Persons wins eight of them." I think that's right. Or, moreover, if Mary Persons plays Marist 10 times without rain, we may win all 10. Weather forecasters, voodoo palm readers that they are, said that the rain would be gone by Friday night. That turned out to be as accurate as widespread predictions that the Bulldogs would win. A cold drizzle blanketed the stadium all night long. Sports editor Richard Dumas told me when he saw the rain was not going to stop, he feared the worst about the outcome. He was right. MP was a very fast team this year. Quen Wilson. An- toine Davis. De'Adrek Alford. J.T. Hartage. These are our key offensive players who've re-written the MP record books this year. Yes, a good offensive line has been a key to their success. But their blazing speed has too. And on a wet field, that speed was difficult to find. Marist, meanwhile, plodded along in its triple option offense, giving the potent MP offense just four posses- sions in the second half. Watching them soldier down the field at four yards a clip was as mind-numbing as the slow, dripping rain that blanketed The Pitt. MP has had some good teams in the 11 years I've watched them play. I dare say this was the best. That's why Friday's loss, short of the semifinals which the last two teams have made, was so heart-breaking, This was our year to win the state title. It didn't happen. Techni- caUy, it's just a game. But Friday's setback will cast a pall over MP football for a long time. We will lose most of our best players next season. But if coach Brian Nelson has taught us anything since becoming head coach, it's don't count out Brian Nelson. He seems to find a way. We just couldn't find one on Friday night. eoe If there was any consolation for Mary Persons' fans this weekend, it was that our own Malik Herring got his first start for the Georgia Bulldogs. He responded with his best game to date in wrecking the Georgia Tech triple option, a fitting retort to the Marist loss. Just as few expected Marist to beat Mary Persons, few expect the Georgia Bulldogs to upset Alabama in the SEC title game Saturday. Maybe it's time one group of Bulldogs got a break. Richard Dumas and I will be in the Benz to cover it all for our readers. Stay tuned! the www. is published every week by The Monroe County Reporter Inc. Will Davis, President Robert M. Williams Jr Vice President Cheryl S. Williams, Secretary-Treasurer t STAFF Will Davis Publisher/Editor ~ Trellis Grant Business Manager "~ ~ Diane Glidewell Community Editor Creative Director ~ ~ i Richard Dumas News Editor Carolyn Martel Advertising Manager Official Organ of Monroe County and the City of Forsyth 50 N. Jackson St. Forsyth, GA 31029 Periodicals Postage Paid at Eorsyth, GA 31029 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: THE MONROE COUNTY REPORTER P.O. Box 795, Forsyth, GA 31029 SUBSCRIPTION RATE: In County: $40 Out of County:. $48 Single Copy: $1 Deadlines noon on Friday prior to issue, Comments featured on opinion pages are the crealJon of the writers, the do not necessarily reflect the opinions of~e Reporter management. Publication No. USPS 997-840 PEACH STATE POLITICS by Kyle Wingfield woke up one morning, boarded a flight landed in a place where the locals sounded a little funny to his ear (and he to theirs). He had been there once before - "there" meaning the capital city, but no- where more than 20 miles or so beyond it - but ev- erything he knew about its govern- ment and politics he'd learned by reading what others had written. And he commenced writing about the elections going on there. He sounded out a couple of local authorities on the subject; sought local lead- ers of the major parties, some of whom spoke to him and some of whom didn't; tried the "man on the street" approach to divining popular opinion, then wrote up his account of what was happening. Confession: "He" was media outlets: the pos- sibility of a partisan flip, the unmistakable con- trast between them both personally and politically, the potential for making history as Abrams would be the first black female governor, the controversial ads and support from a controversial president that propelled Kemp to the GOP nomination, the allegations of voter sup- pression, the fact Kemp as secretary of state was overseeing an election in which he sought a promo- tion from the voters. The danger for any reporter coming here from the outside, however, lay in getting caught up in those storylines without ques- tioning their premises. Thus we saw stories from national media outlets taking at face value Democrats' daims that, for instance, Kemp's office was preventing people from getting the absentee ballots they t requested, when that responsibility rests with local election officials. That would be local election officials, in this particular case, in a county whose government is dominated by Democrats. news business. To travel somewhere else, try to take in everything relevant to the story and write it in a truly informative way is very difficult. The potential benefit is casting a fresh eye on a situation in a way local reporters, too close to the stor cannot. The risk, which in my view is much more likely, is that one's ignorance and bias more than offset any genuine fresh- ness. I conducted this sort of .t reporting severaltimes in my career as a newsman, most often when I was stationed in Brussels, Na- tional elections in Britain and Ireland, peace talks in Belfast, energy politics and intrigue in Spain: These were exciting stories I enjoyed chasing. But a wave of unease about the practice rushed over me as I watched the national media coverage of Georgia's gubernatorial election over the past few weeks. The contest between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp had all the storylines that would attract national Then there was the kerfi le about the alleged improper release of voters' personal information by Kemp's office - likened to "doxxing" by some nation- al reporters based outside Georgia. Local report- ers repeatedly, patiently corrected them: This was a regular public report- ing of information about who voted, as required by state law. Sadly, the local journalists' corrections on social media tended to get much less notice than the original, erroneous reports by the national outlets, as judged by "likes ' retweets and such. At a time when local joumalism is threatened by a lack of attention and resources, it would be nice to see national outlets using respectable locals' stories more often. That would give local joumal- ists a boost, prevent some duplicative or erroneous reporting, and allow na- tional outlets to focus their own limited resources elsewhere. Journalism in the 21st century has enough prob- lems without creating new ones for itself. me. Locally based journal- The president and CEO Parachute journalism - ists chose not to report the of the Georgia Public where a reporter drops in story because they un- Policy Foundation, Kyle on a new locale for a story derstood the process well Wingfield's column runs in - is one of the tougher enough to know the daims papers around the state of things to do well in the were bogus. Georgia. JUST THE WAY IT IS by SIoan Oliver A esS Americans, we should all ran ,under sniper fire"; George B,ush about being called names by the media. 