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September 18, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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September 18, 2019

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September 18, 2019 J orter Page 5A 'qb .? 9 --b + ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don Daniel I fyou live in the realm of the city of Forsyth, you better not dig a well or have an out-house built on your property. From exclamations from the Feeling-His-Oats Mayor Since He Has No Political Re-Election opposition, you could get an increase in your water bill for not using the amount of city water that you should be using, an increase in your sewer bill [ -- ] if you do not flush enough / I and ffyou have solar your electric bill could increase. That is what I read in the headlined story "Forsyth reaffu'ms unfriendly solar power policy" in last week's paper. Forsyth City Council has appointed a committee to "study" the city's electric, water and sewer rates. With no increase in city taxes, be ye forewarned. Now it seems He Thinks He Is Regal is really per- turbed because he was not contacted prior to the story on the fallacy and faults of the city solar policy be- ing made public. Now, as you will read, since he was not quoted in the original story; he has stated on the presumed upcoming story of changing the city's solar policy; he will call the Macon Telegraph and hold a news conference for Macon media. Wonder how much city and county taxes the Ma- con media pays to the city and county. Wonder if the Mayor after this un-opposed term is going to move to Macon and seek the throne of Macon/Bill High Mayor? He's sounding more like his business partner, the County Commission Chairman. "We want your busi- ness but you can't open your business" now seems to be the mantra of Forsyth's city government joining the sentiments of the county commission, "if you don't like the way we do business, don't come here". Temper, temper Your Honor! Forsyth and Monroe County are perceived state- wide in many circles as not being business, growth or community friendly and the Mayor is perpetuating the perception often personified by the county com- mission. Makes the "selling" of our county and cities difficult for Monroe County Development Authority, Downtown Development Authority, Forsyth-Monroe County Chamber of Commerce, Forsyth Convention and Visitors and Bureau. ANOTHER HEADLINE in last week's paper "Fight Night: Commissioners resume spat" hit the nail on the head describing the last commission meeting with all commissioners jumping into the spat. My headline for the story would have been "Commissioners Continue Dysfunctionality With Fervor" If you did not read the story; get you a paper and read it. Here are some unattributed commissioner com- ments from that same meeting: "Opening up a can of worms"; "I'm thinking out loud"; dirt pig path"; "Plant a seed with you all"; "This is not a one-man show" "Put some meat on that bone"; "Well, I am saying " "Black top is cracking up"; "I am trying to think outside the box"; "Our corporate citizens are citizens"; "I pay $29 a month to Life Lock"; "I bumped into him"; And finally, "I can sleep at night". LAST WEEK I attended the Georgia Governor's Conference On Tourism at Great Wolf Lodge in LaGrange along with 450 plus persons from all over the state involved in tourism. You would have to attend and be amongst those attendees to realize just how much of an impact tourism has on our state. Impres- sive! A representative from our chamber of commerce and visitors' bureau were there and it was impressive to see them leaming from others. One of the best meals I enjoyed, unexpectedly in the lodge restaurant, was a bowl of shrimp and grits, one of my favorite foods. So good, I asked for the recipe. My friend exclaimed they were the best she had ever enjoyed and she is from Charleston! THE FIRST to identify Sloan Oliver's new hero from The Question as Donna Wilson was Judy Waldorf. She receives a certificate for a Dairy Queen Blizzard, dozen Dunkin donuts, Scoops single dip ice cream, slice of Shoney's strawberry pie, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer and a Forsyth Main Street t-shirt. Here's this week's The Question: what is the date of Footsteps through Forsyth Art Walk? First correct answer after twelve noon on Thursday receives the goodie certificate. OFTEN I am the only church service attendee (small church) wearing a'coat and tie and obviously shirt, pants and shined shoes. That's just the way I was raised and I never saw my dad and grandfathers attend church without the coat, tie and shined shoes. Sunday's and funerals were coat and tie and dressed "gentleman- ly" days. I have attended church services where swim- suits and bikinis were worn, and it does not bother me to attend a "come-as-you-are" church service. What do they "wear" at a nudist colony church