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November 13, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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November 13, 2019

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November 13 2019 ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don Daniel Read the fine print eing a senior citizen, actually a “senior plus” senior citi— zen, I get warned via news, internet and sources how we in the senior citizen category are susceptible and preyed upon by the scumbags that try to get us to part with our social security money, retirement income, with “deals” of a lifetime, win a vacation, you get the idea. We are warned constantly. Yet many of us fall prey to the come-alongs, frauds and scams. The other day, I thought I had won a TV. The instructions were pretty simple, written so a senior citizen could understand I assumed and thought: “Pull a pair of matching numbers to win one of these prizes!“ I did not pay attention to the asterisk. Well I pulled the tabs revealing two matching numbers which indicated I had won a 65” Smart TV. I followed the instructions includ-_ ing taking my big truck to have plent ' ofy room to load the TV I thought 4 I had won. I got to the business and presented the evidence that I had won the TV. Surprise, surprise. Nope! The winning numbers didn’t mean doodley squat, I learned in a hurry. When I presented my “winning” numbers, I was told to read the portion where the asterisk was in tiny type almost hid- den from being able to be found, much less read: “Matching numbers are not associated with a specific prize,” Although my matching numbers revealed I had won a 65” Smart TV “Ha— Ha! We gotcha” I was offered a consolation prize which I assumed was a Kew— pie Doll. Nope I wanted my TV because I matched two num- bers that said I was going to win a TV. Adamantly I was told to read the asterisked portion of the flyer. I walked out. So, this is a warning to my fellow senior citizens: don’t get askertisized. TIME SURE is fleeting when you are a senior citizen and particularly birthdays and holidays. Sometimes I feel as if I have two or more birthdays in the same year! So, I want to slow down. I don’t want Christmas advertising to start just after my birthday in August. Christmas advertising is not supposed to start until after Thanksgiving. There is more to discuss at the family turkey presentation than what we want for Christmas. It is supposed to be a time of being thankful for what we have and not thinking and not pre-thankful what we want. Here’s a question for you to ponder: how many Black Fridays are there in September, October, November and December? I would just be satisfied with one the day before Christmas or the day after. Of course, just a lot of advertising hype. Here’s another question for you. When do you start putting up your Christmas decorations? News reports are saying that now is the time to start. Well my Christmas tree will be put up either Thanksgiving Day or the day after, making it a celebra- tion the day after. Not a day sooner. This just hit me! I’m gonna celebrate Thanksgiving as soon as I can find a stuffed-——not real---turkey, one that looks just like a turkey. I think I will build a special stand and hang lights on it, you get the idea. GOT A lot of answers to last week’s The Question. The suspect said bad weed caused her to climb up on the roof and Marcia Linton was the first with the correct answer. Marcia gets a certificate for a scoop of Scoops ice cream, a dozen Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen Blizzard, slice of Jonah’s Pizza, slice of Shoney’s famous strawberry pie and Forsyth Main Street t- shirt. Here’s The Question for this week: what day of the week is Christmas Day this year? First correct answer after 12 noon Thursday gets the goody certificate. OVER AT Forsyth’s City Council, discussion again centered around solar panels with a final decision being you will still have a Forsyth electric bill even if you went total solar. Read Diane Glidewell’s in-depth story. Some good news: the council was told that Forsyth Gardens Apartments is going to get a $11 million make over which amounts to about $60,000 renovation per apartment. Still waiting for the first brick to fall on the demolition of the building where the ultra-modern city hall is going to be constructed. Here are a few unattributed council member comments: “I talked with a customer today”; “I gave him a reason”; “Do you fill good?” “I wasn’t going to go there ; A lot of competition”; “So that you guys can review”. OVER AT the county commission, it was check-paying time first with these unattributed commissioner comments: “Ex- plain that in simple terms.” “I just want it to be known”. “I don’t want to jump the gun”; “Didn’t know whether you were here or not”; “I find that hard to believe”; “A million cards”: “Give them a little candy”; “I think we are already doing that”; “I’ve’ seen it happen in the past”; “People do talk”. $342,780 was paid to Cradwell Construction for work at Fire Station C#1. Lashuna Ussery got a reimbursement check for $313.12 for travel. A local