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October 31, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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October 31, 2018

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& EDITORIALS Declare among the nations, and publish, and set up a standard; publish, and conceal nat; Jeremiah 50:2 2OI8, 2017, 2016 winner:. Editorial Page excellence 20;8 w, ,og 2018 Willlml~, Best Serious Col On the POrch K"~l=~,u'~'~/ 2018, 1017 ~ Best Humorous Column On ,he Porch~ JUST THE WAY IT IS by SIoan Oliver T ast week I discnssed why I favor the SPLOST. Other ,nportantelectionissues dude the sheriff's race and amendments to the state constitution. HopefulS, every voter takes their vote seriously and researches the issues and candidates. There's not enough space in my artides to discuss the pros and cons of each candidate and each ue. Als everyweeL there's so much rhetoric about synagogue shoot- ings, inert pipe bombs in the mail, Saudijoumalist murdered, mob ofiUe- gals invading the border, senators fake Indian ances,etc. - that impossible to discuss all topics. Therefore, I will dis- cuss my philosophy and why I plan to vote the way I do. and were corrupt Those beliefs were hammered into my head for the first two decades ofmylife. IT WASN'T until college that I devdoped an interest in politics and started to think for mysd Sdl, since I was born and raised a Dem, I continued LIKE MOST, growing up, I lis- tened to my patents and the reasons they voted as they did. In the Oliver household, Democrats were good / Republicans were bad. My parents were raised during the Depression and FDtes presidenc They were raised eving that FDR saved the country from economic disaster (The Depression), from the tyranny of Nazism, and from the Japanese menace They believed the Dems supported the little loved our country and were willing to die for it, fought against tyrann); and gener- ally supported truth, justice, and the American In contrast, my par- ents preached that Republicans were bad. Yes, they fought for the country but they only cared about rich people 'and big businesses, despised the little vuting for Dems, at least in my eadyyears. Actual,in the 1970's and 80's there weren't as many differences between the Republi- cans and Dems as we now have - both par- ties put America first; fought communism and tyranny; were somewhat fiscally responsibl be- lieved in due pro- cess and the rule of law; supported the Constitution; and believed that the United States was the greatest country in the history of the world, founded by some of the wisest men ever to live, and the Dedaration of Independence and the Constitution were such great documents that they must have been nspired by God THE PRIMARY reasons there were more gmailarities, than differ- enceg between the political parties was because, up until the 1960 most Americans had a shared ideology of why America was great. We were founded by millions of people who collectively said, "I can do better? Across the ocean lay an entire conti- nent, waiting to be tamed. That un- conquered land offered unlimited op- pommities to anyone bold enough to seize it. Yes, there were great dangers, but the dangers were dwarfed by the opportunities. Brave individuals were required to seize those oppommit First was the decision to abandon ev- erything familiar in on& life, to cross an ocean not knowing what waits on the other side, only knowing that America was calling them to be more than they ever could be. When they arrived, the real challenges began. The land was unconquered and filled with dangerous animals and "savage". Incrementally, those rugged men and tough women pushed west, forg- ing a life and a dviliz 'on out ofthe wildemess. It took almost 400 years of wars, blood, sweat, and tears to settle this New World but Manifest Destiny combined with "rugged individual- ism" eventually won. It wasn't until 1890, shortly after the Oklahoma land rush, that the US Census Bureau dedared the frontier was dosed. DESPITE THE many great achievements of our ancestors, they made many mistakes. The most obvious sins they committed were the slaughter of the indigenous peoples and bringing slavery to our shores. However, those sins must be put into historical context. Throughout his- taD; stronger people have conquered, and often slaughtered, weaker people. Those not slaughtered were usually enslaved. Ifs irrelevant whether you think thafs good or bad - ifs been that way throughout recorded histor In mankinffs histor it took until the 19th century to invent the internal combustion enging andit took the same amount of time for dvilized men to realize that slaughtering and enslaving conquered people was wrong. THE SYSTEM of government that we established is what makes the United States the greatest country on eartKIt is a system founded upon limited government, deriving its "just powers " from "the consent of the governed," with