service? I know how you are dressed for church has nothing to do with why you should be in church. Don Daniel is the founder and former publisher of The Monroe County Reporter. Email him at mediadr@ LETTERS TO THE EDITOR e e To the editor, representing folks the Sheriff's Of- Hats off to the Monroe rice has arrested, I have always been County Sheriff s Office! impressed with the level of service we In 12 years of have in our County. I call many doing family law of our officers good friends. I work, I have never had a par- assure you, we have top-notch eat blatantly refuse to follow a command staff and patrolmen. judges order to turn over cus- After placing a call at around tody of a child to the rightful8 p.m. Wednesday, which was party and then go "offthe grid." answered promptly and profes- Until this week sionally, the ball got rolling. Ultimately, the Monroe BUTTGIEG And fast. The Sheriff's Office County Sheriff's Office had to worked quickly and efficiently to step in and help get a 3-year-old child gather info, coordinate with the GBI, in the hands of the rightful parent, the District Attorney's Office and Although my job often finds me the parties involved. In less than 24 hours, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office had prioritized the case, inves- tigated the case, gathered all relevant information, published a BOLO for the child and parent on social media and on all of the local news outlets in Middle Georgia, and ultimately, reunited a father and a son. Hats offto the entire Sheriff's Of- rice, but a special thank you to Chief Deputy Mike Hull and Sgt. Kevin Williams. Dustin Buttigieg Forsyth To the Editor: 15 - rive private schools he 2019 GHSA high won 52 state titles. These school redassifica- five schools, 4 percent of all tion - It's d6j vu all schools in 3A and 4A, won over again. 32 percent of state titles. Dur- In 2016, the Georgia High ing the three years after the School Association (GHSA) implementation of the 3 per- implemented the 3 percent cent rule - 2016-18 - seven rule, a rule intended to private schools won 53 state improve competitive bal- titles. These seven schools, 6 ance in classifications 2A, 3A percent of all schools in 3A and 4A. This rule targeted and 4A, won 33 percent of enrollment from out of dis- state titles. The three years trict. Seven private and city prior to the 3 percent rule, schools initially moved up in 3A/4A Buford won 10 state classification, titles. The three years follow- During the three yearsing implementation of the 3 prior to the implementation percent rule, 5A Buford won of the 3 percent rule - 2013- 15 state titles. GHSAb current proposal ! e replaces the 3 percent rule with a 2.0 multiplier. This multiplier will double count any student outside a school's enrollment district. A school will not move up more than one classification. The current proposal will move Buford and 3A/4A pri- vate schools down in classifi- cation, then back up. GHSA'S objective is not competitive balance, it's to move a few more schools up in dassifi- cation. Private schools will continue to dominate in 3A and 4A. Alan Henderson Watkinsville ~Z To the Editor: Iust wanted to let you know how much we reading the Reporter, espe- cially the articles by Vicky Smith! Thank you! Connie Foster Forsyth JUST THE WAY IT IS by Sloan Oliver LypaSt year I proved Undeniable Truth weapons that he doesn't like. Mind you, weapons and semi-automatic weapons #2: Democrats and Liberals are his benevolent Big Brother government (a right granted by the 2nd Amendment ocrites. Watching last week's would get to keep their guns but not you. but Dems dont like the Constitution and emocratic debate I couldnt help You must submit to the gun bans imposed want to ban it as well), and Common but think of the sheer hypocrisy dis- played by every Dem on stage. Here are examples: Elizabeth Warren complains about the high cost of a college education yet she takes $400,000 from Harvard for teaching ONE dass. In her frec uent "holier than thou moments, Warren decries Big Money and says she won't accept any"cor- porate" money: That's rich considering she's raised millions of Big Money for her senate campaigns and happily employs Big Money PAC donors on her presidential campaign. Mayor "Pete piously by the Dems. Like most Dems, Beto isn't very bright and never learned much about history: After all, the Revolutionary War started when the British tried marching on Concord to seize the colonist's weapons. Things didn't go so well for the Brits when they tried to seize weap- ons, and I'm predicting they won't go very well for Beto if he tries to do the same. I think Charlton Heston said it best, "From my cold, dead hands" Beto, herds a better idea that would actually reduce crime, let's ban all Dems from owning guns because people who vote Democrat commit more gun crimes than any other group (Fact). and regularly quotes scri, ptures, yet he and