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November 27, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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November 27, 2019

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November 27 2019 " Reporter ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don Daniel Oflicials love to claim they’re ‘non-readers’ et me get this out of the way first before I get into what I really want to espouse. As you know in the last couple of columns I have wondered what happened to the Segways former Forsyth Police Chief Keith Corley used to “motor” around town. Well, I didn’t have to file and Open Records Request with the city manager which I was hoping not to do. Here’s the explanation from Forsyth’s City Manager Janice Hall: she called explaining that the only thing I would have had to do was call her and ask where they were. She further went on to ex- plain she does not read this news- paper but had received a couple of V : phone calls from obvious readers of this newspaper and column in ., _, I . regards to where the Segways were. g Well the personal devices are stored down at the police department. Ms. Hall has joined Forsyth City ’ Council Member Chris Hewett as “non-readers” of this newspaper. They join District 1 county commissioner Larry Evans, an adamant non—reader who gets his local news from the Macon paper and television station. Also, County Manager Jim Hedges is a non—subscriber. Guess all four take pride in non-supporting a local business and not wanting or needing to know what is happening in our county. I’ve said it before, here it is again: ignorance must be bliss. I think to keep them from wallowing in ignorance I will give all four a year’s subscription to this newspaper as a Christmas present. BACK DURING the summer I attended the Sunday service of a non-denominational church and was surprised at how many of the attendees were dressed: Bermuda shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, cut-offs, blue jeans, you get the idea, casual beyond casual. Don’t consider that as being critical because how you practice your religion is between you and God, no matter where you are or how you are dressed. BY THE time you read this you will either be anticipat- ing Thanksgiving or either lying on the couch moaning, not believing you ate the whole thing. ‘ Thanksgiving is the official day that I put up my Santa Claus stuff, hanging the grandkids’ stockings and maybe just wrap- ping some presents that I ordered from the two-foot stack of catalogs I have received so far. A couple months ago I decided to begin attempting to renew my faith and start back going to Sunday morning church services. I chose Paran Baptist Church which is right up the road. It is a small community church with a live piano and organ player. Often the songs are the kind I remember. Although a Baptist Hymnal is available, the words are on two big computer screens. The preacher, John Tarrer, is what I have determined to be practical/applied Bible'preacher. Not a hell—fire and damna- tion preacher, but a God-fearing and God—praising student sharing his faith. . When I was growing up, getting ready to go to church was a ritual. My grandfather paid me a dime to polish his shoes on Saturday night. My mother and grandmother always went to the beauty parlor on either Friday or Saturday, getting ready for Sunday preaching, Sunday school church and Sunday night church BTU. Always on Saturday, it was car wash day since the car was going to church also. I never saw my Dad or my two grandfathers go to church, Visit a church, without polished shoes, shirt, tie and suit. It is a habit I have inherited since I am now attending Sun- day church and there is something about “getting dressed for church” that brings back a lot of growing up memories: “Gimme that old—time religion memories” JUST IN time for the holiday and stocking stufling season the “they think they are the fabulous fiVe” found the money to give 249 full-time county employees a raise. There are 250 county employees and now I wonder which county employee didn’t get a raise. We had to pay $23,000 to determine which county employees should have a raise. Not to be outdone, Forsyth’s city Christmas bonuses for fifty-one eligible city employees. GET READY to welcome Santa Claus at the not Christmas parade but Hometown Holiday Parade at least celebrating 30 Years of Christmas Magic, next Thursday in downtown Forsyth starting at pm. See you there. THERE’S A lot of scratching of heads and wondering why Superior Court Judge Tommy Wilson “sealed”---no view- ing, no seeing, no public access---—the results of a residency dispute of a Mary Persons homecoming queen. County and school board attomey---double duty--—-Ben Vaughn wanted the case sealed. I DON’T like to promote non—Monroe County businesses, but here is an exception: Yahola Creek Restaurant up in In- dian Springs. They