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September 18, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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September 18, 2019

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Page 8C September 18, 2019 e e e By Richard Dumas Monroe County Com- missioners balked on Thursday, Sept. 5 at adopt- ing new guidelines on how county meetings are run. In a public work session prior to the Thursday, Sept. 5 commission meeting, all four district commis- sioners said they intended to vote against a 15-page ordinance amendment drafted by county attomey Ben Vaughn that would set stricter meeting rules. Vaughn first presented the amendment, which primar- ily uses meeting rules estab- lished by the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) on Aug. 6, less than three weeks after District 3 commissioner John Ambrose and District 3 commissioner Larry Evans engaged in a public feud at a July 18 meeting. A section of the amend- ment rifled, "Decorum" would have made personal arguments like the one be- tween Ambrose and Evans a violation of the county's Code of Ethics. Ambrose said Thursday he wants to throw out the new meeting rules, and District 4 commissioner George Emami said he agreed. Emami said he understands the need for maintaining decorum but said the restrictions outlined in the proposed amendment are too oner- OILS. "There have been times where we need to act more professionally on this board, quite frankly' Emami said. "But I think a verbal vote of confidence and encouragement to our chairman to use his gavel when necessary is really all we need" Both Ambrose and Ema- mi said they disagreed with a policy in the proposed ordinance that commis- sioners would be banned from speaking out publicly against an issue with which they disagreed once a vote is passed. Emami said, "I don't like that. Our President doesn't do it. Our state officials don't do it. IfI feel strongly about something and I vote a certain way and I get overruled, I feel like it's a violation of my right of being able to speak publicly and express my opinion as a citizen, which I am first be- fore I am a commissioner" District 1 commissioner Larry Evans said he too op- poses the proposed meeting rules, specifically the dause Ambrose and Emami cited that would prevent him from speaking out against a board decision. "Just because a majority votes for something don't make it right" Evans said. ' knd it's our Constitutional right to express our own opinions about something. rm not going to vote for something that I know is wrong. And ifI believe something is wrong, you're going to have to show me where it's right." Evans said policy dis- agreements are fine as long as commissioners don't make them personal. He added he's always fair and objective on issues. "I don't care who it is, and I don't care what a person has said about me publicly or otherwise,' Evans said. "If that person comes up here with an issue, I'm objective When I leave this world, I want one thing said about me: 'He was fair and tried to treat everybody right." District 2 commissioner Eddie Rowland said he thinks many of the issues outlined in the meeting ordinance are already cov- ered in the county's Code of Ethics, approved in June. After the four district commissioners stated their objections, Monroe County commission chairman Greg Tapley removed the amend- ment from the meeting agenda. Continued from 7C Deputies find mason jar with moonshine during vehicle search A 27-year-old white Barnes- ville woman was arrested and charged with possession of a Schedule II controlled sub- stance after a traffic stop on High Falls Road on Sept. 9. At about 3:10 p.m. on Sept. 9, Inv. Timothy Campfield saw a silver 1998 Nissan Maxima in which the male driver was not wearing his seat belt pull into the park- ing lot of the Sufioco station on High Falls Road. Camp- field then ran the car's tag and determined the car's registra- tion was suspended. Campfield then tried to stop the car, but the driver sped up in excess of 80 mph in a 45 mph zone before finally stopping just past 1-75 on High Falls Road. The driver, who was shaking, said he was driving fast to impress his female passenger, who he said he didn't know very well. Inv. Kemeyan Colvard noticed the passenger was moving around in the vehicle and determined she was wanted out of Butts County and had been reported missing by Spalding County. Colvard then searched the car and found on the passenger side floorboard a pill bottle containing methamphetamine residue. He also found a mason jar of moonshine, a syringe and some insulin. Cpl. Jake Justice then took the passenger to the Monroe County Jail after which Justice later found a clear bag containing suspected meth- amphetamine in the back of his patrol car. The passenger was also charged with crossing county guard lines with drugs. Meanwhile, the driver was cited for speeding, a seat belt viola- tion, having suspended regis- tration and an open container violation and was released from the scene. Deputies separate couple after multiple trips to same home At about 8:20 p.m. on Sept. 8, a Forsyth woman told Dep. Yolanda Mercer she had not heard from her daughter since 7:01 p.m. that night when her daughter sent her three cryptic text messages. The first message said, "Call them please Mama," while the other two texts read: "Please before he hurts me." The woman told Mercer the texts were referring to her