the left (of which hes a poster child) THE DAY AFTER the debate, I heard a radio caller summarize the Dems very succinctly. The caller said, Sense. What the Dems and the media (I repeat myself) really want to ban is the 1st Amendment because Dems don't tolerate opposing viewpoints, calling it "hate speech: Then, the Dems insist on banning hate speech, defined as speech they oppose. LIBERALS, and other low-information voters, have bought into the lie that only the Dems care about you and the Dems are the only ones who can fix what ails you. Think of this, every single group to which the Dems have made promises is as bad off, if not worse, than before the promises were made. The poor, blacks, immigrants, schools, inner cities, racism, etc. are all worse off than before the Dems started trying to fix things. Also, the Dems insist that the economy is tanking and a , recession is here. Thats a lie. Notice how the economy was not addressed in the ' debate because if it had, every Dem would have admitted that Trump's economy is lectures conservatives whenever they "Democrats are offering for free things to doing great, that GDP is growing, that quote scripture. Cory Booker screamed at which people have NO rights; and want black unemployment is at a record low, Joc Biden saying that policies supported to make illeg,al, things to which people that wages are increasing, and that jobs by Senator Joe Biden helped to ruin his HAVE rights. That is a spot-on observa- are being created. "community." Is Booker referring to the tion. Here's how Dems flame things, "We elite neighborhoods where he grew up demand your vote and we'll buy it with FINALLY, no surprise, at the Demo- , as the child of two IBM executives or the free stuff?.' Herds a list of free stuff that cratic debate those who support President Stanford, Oxford, and Yale universities Dems will use to buy votes: "free" college, Trump were called racists. It seems that that he attended? Booker, the hypocrite, free loan forgiveness, free healthcare, free every single week I must remind rou Dems to dose your pie hole (Le. shut epitomizes "privilege" yet lectures you and income (because they buy votes), free and me about having "white privilege." His open borders, free citizenship to people of up") about your constant accusations of level of dishonesty is even too much for other countries, free childcare, free family racism. OK, h,alfthe country is racist, now Dems, and is why he's polling so badly, leave, free abortions, free mental health tell me how were wrong when I say that You get the drift. Every single Dem is so counseling, and slavery reparations to the economy is booming, that iUegals are f dishones!, deceitful, and hypocritical that all blacks. (Let me know of any freebies I illegal because they broke the law, that [ I wouldnt be surprised to see Hillary try missed.) Then, consider the list of items climate change is a hoax, that the 2nd again. She would be in familiar company, that are legal that Dems want to ban. That Amendment says my right to bear arms list indudes: plastic straws (yes, plastic shall not be infringed, etc.? AS BAD AS Booker is, perhaps straws), red meat (must eliminate fossil the worst hypocrite is Robert Francis fuels), factory farming (must eliminate WEEKLY Quote - "Democrats are O'Rourke, who calls himself Beto because fossil fuels), incandescent light bulb (must offering for free things to which people he likes appropriating other cultures. In " eliminate fossil fuels), fracking (reduces have NO rights; and want to make illegal this case, he wants people to identify him CO2 emissions but Dems still want to ban things to which people HAVE rights. - with Latinos though hds as white as snow. it), coal and coal mining (must eliminate Radio caller with common sense (i.e. not That, in itself, is disgusting because he's fossil fuels), off-shore drilling (must a Dem). projecting that, somehow it's bad to be eliminate fossil fuels), internal combus- white. But Dems play identity politics - all tion engine (must eliminate fossil fuels), Sloan Oliver is a retired Army officer the time. Beto says he wants to reduce nudear power (actually reduces CO2 who writes a weekly column for the gun violence by banning, then seizing emissions but let's ban it anyway), assault Reporter. Email him at sloanoliver@ Back in June, Monroe County taxpayers paid $2,765 for an investi- gative report into a county employee's allegation that commissioner Larry Evans harassed her for not hiring his "niece". But commissioners have refused to let the taxpayers, who paid for the report, see it. They've kept it hidden from public view. Only District 3 commissioner John Ambrose supports letting the public see it. If you think you have the right to see the report, tell your commissioner or call the office at 994-7000 and let them know. Meanwhile, we will count the days they've kept their constituents in the dark until released.