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November 14, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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November 14, 2018

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JR pOrter Page 5A ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don Daniel W!re ,you surprised at the election results? Well we on t have ,my results yet. We ve got a run-off for e Sheriff s badge and the governor s race was upposed to be official yesterday. But with all the lawsuits being filed by the Democratic gubernatorial candidate and her minions, the official declaration of the results will be tainted for the history books. As well as the Democratic governor candidate and her sup- porters yelling discrimination, a developer who was refused a request to build a low-income apartment complex down in the southem part of the county (just past Bolingbroke) is suing the county commissioners, daiming discrimination. Here's a quote I found on the intemet. Andy Rooney is credited with saying it, but he didn't. Whoever said it, it's good: "I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers. The only thing I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television and Miss Black America". He further commented, "try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, White Entertainment Televi- sion or Miss White America and see what happens Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door:' "I am sick of'Political Correctness'. I know a lot of black peo- ple and not a single one of them was born in Africa: so how can they be ffrican Americans'? Besides, Africa is a continent. I don't go around saying I am a European-American because my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was from Europe. I am proud to be from America and nowhere else, and if you don't like my point of view, tough ." BUYING THE old/dilapidated/blighted Big Star building and property, by a vote of 5 to 1, Forsyth's "Godfathers" made the right and correct decision to build a new city hall on the downtown site. Guess it's gonna be an ultra-modem building since it will be next door to the "bat winged" United Bank. You know, fit into and complement the surroundings. Also at the meeting, Norfolk Southern and the Georgia Depart- ment of Transportation again made million-dollar railroad crossing proposals that again were re- jected by the city which led to this email: "Don, I betcha Forsyth City Councilmen Mike Dodd and Chris Hewett are really upset because the Lee Street railroad crossing was dosed for repairs by NS and GDOT for a couple of days". Here are a few Forsyth City Councilmen unattributed meeting comments: "I am not trying to be mean"; "I can understand that"; "Don't have to worry about rift-raft"; "It wasn't hard to deride"; "People stranded over there"; "You've got a carrot and sticl '; "When I taught him how to drive"; "We can move the street"; "I don't think I have enough information"; "I was already asleep". THIS PAST week's The Question must have been an easy one because of all the correct answers that were emailed. But Laurie Pippin was the first naming Lawson Bittick and Brad Freeman as the two top vote getters in the sheriffs' race and will be facing each other in the rtm-off. Laurie gets the certificate for a dozen Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Juliette's Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, Boling- broke's Sweet Tea dessert, slice of Shoney's strawberry pie, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt and a sandwich, chip and drink at The Pickled Okra. Here's The Question for this week: What is the date for the Bolingbroke Christmas Parade? First correct answer after 12 noon on Thursday gets the goody certificate. I MISSED the county commission last week and according to Reporter Richard Dumas, who had a front row seat, it prob- ably has to go down in the record books as one of the longest -- six plus hours. The commission room was packed with those in favor and those against eight zoning requests that came before the "Ruling Five". First there was a "called meeting'; a brief recess and back to business at the regular meeting. Here are a few taxpayer-money-paid checks: $2,467.54 reim- bursement for tourism/advertising; Hanson Aggregates Inc. supplied us with a lot of pipe for $7,254.07; former Sheriffand grandfather of sheriff candidate Lawson Bittick got a check for $2,765.59 for "tower rental" along with another tower rental check paid to somebody for tower rental, $3,182.57, Blue Ridge School; Kathy Pritchett got a $3,240 check for "interim"; we had to put a dog "down" paying Primary Pet Care $50 to do the deed; former state representative and local lawyer Curtis S. Jenkins got $1,500 for October solicitor hours. Checks were written in the total amount of $61,974.54. I WORKED as a "bag boy" while in high school at the Piggly Wiggly in Swainsboro. I did get promoted to the meat depart- ment where my job was to cut-up the whole chickens. They didn't come in "parts" and had to be cut up according to the customers' specifications. Back to the bag boy job: not only did I have to bag the groceries, there was a certain way they had to be bagged. Cold stuff, vegetables, canned goods, paper goods all had to be bagged separately. And, of course, we had to take