4 be thankfifl for the many lied, Islam is a religion ofpeace. ; Bill Not Trump, he calls them out as Fake ings that we have. By the Clinton lied, "I did not have sex with News because they are Fake News. Last of God we were bomthat womar '; and Bush 41 lied, "Read week, Tromp said that he cafft imagine in, or immigrated to, the greatest coun- mylips, no new taxes? So, what's the Time Magazine naming anyone but try on Earth. To the rest of the world, difference between Donald Trump and him as their "person of the yeaff and we truly are a'"shining light on the hill? every other politidan when he said and the press had conniptions about his Proof right on our southem border did exactly what they said and did? arrogance. Trump blasted Chief Justice as thousands try to illegally enter our John Roberts when Roberts said there country. People aren't trying to enter THE DIFFERENCE is that Trumparen't Obama judges or Clinton judges, China, Russia, or Venezuda; they're is not a politidan. He doesfft view the only impartial judges. Rightfully, trying to get to Americ,x world through the politi- Trump called Roberts on that stupidi On Thanksgiving Week- ] cal lens ofnot"offending" There are Obamajudges and Clinton end, all of us should ~ii~!iii!ili[ii!iiiii!iii!iiii I people or constantly judges, and thankfully there will never spend an extra moment worrying about being be Hillary judges. If all judges are the giving thanks for all we re-elected. Trumps a busi- same, why do the Dems fight so hard have. rm thankful for my nessman who makes deals to put their judges on the court, fight health, fame, church, and tells it like it is. When so hard to oppose conservative judges, and communi Also, you make a deal, two and shop for the "correct" leftist judge I'm thankful for Pies'l- people obligate themselves whenever they file lawsuits? dent Trump. to action. You pay them money; they build you UNLIKE ALL other Republicans, HISTORY IS replete a building. If they don't, President Tnunp does not crumble to with examples that coun- you call them out - and the media pressure. He thrives on it. tries don't always get Trump does. When George Bush was the absolute worst. the leader they want; /7-, problems arise - zoning For eight years, the media pum- " " issues, labor disputes, meled him, and he said nothing; he theythey need.get thewashing leader weather delays, and never even defended himself As Rush ton overcame great on and on - you solve Limbaugh says, Trump "rams it back physicalhardships to them; and Tromp does. down their throats ' Perfect example lead America to independence. Lincoln A businessman doesn't delay and delay is the Saudijournalist who the Saudis overcame tremendous political dif- because that only keeps the deal from murdered when he visited their em- ferences to insure the North prevailed getting done. That's the exact opposite bassy in Turkey The CIA even claims in the Civil War. Teddy Roosevdt of politicians. Politidans lie by making they have a recording of the murder. As overcame extreme corporate pushback promises they never intend to keep expected, the leftist media is screaming when he broke up huge monopolies, and make excuses why they broke their for President Trump to do something; FDR led the country to victory in promises. Thus, politidans always have he must punish Saudi Arabia. Well, WWII. And General Patton furiously reasons why you must re-elect them. Tromp said that he's not going to do pushed his troops to crush the Nazis. a thing because he doesn't want to Each of those leaders prevailed despite AFTER EIGHT years of Obama, jeopardize our relationship with the huge obstades. They might not have Hillary would have been a disaster. The Saudis. OMG - the media is apoplectic been the nicest person, most intelligent, country would go from bad to worse, with their hatred of Tromp. Mind you, or favorite of the press. However, they Obama ignorantly asked if Trump the press said nothing when Obama were the leader the country needed at had a magic wand to get the economy made friends with Iron, the world's that time. Piesident Trump falls into growing at more than 1% (the rate that largest sponsor ofterrorism; the press that category, heand Hillary were happy with.) When says nothing when dozens ofjoumal- Obama was president Iran, China, ists are killed everyyear in Mexico; and BACK DURING the 2016 presiden- sia, and Syria kicked sand in our face. the press says nothing when China tial campaign, Donald Trump was not Think how much worse be with systematically puts Mnslim Uighnrs in my first or second choice. I preferred Hillary as president, especially given mass detention camps. other Republicans. However, once he that she's corrupt to the core. Hillary cemented the Republican nomina- sold out the Secretary of State's office. ON THIS Thanksgiving Weekend, tion I began examining the differences with corrupt donations to the Clinton I'm thankful that the country has between a Piesident Trump and a Foundation. And she was a national President Tromp. On a daily bas' he's President Hillar . To all who honestly security nightmare with her countless fighting the good fight against political analyzed their pros and cons, Donald security violations, correctness, the Swamp, and dishon- Trump was the only viable optiorr Yes, est he's a braggadocio (as are many politi- PRESIDENT TRUMP is a ferodons clans.) He has a huge ego (as do many counter-puncher who hits back much WEEKLY Thought: Hopefully, other successful people.) He was accused of harder than he takes. The media and Republicans will learn from President lying but so too do many politicians: the Dems accuse him of something, Trump's examples. Obama lied, "ffyou like your health and he throws it right back at 'em - care, you can keep your health care"; only harder. Republicans never do Sloan Oliver is a retired Army officer Hillary lied, "1 landed at Tuzla and that because they're sooooo worried who lives in Monroe Coun