are open Friday 4 pm. to 9 pm, Saturday 11 am. to 9 pm. and Sunday 11 am. to 4 pm. One of their specialties is oysters on the half-shell. ON A deadline now that demolition of the Old Colonial] Big Star is underway and is nearing completion. Construction of the ultra-modern Forsyth City can begin. Still wonder why there was not a celebration and selling of the bricks. THE CORRECT answer to last week’s The Question was ' Joe Evans’ mother who was featured in the Monroe County Hospital ad and Marcia Linton was the first with the correct answer. She receives a certificate for a Dairy Queen Blizzard, whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, dozen Dunkin donuts, slice of Jonah’s pizza, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, single dip of Scoops ice cream and a Forsyth Main Street t—shirt. Here’s The Question for this week: Trippe Moore signed a letter of intent with what college? First correct answer after 12 noon Thursday gets the goodie certificate. Don Daniel is the founder and former publisher of The Mon- roe County Reporter. Email him at tullaybear@bellsouth. council found $21,000 for v Page 5A LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Thanks Save A Pet for my Sug To the Editor: y little dog, Sugar, just passed away. I loved her for 17 years, and I miss her. She had been with me since she was six months old. I saw her on a Save A Pet segment on TV and called Pat Corley, the .director of Save A Pet, and told her I wanted her. Pat told me someone else was looking at Sugar, but if they didn’t take her she was mine. Pat brought her to me. She was a great pleasure and really made me happy. Thank you to Pat. She deserves a crown with many stars. She has so much love for both people and animals. Our community is so lucky to have someone like her and many. of the others who work with her at Save A Pet. It’s a no-kill shelter, and they’ve worked hard so it’s paid for. I’m so grateful for Pat Corley and for what she does. Sugar passed away by my chair. I’m going to plant a tree in my yard that it will bloom in memory of her. Carolyn Brown Sugar modeled tor the Reporter in Forsyth December 2015 to help promote Shop Small Saturday in Forsyth LoVe seeing my family in The Reporter To the Editor: continue to enjoy the Reporter even though my wet macular makes it harder to read the fine, light print. I enjoy seeing articles that mention my nieces and nephews. I am the last in my family The schools have grown tremendously. (There were of seven children: Fred, Butler, Lee, Maurice, Doris (Grant) and Alice (Cromer). JUST THE WAY IT IS by Sloan Oliver Dems desperate to take out Trump e study English to have a common lan- guage to understand one another. Along with English, we study word mean— ings. One word whose meaning is now in question is “favor.” A favor is “an act exhibiting kind, gracious, or a friendly attitude” IfI ask someone for a favor, students of English agree, the hacked them. Conveniently, the DNC told us that Crowdstrike fin- gered the Russians as the computer hackers. This accusation has never been proven; the Dems claim it to be true, and they demand we believe them. Apparently, Ukraine has something to do with Crowdstrike; possibly the DNC computer serv- ers are in Ukraine. This Ukraine-Crowdstrike next sentence from gyflg 1:83:33; my mouth 15 the favor Zdensky I’m asking. Appar- ' ently, Democrats and ALSO, DURING the media (I repeat the phone can, why did myself) dont 9*de President Trump ask Zel- and don’t understand ensky about Ukrainian English. They thiIIk corruption centering on if a favor is asked, it Joe and Hunter Biden? isn’t the verynextg- . The obvious answer sentence, the" fivor is ‘ “ I, .\ ,x 1 is because when Joe actually 500 words 2&1‘t’billttst/\~ Biden was Obama’s vice and 10 minutes later president he was corrupt in the conversation. and scored a “sweetheart” Ascrazyasthat sounds, that’s the positionin aUkrainian energy spin the mediacrats (Media+Dems) are putting on President Trump’s July 25th phone call to Ukraine’s Presi— dent Zelensky. The mediacrats want you to believe that the favor Trump asked of Zelensky was to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden, and if they . didn’t investigate Biden’s corruption, Ukraine wouldn’t receive military aid The Dems say Trump asked the favor for political gain, and for that, he must be impeached Problem with the mediacrats narrative — it’s 100% FALSE. They know it’s false which means they’re lying. DURING TRUMP’S phone call, he asked Zelensky for a favor. Trump’s next statement after “favor” was: “I would like you to find out what hap- pened with whole situation with Ukraine, they say Crowdstrike. . . I guess you have one of your wealthy people. . . the server, they say Ukraine has it. There are a lot of things that went on, the whole situation.” (Read the transcript by searching the inter- net for “Transcript of Ukraine phone call.’ ’) About 10 minutes after asking the “Crowdstrike” favor, Trump men- tioned Joe Biden. Two questions are in order: What is and why ask about Crowdstrike? Why ask the Ukrainian president about corruption and Joe Biden? IN 2016, the Democrat National Committee claimed their computers were “hacke ” Instead of asking the FBI to investigate, the DNC hired Crowdstrike to do a forensic analysis of their servers to determine who company for Hunter. So, when our tax dollars are going to Ukraine, it’s Trump’s duty to insure allegations of corruption are investigated — espe— cially when the corrupt individual wants to be our next president. The other answer: In 1999 President Clinton signed an “anti-corruption” treaty with Ukraine that obligates us, and them, to investigate corrup— tion — especially when we give them hundreds of millions in military aid. Remember, since May 2019, Federal Prosecutor John Durham, has been conducting an investigation into the genesis of the Russian-collusion hoax His investigation is uncover— ing corruption in several countries, to include Ukraine. It appears likely that Ukraine’s previous government worked with the Dems to fix the 2016 election in Hillary’s favor. . SOMETHING ELSE, Trump’s July 25th phone call was the day after Robert Mueller testified to Congress about his Mueller Report (MR). The MR was the 2-year investigation that Dems knew would provide proof that Trump colluded with Russians during the 2016 election. The Dems wanted Mueller’s report to implicate and impeach Trump. However, instead of implicating Trump on Russian collusion, the MR did the opposite, it exonerated him. Ad- ditionally, the MR exposed that the Dems tried to “frame” Trump with the phony collusion accusation. (This attempt to frame Trump is what John Durham is investigating.) So, on July 24th, Mueller bombed with his testimony to Congress. Thus, no 37 in my graduating Class of 1945) I enjoyed the articles by Mr. Likens. I’m sorry he moved. Tell us something abut the “Little Johnstons.” I enjoy their programs. Helen (Vaughn) Parsons Jasper, Tenn. impeachment based on Russian- collusion was possible. The Dems im- mediately moved to their next Trump removal plan. The very next day, the Dems found a phone call; made by Trump, overheard by a third party “whistleblower’i they claim was an impeachable phone call. FUNNY HOW the media claims all accusations against President Trump are valid and must be thor- oughly investigated, regardless of the political leanings of the accuser. Now we’re to believe this Ukraine phone call “whistleblower” is “unbiased” and cares deeply about the country. The whistleblower’s name is Eric Ciara- mella. He’s not a whistleblower; he’s a registered hard-core Democrat work— ing at the CIA, attempting a coup. Ciaramella worked with the DNC to create the Trump-Russia collu- sion hoax. He worked directly under James Clapper, Obama’s National Security Advisor, an anti-Trumpet Ciaramella worked at the White House but was fired for leaking classi- fied information but ended up in the WH again. Also, Ciaramella worked with John Brennan, former CIA Director and ardent anti-Trumpet: Finally, the day after Mueller’s tes- timony bombed, Ciaramella began working with Adam Schiff(D-CA) to craft and write his “whistleblower” memo. Unbiased? NOT. QUICK REVIEW: before the 2016 election, Dems said they would impeach Trump should he be elected Then, on inauguration day, the WashPost ran an “impeach Trum article. Next, Mueller and the Dems tried to remove Trump via collusion. “lynching” sorry, I mean collusion investigation. Plus Dems have said that Trump must be impeached or he will be re-elected Now, the Dems have created a false claim of Ukrainian “ uid—pro—quo” during a phone call to the Ukrainian president ), ' in which Trump discussed Biden’s corruption. So, it’s OK to spend two years investigating a bogus collu- sion hoax but it’s illegal for President Trump to ask anyone to investigate the origins of the Russia collusion scam? WEEKLY THOUGHT: This Ukraine impeachment hoax is another attempt to overturn the 2016 election and to undermine President Trump in 2020. Sloan Oliver is a retired Army of- ficer who writes a weekly column for the Reporter: Email him at slounoli— ver@earthlink net. 161 Days in { Back in June, Monroe County taxpayers paid $2,765 for an investiga- tive report into a county employee's allegation that commissioner Larry Evans harassed her for not hiring his "niece". But commissioners have refused to let the taxpayers, who paid for the report, see it. They've kept it hidden from public view. Only District commissioner John Ambrose and now perhaps District 4 commissioner George Emami support letting the public see it. It you think you have the right to see the report, tell your commissioner or call the office at 994-7000 and let them know. Meanwhile, we will count the days they've kept their constituents in the dark until it's released.