the bags to the customers' cars. Never got a tip because it was never ex- pected. We were expected to interact with the customer during bagging and taking to the vehicle. Customer service is what it is called now. I write about this because Walmart and Ingles have become notorious for their lack of personal service when checking out. I despise having to use a "self-checkout" machine, bagging my purchases. It is too impersonal and totally non-customer friendly. My advice is the following which I saw on the inter- net: never use a self-checkout because they kill jobs; self-check- out machines don't contribute with payroll taxes and they are not really convenient. Don Daniel founded the Reporter in 1972. Email him at medi- to answer The Question or make a comment. Dorft forget to listen to The Reporter On The Radio on Majic 100 on Sunday mornings at 7 and watch Don, Will and Richard--- on Forsyth Cable's community access channel GUEST COLUMN by Terry Scarborough Or ce again, rSec- of State rian Kemp has sought to conceal his incompetence with com- ments at his rally in Forsyth on Oct. 31. q-his newspa- per reported that, "Kemp blamed appointed surveyor Terry Scarborough for his lack of cooperation in refusing to testify at yet another hearing as the basis for his not having settled the matter? Astordshingl ; Kemp went on to say "So there's really nothing we can do until we hear from him ' That irrationality was quickly followed by 'Tm not going to move the county line without being able to ask the person that drew the line a question about why they did what theydid" To grasp the absurdity of these excuses, look at what has transpired since March 27, 2009 when I submitted my survey to the Secretary of State. At Kemp's visit to the disputed area on July 15, 2011, I gave him more proof of my findings, and a month later also gave him a 36-minute DVD rebutting Bibb County. In addition, at the Aug. 30, 2016 hear- ing, we gave Kemp more evidence in 4.5 hours of testimony including video, documen and spoken evidence of the surve which had been endorsed by special administrative law judge John SherriU as the true boundary between Bibb and Monroe coun- ties on April 29, 2011. In addition I have offered to testify before Kemp about my surv . What emerges, for those who have followed the dispute the past 9+ years, is that Bibb County has per- suaded Kemp that his pow- ers far exceed those given him by law. Therefore, Kemp has the misguided belief that he can place the Governor's Surveyor on Surveyor Terry Scarbor- ough, right, shares his findings with then-secretary of state Brian Kemp on the Ocmulgee River in 2011. trial. Accordingly, both legal teams pursued costly litigation, taking the matter twice to Fulton County Superior Court and twice to the Georgia Supreme Court. That reckless litigation certainly filled the purses of the attomeys. How do they jusl@ costly attomey's fees? Answer: Blame the Surveyor! The truth is Bibb County never had sufficient evidence to overcome the findings of the Scarborough Survey. So, the goal then became that of discrediting the surveyor on the witness stand somehow. Bibb lawyers cleverly crafted the means to allow Bibb County to submit an alternate plat for Kemp's consideration. This plat was prepared by the privately engaged, former-dected Bibb County Surveyor in defiance of the landmark case, Fine v. Dade County, which mandated by prece- dent: "If in fact it is obscure, the line must be made dear and definite by an official governmental survey under order of the Governor, and in accordance with the ACt of 1887, supra, and not by the evidence of engineers or surveyors privately engaged." So, how would Kemp and Bibb County use this illegal survey? In cross-examining me, Bibb County would try to plant in Kemp's mind a reasonable doubt about the Scarborough surve noting that it doesdt agree with every nuance and theory from the theatrical imagi- nation of Bibb's surveyor, who will be paid hand- somely for his testimony. Kemp's new-found "broad discretion" then could allow him to accept the privatdy engaged Bibb County surveyor's illegal plat to supersede and replace the one by the Gov- ernors Surveyor. What or who would stop Kemp? The facts in the matter are these: Kemp could have ques- tioned me at any time, as has been offered through- out these proceedings after Kemp finally ordered Bibb County to pay their share of the surveyor's fee. Further, I wrote Kemp on Aug. 9, 2018 detailing a way the matter could be resolved using the Scarborough Sur- vey to settle the boundary dispute sensibly. I also sent the letter to Brad Raffens- perger and John Barrow, candidates to succeed Kemp as Secretary of State in January2019. An errant survey plat by Bibb County-based Stantec Consulting Services was used to define the boundar- ies for the Bass Pro develop- ment. Those boundaries claimed some 57 acres of Monroe County territory in the description for the contract that would secure the Bass Pro devdopment. Stantec was under the direction of Executive Vice- President Elmo Richardson who was also a sitting Bibb County Commissioner at that time. Richardson had also been appointed to the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, a regulating agency under the Secretary of State, on March 13,2006. Just 7 months prior, Gov. Sonny Perdue had