daughter's on-again, off-again boyfriend of three years. The woman said she believed her daughter was inside of her Weldon Road home and feared her daughter's boyfriend had done some- thing to hurt her. Deputies had already visited the same home twice earlier in the day, and no one had answered the door. Deputies then knocked on the door a third time, but again no one answered. Deputies saw lights and air conditioners on inside the home, and the daugh- ter's car was in the driveway. The woman said this wasn't the first time that her daughter's t boyfriend had kept her daugh- ter from using the phone or leaving her home. Neighbors told deputies they had not seen the daughter nor her boy- friend since earlier in the day. Sgt. Jaleel Brown, Dep. Wade Kendrick, Cpt. Jeff Thompson and Lt. Chad Beck then arrived at the scene. Thompson con- tacted the home's male owner, the woman's ex-husband, who gave deputies permission to force entry into the home. Deputies found the daughter asleep in a back bedroom. The daughter's boyfriend was lying off the end of the bed as if he had just jumped onto the bed. The daughter's boyfriend said he heard someone knocking on the door but thought it was a friend and didn't answer the door. The daughter's boyfriend then changed his story and said a friend had once answered the door to persons announc- ing themselves as deputies and had instead been robbed. The daughter's boyfriend later admitted to knowing depu- ties were outside the home. He said his girlfriend frequently gets upset with him and leaves and said she does it intention- ally to get law enforcement involved. Mercer then asked the daughter why she sent the text messages to her mother. The daughter said she was afraid of her boyfriend because he gets mad and acts crazy. She" said he locked the door and would not even let her have water. She said he doesn't want her to leave the home or use her phone. However, she said she stays with her boyfriend because she loves him. Deputies then told the daughter about the Monroe County C.A.R.E. Cottage and instructed her to spend the night at her mother's home. Deputies then told the boyfriend not to contact his girlfriend. Women arrested after deputies find cocaine bag during traffic stop A 30-year-old black Stone Mountain woman, a 22-year- old black Fitzgerald woman and a 33-year-old black Decatur woman were all arrested and charged with possession of cocaine after a traffic stop on. 1-75 South on Sept. 10. At about 2:26 p.m Cpl. Thomas Haskins saw a gold 2002 Lincoln LS following too closely behind another vehicle on 1-75 South near mile marker 187. Haskins, who smelled the odor of raw marijuana coming from inside the vehicle, determined the vehicle's male owner had several arrest warrants. However, the driver and both passengers were all female. One of the passen- gers had an arrest warrant out of DeKalb County. The female driver then told Haskins there was a marijuana cigarette inside the center console. Haskins, Dep. Jaleel Brown and Of- ricer Kimberly Barnett of the Forsyth Police Department then searched the vehicle and found inside the center console a small plastic bag of cocaine All three occupants denied the drugs were'theirs, but the driver said the bag might belong to her brother, the vehicle's owner. Deputies then took the driver and both passengers to the Monroe County Jail. The driver, the 30-year-old, was also charged with following too closely. County road workers remove 168 tires from Rocky Creek Road At about 10:22 a.m. on Sept. 10, Cpl. Nicolas Ortiz was noti- fied by dispatchers of 168 tires blocking the dirt portion of Rocky Creek Road. Ortiz told the Monroe County Road De- partment and Monroe County code enforcement officer Dep. JeffWilson about the situation. Road Department workers pushed the tires out of the road, and the case was turned over Wilson. woman deg at home of hair stylist At about 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 11, a Forsyth woman at Primary Pediatrics on North Lee Street told Dep. Yolanda Mercer that her son had been bitten by a dog named Diesel at a Hwy. 42 South home. The woman said she took two of her children to the Hwy. 42 South home where the female resident was to style her daughter's hair. The woman said the dog growled at her son, and the resident, the dog's owner, put the dog on a chain outside. The woman said her son and the residents son were playing and got too close to the chained dog, who bit her son on the left elbow. The woman said the resident's child told her the dog had bitten another child a few days earlier. Mercer saw two small tooth marks in the son's skin. Mercer then went to the Hwy. 42 South home, where the resident said the attack oc- curred after the woman's son had repeatedly thrown a toy at her dog. The resident confirmed her dog had also bitten her daughter's best friend earlier in the week. She said she was not home at the time of the t rst at- tack and said she discovered her dog's leg was bleeding and some of his hair was missing when she got home. Mercer then told the resident to keep her dog away from children. Woman arrested after deputy finds suspected methamphetamine A 37-year-old white For- syth woman was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine after a traf- fic stop on Hwy. 42 North on Sept. 11. At about 1:25 a.m Dep. Jacob Davis saw a red 2005 Honda Accord parked in the Hwy. 42 North Shell station lot. Davis ran the car's tag and determined its female