business, Red Dog Public Safety, did a lot of supplying for $2,121.99. Another humongous check, $35,021, was paid to Utility Partners for North and South Wa- ter, Insurance, Rent, FICA, Regular and Overtime. Here’s one we should know: How much are we paying the county manager for traVel, meals and other things includ- ing salary and a car? Transparency! They don’t show up on the check register. Taxpayer-paid, which should be publicly revealed to us taxpayers. Only 17 checks were written and paid for a total of $441,943.47. REALLY ENJOYED the “Pop Up Market” Saturday at the park next to the city hall/CVB building. It would be nice if some local farmers showed up with their produce. The way my collards are growing, I might have to share---maybe not! I will be in competition with Judge Buck Wilder. Show up with your collards, Judge. THANK YOU for reading this column and listening to The Reporter On The Radio on Sunday mornings at 7. If you want to be on the radio show, come by The Reporter office on Thurs- day morning at 11 and contact me at the email below. Don Daniel is the founder and former publisher of The Monroe County Reporter. Email him at tullaybear@bellsouth. v t TRUTH OR FICTION? by team Clonzy Yatesville: Dead, or playing possum? e came through the door only to find our cats acting strange— ly and staring at something. My husband Jerome soon discovered what that some- thing was. It had deposited itself where we are tem- porarily storing our appliances. Yes that room. We have a refrig- erator-freezer, a toaster oven and various pots and pans. It hadn’t made a mess. Just scrooched up into a corner and wouldn’t leave. Now I had always felt that these were among the ugliest four-footed creatures alive. Somehow, maybe because it was young, it struck me right in the heart, and it didn’t seem CLANZY so-ugly after all. Even cute. Its fur was white. Maybe a tweenager. It was an opossum. Did you know that they make a squealing, whining sound? My husband and I trapped with canned cat food. We had been given the cage to pick up stray felines, and it worked well for the curious opossum. We kept it over night.The next morning it was making that cute sound three times. Jerome laughed. I will never look at an opossum the same way again! Elly Mae come here! We released the opossum one-and-a—half miles away by the Yatesville Dollar General. It seemed happy to be on its way! I think the opossum learned its lesson. On another subject in the same JUST THE WAY IT IS by Sloan Qliver History unfolds in Trump v. ast week we celebrated and recognized three important anniversaries in our nation’s history. The first anniversary was the first Veterans’ Day in 1919 or, as it was originally called, Armistice Day. Also, we recognized the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989), and the elec- tion of President Trump (2016). It’s hard to say which event was more significant because each event was HUGE in US. history. AFTER THREE brutal years of fighting, Europe was in a stalemate and had been bled dry. Modern technology, such as improved ballis- tics and ordinance, combined with outdated tactics killed soldiers at a rate never before seen in history. For example, the British suffered 57,500 casual- ties (19,240 killed) on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, and the French suf- fered 400,000+ casualties (143,000 killed) during the Battle of Verdun. Given those horrific casual~ ty figures, in 1917 the United States reluctantly, but proudly, entered WWI, on the side of the Allies. It took almost a year to arm up, train 1 up and ship the troops to Europe. Finally, by the spring of 1918 the Allies were prepared and went on the offense that culminated in the Central Powers (Germany, Austria- Hungary, and Turkey) agreeing to an armistice on November 11, 1918. The fighting lasted for 4+ years; and during that time, 6,315 soldiers were killed every single day, 263 per hour. Almost an equal number of civilians were killed. The killing was horrific. ONE YEAR later, the country wanted to mark the end of the slaughter and realized that we should honor those who had served The result was Armistice Day which was first celebrated on November 1 1, 1919; one year after the fighting ended. In 1938 Congress passed a bill designating November 11 as a national holiday. After 1945 it was obvious that the millions of WWII veterans had little or no association with WWI. One thing led to another and in 1954, a ,r M,“ n \_ ,../V§\.