appointed me as the Bibb-Monme boundary surveyor on Aug. 9, 2005. Richardson then became Chairman of that Board in January 2009 and served in that role from 2009- 13, throughout the early evidentiary proceedings for the Bibb-Monroe bound- ary dispute. Elmo Richard- son remains a member of the State Board of Registra- tion for Professional Engi- neers and Land Surveyors to this day. This preliminary posturing leaves little doubt regarding Bibb County's devious strategy to steal the Kemp decision. Kemp's blaming me for this is absurd. It is Kemp's failure to deverly com- promise me, in a quasi- court contrived with Bibb County influence and an il- legal altemate plat of survey composed by Bibb CounW, that is the basis for his not having settled the matter. All the grandstanding by Kemp and Bibb County while allowing Bibb County to benefit from tax revenue rightfully entitled to Mon- roe County has served to delay the settlement of the issue and has burdened the taxpayers of both counties. The fact that I am apri- rate dtizen and a licensed professional with Fifth Amendment privilege should have brought clarity to the Secretary as to the extent of his powers. So now, this certainty can be instrumental in expediting the discharge of the statu- tory duties of the Secretary going forward. The imminent resolution of this dispute should be watched carefully now by the taxpayers as either Mr. Barrow or Mr. Raffensperg- er takes over as Secretary of State in January 2019. Terry Scarborough was appointed by then-Gov. Sonny Perdue to find the Monroe-Bibb County line in 2006. Submitted in 2011, his work is still awaiting a decision from the Georgia Secretary of State. TAKING A LIKENS TO YOU by Dale Likens I II I remember in my early school days learning about the different types of clouds that cover this earth of ours. If my memory serves me well there are the cirrus douds, the cumulus douds, the nebulas clouds and the stratus clouds. Please OJe don't ask me to identify each. It's excit- ing that I remember their names. I still enjoy look- ing to the western sky and trying to determine if rain is coming in or if I must wait another day. I'm certainly not great at predicting rain, but some- times I think I'm better than the national weather channd on television. For some reason it seems shortly after I mow our lawn a rain comes either that evening or the next morning. Well, at least within the next week. Hey, that's better than the national weather chan- nel! That's the point of this article. It's all about the na- tional weather channel. Every night I check the national weather chan- nel to see ff I should throw my umbrella into our car before leaving for town or not. Every morning the weather goes something like this: Monday- 20 percent chance of rain, Tuesday- 0 percent chance of rain, Wednes- day- 0 percent chance of rain and Thursday- 70 percent chance of rain. "Hey, Hon! We're sup- posed to get rain this Thursday!" I call excitedly to my wife. "That's great!" she calls back. "Great news!" So on Wednesday I check the weather and now they tell me there is a 0 percent chance of rain on Thursday! "Hey, Hon] Guess what the weather channel is predicting for rain on Thursday?" "0 percent!" she calls back. How did she know that? My father was much better at predicting the weather. He truly was! He would stand outside on a clear day and say, "It's gonna rain today!" "Sure, Dad!" we would laugh and continue hoe- ing our garden. "Yes sir! I can fed it in my bones" he assured us as he took his hanky out and wiped his brow. "No doubt about it!" It rained. As I grew older I learned that I, too, could predict the weather better than the national weather channd by watching cowboy movies. It's true! I discovered that the Indians always knew when it was going to rain. I watched a Lone Ranger movie once when Lone sent Tonto into town to check on something and Tonto said, "Me can't go! It's gonna rain!" "No!" Lone said in return. "The sky is a beau- tiful blue? Tonto reached down, picked up a tumbleweed, threw it toward Lone and it flew upward. "Proves rain in air! 100 percent sure!" Tonto said. It rained. That's when I learned that true Indians can predict rain. Now I simply call Sena- tor Elizabeth Warren and ask her if it's going to rain each day. When she tells me to throw two umbrel- las into our car because it's definitely going to rain, I believe her. "There is a 0.00098 percent chance!" she tells me. I believe her! Why shouldn't I? God bless. Dale Likens is an author who lives in Monroe County. without line Brian Kemp resigned as Georgia~ secretary of state on Wednesday, Nov. 7, meaning he served 3,255 in the office without making a decision on the Monroe-Bibb county line dispute despite an order from the Georgia Supreme Court that he do so. We hope Kemp does his job as governor more dutifully than he did as secretary of state. Gov. Nathan Deal appointed Robyn Crittenden as interim secretary of state until the runoff for the job between Republican Brad Raffemperger and Democrat John Barrow on Dec. 4. Since Monroe County has now spent $3 million on this dispute, we hope Kemp replacement will do his job under Georgia law and resolve the dispute by accepting the Terry Scarboraugh survey. We plan to count the days in ofl'~e of his successor in this location until they do their job. / I