owner had a suspended license. Davis then saw the owner drive out of the lot, so he stopped the car on Hwy. 42 North. The driver told Davis she knew her license was suspended. Davis then found inside the car a clear plastic bag containing a white crystal sub- stance, which the driver con- firmed was methamphetamine. The driver then told Sgt. Kevin Williams that she had a bag of marijuana and a metham- phetamine pipe hidden in her pants. The driver then removed the drugs from her pants and put them on the rear of Davis' patrol car. Davis then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where she was also charged with driving while license sus- pended and possession of drug related objects. Hwy. 42 man reports red markings on truck, suspects neighbor At about 6:25 p.m. on Sept. 12, a Hwy. 42 North man told Inv. Chris Landers that his male neighbor has been harass- ing him since they were both arrested on Sept. 2 for disor- derly conduct, The man said he thinks his neighbor damaged the exterior of his pickup truck by writing with red marker on it what appears to be four Ks and one X. The man, who showed Landers a photo of the markings, said he believes they are in reference to the Ku Klux Klan but didn't have any evidence to prove his neighbor did it. The man said his neigh- bor also frequently points his finger at him like a gun when- ever they see each other said he feels threatened. Another male neighbor said the neighbor also faces a camera toward his home and driveway and said the neighbor photographs him every time he's in his yard. The other neighbor said he doesn't like the neighbor constantly filming him or taking photos of him without his permis- sion. The man and the other neighbor also told Landers that the neighbor and his wife have written Facebook posts about them that have defamed their character. Landers told the man and the other neighbor that they should contact the Monroe County Magistrate Court about the matter. Couple arrested after High Fulls Road men report $800 drill stolen A 45-year-old white Forsyth man and a 36-year-old white Jackson woman were each ar- rested on Sept. 12 and charged with criminal trespass and theft by taking after they allegedly stole a drill from a High Falls Road property. At about 3:06 p.m. on Sept. 12, two High Falls Road men told Cpl. Nicolas Ortiz that a man and woman came onto their property the previous night on Sept. 11 and stole a Bosch hammer drill valued at about $800. The men said the theft was captured by their security camera. The men said they knew the identity of the suspects because they had told them before on multiple occasions not to come onto their property. Ortiz viewed the video and saw the couple walk onto the property and try to get change from an ice machine. The man then saw the drill case and took out the drill. After the couple talked briefly, they left the property with the drill in their possession. Ortiz then met the couple at the Falls View Market, where the woman ad- mitted to being on the property the previous night. However, she said she didn't think they took anything. The man then admitted he borrowed a drill from the property, and he then gave it to Ortiz, who returned it to its owners. Ortiz then took the man and woman to the Monroe County Jail. Woman arrested after feud with Dames Ferry Road man over wallet A 34-year-old white For- syth woman was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after an incident at a Dames Ferry Road home on Sept. 13. At about 1:49 a.m Dep. Yolanda Mercer went to a Dames Ferry Road home where a man said his female friend had gotten angry with him and accused him of stealing her wallet. The man said he told his friend to sleep in a camper beside his home and said he was going to bed because he didn't want to argue anymore. The man said he then went inside his home, ate some chicken and then lay down. The man said his friend then turned off the power to his home and started yelling profanities. He said she then began throwing bricks at his home, busting out a window and damaging siding. The man said he then locked the door and called 9-1-1. Mercer then met with the friend who said the man's girlfriend had stolen her wallet. The friend contin- ued yelling at the man, and Mercer handcuffed the friend. Mercer told the friend that both she and the man had received warnings earlier the same night in a dispute that occurred on Jenkins Road. q-he friend later knocked on Mercer's patrol car window having gotten one hand freed from her handcuffs. Deputies then put handcuffs back on the friend and took her to the Monroe County Jail. Deputies later found the friend's wallet near one of the bricks she had thrown. Forsyth man arrested after leaving skid marks in church lot A 24-year-old white Forsyth man was arrested and charged with second degree crimi- nal damage to property after making skid marks in the New Beginnings Church parking lot on Sept. 14. At about 12:07 a.m a Forsyth woman told Dep. Dustin Ramsey she saw a black 2005 Ford Crown Victoria sur- rounded by smoke in the New Beginnings Church parking lot on Juliette Road. The woman said the car left skid marks be- fore speeding off down Hester Road. The woman estimated the damage to the parking lot at $1,000 to $2,000 and said church officials wanted to press charges. Ramsey then met with the car's male driver, who admitted to leaving the marks. Rarfisey then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail. ,/