established means to right any wrong. Many of our country's wrongs have been righted - slavery was abolished, Jim Crow and segregation have been abolished, and the right to vote is universal - provid- ed you're a dRzen. Most people real- ize that men are not perfect, though we continually strive to form a "more perfect union." America and our government are comprised of men, and men commit sin. That means we still have wrongs to right. SO, WHAT does all this have to do with the upcoming dection? Everything, Simply put, we have one political party (the Republicans) who believe in the principles upon which our country was fOunded and one that doesn't (the Democrats ). Repub- licans preach individual responsibil- ity; Dems preach that government will support you. Republicans want people to get a job; Dems want people to get on welfare. Beginning in the 1960 the Democrats have strayed further and further from the core concepts of America and why America is great, tothe point where in 2018 many Democrats despise our country from its very founding. Dur- ing his presidenc Obama frequently apologized for Americals sins and never bragged about our greatness. Recen@, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) said ' 'nerica never was that greg' And many Dems want to abol- ish parts of the Constitution simply because their candidate (A1Gore then Hillary) didn't win their election. DEMOCRATS have become a radical, leftist movement disguised as a political part . Dems actively embrace sodalism. They no longer adhere to the beliefofinnocent until proven guilty (an accusation is enough). Many Dems claim our Founding Fathers were radst; there- fore, the country has been racist since its founding. Also, Democrats preach "white guilf', minorities are "victims", government is god, America never was great, and borders are racist. Dems want illegals to vote in dec- tions. Ifyou disagree with them, on any issue, you're a bigot who must be silenced. Dems will and do, what- ever it takes to win, earning them the moniker - %y any means necessarf STACEY Abrams is a perfect Democrat. She happily bums an American flag She fully supports killing third trimester babies. She will gladly confiscate your guns. She's never seen a tax increase that she doesn't love (as long as the tax doesn't apply to her - she's a tax cheat). Democrats, like Abrams, cannot win with their radical, anti-American i, deas. So, shes good with maporUng illegals to vote (provided they vote for Dems). What Hillary or Obama says, all Dems follow. Whether ifs Stacey Abrams or John Barrow, every Dem is exactly alike with their "group think." No Democrat disagrees with or condenms another, ever. Sadbr, a vote for any Dem is a vote to continue the in "cMlity that Hillary &mands. As someone who loves America, I can- not vote Democrat. Please )oin me to keep America great and vote straight REPUBLICAN. Sloan Oliver is a retired Army He lives in Bolingbroke with his wife Sandra. Email him at sloanoliver@ earthlinknet. PEACH STATE POLITICS by Kyle Wingfietd (t T fyou're confused come to their own conclu- million could flow into | about the five pro- sions, this new trust fund each lposed constitutional Amendment 1: Creates year. AL amendments on the the Georgia Outdoor The question is whether Nov. 6 bal- lot, you're not alone. The brief, vague descriptions on the bal- lot offer little explanation what exactly the amend- ments will do if approved by a majority of voters. The following is one man's interpretation of the amendments; I en- courage voters to conduct their own research and Stewardship Trust Fund The idea is to dedicate up to 80 per- cent of the sales-tax rev- enues from outdoor sports and recreation equipment to protect f f and preserve green space. State officials estimate more than $50 million per year in tax revenues from these sales, so some $40 www. is published every week by The Monroe County Reporter Inc. Will Davis, President Robert M. Williams Jr Vice President Cheryl S. Williams, Secretary-Treasurer STAF Will Davis Publisher/Editor Richard Dumas News Editor Carolyn Martel Advertising Manager Trellis Grant Business Manager Diane Glidewell Community Editor Brandon Park Creative Director Official Organ of Monroe County and the City of Forsyth 50 N. Jackson St. - Forsyth, GA 31029 Periodicals Postage Paid at Forsyth, GA 31029 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: THE MONROE COUNTY REPORTER p.o. Box 795, Forsyth, GA 31029 SUBSCRIPTION RATE: In County:. $40 Out of CountF. $48 Single Copy: $1 Deadlines noon on Friday prior to issue. Comments featured on opinion pages are the creation of the writers, the do not necessarily reflect the opinions of]he Reporter management. Publication No. USPS 997-840 work in practice. In this covenant. The state would in other states, how- case, no enabling legisla- not reimburse counties for ever, and voters should tion has been passe& The any lost tax revenue, question the