‘,‘{ (‘r- (if/Y l. '\.. all,“ Congress designated November 11th as Veterans’ Day. President Eisenhower referred to Veterans’ Day as a day “in honor of the ser— vicemen of all America’s wars.” IT’S DIFFICULT for anyone born after the mid 1970’s, to under- stand the ever-present threat the world faced from the Soviet Union. Nowhere was that threat greater, or more evident, than in Berlin. After WWII, Germany and Berlin were divided between the Allies — the Soviet Union, Great Britain, France, and the United States. The West (U.S., UK, and France) established a democrat republic in what became West Germany (WG). The Soviets imposed a brutal totalitarian fomi of communism on East Germany (EG). The dispar- ity between the two forms of government immediately beCame apparent. Capitalism and freedom allowed WG to thrive until by the early 1960’s it had the strongest economy in Europe. On the other hand, EG became a brutal police state, which George Orwell would have admired, to the point where tens of thousands were fleeing to the West every year. To combat the loss of its subjects, in 1961, the communists built a wall along the entire East-West German border, and around the city of West Berlin. The Berlin Wall became the symbol of communism and proved com- munism’s failure in that it can only be maintained by forcibly “walling- in” the people. Under communism, the rulers thrive while the people risk their lives to flee. I WAS born in the 1950’s. By 1989, communism and the Soviet threat had been an evil presence my entire life. Today, Democrats igno- rantly warn us that global wanning might end civilization in the next few centuries. In contrast, in the 1970’s and ‘80’s, it was a given fact that civilization would be obliter- ated, within decades, via a Soviet nuclear holocaust. However, that changed in the fall of 1989 when the Iron Curtain suddenly fractured and came apart The Berlin Wall crumbled and communism was de- feated by a combination of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and its own tyrannical weight. The Soviet Union’s demise took two more years but it began when the Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989. It was one the opossum in a cage armed area of town: Yatesville isn’t growing. It has lost some cafes and a library has closed. I had thought of donating some books a to get the library open again. 1 Jerome suggested I run for city council. I don’t think they have one! There are two ways I think Yatesville can go. Either start growing or turn the town into a historical site or possibly let it become a ghost town with a little something eXtra in agriculture endeavors. What do you think? Do donkeys neigh? false Do horses bray? false Do pigs oink? true Do pigs eat corn cobs? true Do doves coo? True Do Mock- ingbirds mock? true P.S. Coming Soon! “How do you feel about voting”? Leora Clanzy and her‘husband 1 Jerome live in the Yatesville area.“ “ Deep State; of the 20th century’s most signifi- cant events. v ‘ THE FINAL anniversary that we must acknowledge is the election ” of Donald Trump as president on November 8, 2016. So what, a new president got elected, what’s the big ; deal? The big deal was that Trump’s :1 election was a victory for the little )I 7 a guy; the guy that both parties had , neglected Dems tells us they “car , .1». about the little guy.’ ’ That’s a lie. f , 6: More and more, the Dems prove .. i; they’re owned by Wall Street; by r t‘ big tech companies; Hollywood; academia; a leftist, anti-American . media; and radical factions such as : Planned Parenthood, gun confisca—«J tors, wacko environmentalists, open: border advocates, etc. A “a “it ’1 TO PROVE the significance of it Trump’s victory, consider what we wouldn’t know had Hillary won: ; that Obama’s henchmen in the FBI, ,} NSA, CIA, and Department of ‘: Justice spied on candidate Trump 4 and American citizens using fl- legal means; that Hillary Clinton’s “Clinton Foundation” was a bogus > “pay—I-Iillary—for—access—when-she— becomes-president” scam that en- ' \ riched her family and compromised our nation’s integrity; that the Deep 1 State (DS), as described by President Trump, is real and has worked for ‘ three years to overthrow him; that the DS seeks to preserve its power at the expense of national security; ‘ that Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary, the DS, and the Dems concocted a scheme to “frame” Trump with a phony charge of Russian-collusion; ‘ and that the media is the most cor- rupt institution in the country. at ALL OF the above facts are widely known by anyone who doesn’t watch liberal/leftist media (includes CNN, MSNBC, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC, NY Times, LA Times, etc). All these facts will be proven true if/ when the Durham report is released Trump’s election is important because the nation is at . a crossroads — be governed by the voters or “lorded over” by the Deep State. ' .....r..-.- v- ‘-— WEEKLY Quote: The best way to thank a veteran is to be an Ameri- can worth dying for. I Sloan Oliver is a retired Army of- ficer who writes a weekly column for the Reporter Email him at sloanoli- ver@earthlink net. 147 Days in Back in June, Monroe County taxpayers paid $2,765 for an investigative report into a county employees allegation that com- missioner Larry Evans harassed her for not hiring his uniece”. But commissioners have refused to let the taxpayers, who paid for the report, see it. They've kept it hidden from public view. Only District 3 commissioner John Ambrose and now perhaps District 4 commissioner George Emami support letting the public see it. It you think you have the right to see the report, tell your commissioner or call the office at 994-7000 and let them know. Meanwhile, we will count the days they've kept their constituents in the dark until A:k£¢~=hr-“_4-v~—ya