wisdom of ballot language describes The forestry industry enshrining an experimen- it is wise to dedicate fund- the types of cases to be maintains the amendment tal, evolving mandate in ing for any such purpose, heard in the new court as will create a more uni- Georgia's Constitution State revenues will fall "complex business dis-form, fair market valua- instead of fixing any prob- during the next recession; putes" but it does not de- tion of timberland for ad lems in the statute. earmarking these fundsfine that term. Advocates valorem taxation pur- Bill text http://www. for a specific use means say the amendment willposes; some local govern- tens of millions of dol- help settle disputes more ments worry the amend-en-US/display/20172018/ lars will not be available quickly by removing them ment will shift the tax SR/146 for other, perhaps higher, from the busy dockets of burden onto homeownersAmendment 5: Chang- priorities such as paying existing courts. Skeptics and commercial prop- es rules for calling a teachers or state troopers, wonder how we could erty owners. Devastation county education sales On the other hand, theknow that when we don't wrought by Hurricane tax referendum amendment says "up to"know exactly what type of Michael on timberland is School districts already 80 percent can be dedi- cases the new court(s) will certain to complicate this can ask voters to approve cated: Legislators might hear. issue, education special-purpose reduce the percentage Bill text: http://www.Bill text: http://www,local-option sales taxes, to zero during a budget commonly known as crisis. If so, one wonders if en-US/Display/20172018/ en-US/Display/20172018/ E-SPLOSTs. But in coun- this money is really "dedi- HR/993 HR/51 ties with multiple school cated" at all. Amendment 3: Rede- Amendment 4: Adds districts, all of the districts Bill text: http:// fines, reclassifies Forest rights for crime victims must agree: not only on Land Conservation and to state Constitution whether to propose a tax, legislation/en-US/Dis-Timberland Prosecutors and legisla- but on how to divide the play/20172018/HR/238 This amendment would tors acknowledge Georgia proceeds. Over the years Amendment 2: Cre- allow legislators to in- already has one of the na- there have been concerns ates a statewide busi-crease property tax breaks tion's strongest Crime Vic- one district in a county ness court for forest-land conserva- tims Bill of Rights in law. could withhold its support This amendment tion and to reduce prop- The "Marsy's Law" vic-for a referendum, or agree would authorize a' erty taxes through a new tims' rights constitutional only if it is given a dispro- new statewide court tocommercial timberland amendment was initiated portionate share of the tax settle some business property category. It and funded by California revenues. disputes. Its judges would shrink the conser- billionaire Henry Nicho- This amendment would would be appointed ration covenant periodlas after his sister was prevent such situations by the governor, ap- on forest land conserva- murdered and the fam- by allowing a district proved by a major- tion use property fromfly was not informed the with a majority of the ity vote of the Senate. 15 years to 10 years, and accused killer had made students in its county to and House judiciary reduce the size of eligible bail. It would give alleged place an E-SPLOST on committees, and serve tracts from 200 acres in a victims of crime the right the ballot. While a smaller five-year terms. They county to an "aggregate" to opt in for notification district could not block could be reappointed, of 200 acres, as long as the of proceedings and to seek the referendum, it would and would never have land is in tracts of at least court intervention if they be assured of receiving to face voters. The 100 acres In any givenbelieve their rights were its proportionate share amendment also con- county. The state could violated. It also allows the of the revenues, based on templates the creationkeep up to 5 percent of Legislature to "further student population. of business divisions of assistance grants, which define or expand upon the Bill text: http://WWW. superior courts, reimburse counties forrights provided." Nicholas' Exactly what this lost tax revenue, for goal is to eventually em- en-US/Display/20172018/ court would do is un- administration purposes, bed Marsy's Law into the SR/95 dear. Typically, consti- "Qualified Timberland U.S. Constitution. Advo- tutional amendments Property" would cover at cates argue an amendment The CEO of the Georgia are paired with gen- least 50 acres of commer- would give victims "equal Public Policy Foundation, eral laws, known as en- cial timberland, assessed rights" and add heft to Kyle Wingfield's column abling legislation, that and taxed at lower rates those rights. This initiative runs in newspapers around specify how they wouldwithout a conservationis causing legal problems the state.