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September 5, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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September 5, 2018

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2018 Page 5A i orter ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don Daniel County pays more for county-line fiasco gcfeaction to Macon-Bibb raising taxes and the ad comparing Macon-Bibb taxes to Monroe ountys, has been and continues to be the topic conversation and even news reporting by the Macon media, verifying the ad's content. Of course, but finally, the news coming out of Monroe County has been positive at least for a couple of days reporting. On the positive side three full and half-page ads in last week's Reporter advertised, according to my count, 34 homes being offered by our three local real estate estab- lishments. Also, the real estators are advertising over 30 build-on-your-own-home sites. Offer it, build it is the mantra of our local realtors. THE ESTIMATED amount to rehat~ Hubbard was $5 million and Cara Barnes was the first emailer with the correct answer to The Question. She receives a certificate for a Dairy Queen Blizzard, dozen Dunkin Donuts, slice of Shoney's strawberry pie, fried green tomato appetizer at Whistle Stop, Jonah's cookie, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt, sandwich, chips and drink at The Pickled Okra. Here's The Question for this week: When is Hubbard Elementary School's fall festival? First correct answer after twelve noon on Thursday gets the goodie certificate. SINCE it was the end of the month and we have a new county finance director, us taxpayers paid a lot of bills. Here are a few: We paid out almost $6,500 for training and conference attending for bed time at Athens Holiday Inn, $452.96; Holiday Inn Resort Jekyll Island, $506.75; Jekyll Island Club Hotel, $135; Villas By The Sea, $198.45; Cal- laway Gardens, $1,877.49 and this one, Gaylord Opryland, $5.28. Don't know who went. County Attorneys Dillon and Vaughn got paid for a month of legaling services $2,800 and $8,012 for Dillon and Vaughn trust Account, $8,000 for land Old Popes Ferry Road. Mso the county line law firm, King and Spalding, got a whopping $37,105.32 for county line professional services. Wonder if King and Spalding sent Brian Kemp a thank you note? Should have. ~~[.C Walthall Oil CompanY gota check in the amount of $19,068 for inventory gasoline and we paid The Boelter Company $70.15 for a kitchen sink faucet. We paid Monroe County Memorial Chapel $505 to remove and transport a body. The smallest check was for a penny paid to Lands End for a zoning uniform shirt and log. Another whopper was $37,371.51 for water paid to Macon-Bibb and Butts County and maybe the City of Forsyth. Another big check was $19,373.40 for feeding inmates at the jail and $1,222.26 for inmate medical bills. Wonder if the attitude out amongst the criminal element in Monroe County is get arrested, good food and get your teeth fixed and watch a lot of TV. Life ain't bad. All total, we taxpayers sent out checks totaling $226,103.09 for a month's invoices. I HAD the oppommity to hear both gubernatorial can- didates expound upon their virtues as to why we should vote for them. At a table for eight, the reaction to both candidates was not what I expected. First at the podium was Stacey Abrams and her de- livery was eloquent, attention-getting and professional. The interrupting applause by the over 500 in attendance surprised me. She used no notes and her comments were totally ad-libbed. She got a standing ovation at the end of her remarks. Next up was Brian Kemp. His remarks were totally bland, totally about him and even lost his place a couple of times reading from obviously a prepared speech where the names were the only thing changed from a hundred other speeches he has made in all of Georgia's 159 counties, which he brags he has been to. The crowd reaction was as bland as his speech with only a couple of interrupting applauses and a brief applause at the end, sorta like what I call a "thank you applause. Now go home". After both speeches were made and the candidates were glad-handing, I asked those seated at the table with me which speech were they most impressed with? Hands down all eight voted for Stacey Abrams. Mingling around and listening afterward, my table's assessment was right. Abrams was the most eloquent and professional. But comments from listeners was revealing: "Georgia will not elect a black female governor"; "Georgia is not ready for a Stacey Abrams, she is too liberal"; "Brian Kemp cannot be trusted. He is too much of a "good Old Boy':' "Both candidates scare the hell out of me. Got a good write-in candidate you can suggest?" Personally, I can't vote for either candidate and particu- larly Brian Kemp. He continues to ignore and violate the law in reference to the county line. He is and has violated the law! Why has he not been arrested and taken to our jail where he can get a free meal and health care? As you have read a couple of paragraphs above, he has again cost Monroe County (us taxpayers) $37,105.32 in legal fees. Wow! That felt pretty good writing that. YEP PIGGLY Wiggly is back and brings back a lot of memories. I was a bag boy at the "Hoggly Woggly" in Swainsboro in the afternoons after school and on the weekends, Saturdays only because we were dosed on Sundays. I got promoted to the meat market and I am still pretty good at cutting up a chicken. Back then the chick- ens were whole and the customer always wanted it cut up. CONTACT Donald Jackson Daniel at tullaybear@ and listen and watch The Reporter on Majic 100 Sunday mornings at seven or anytime by clicking on the radio tab at and watch us on Forsyth Cable Vision. LETTERS TO THE e e To the Editor: would it take al- most a whole year to update these Rest Ar- eas? As far as I can tell the one on 1-475 hasn't had anyone working there for at least a month. I travel past this area early morn- ings, late nights, daytime and haven't seen much activity at all. Meanwhile, tourists, travelers, and truck drivers have been inconvenienced. They haven't even had signs stating that the Rest Stops were dosed until you get to the Rest Stop. Janet Bass Bolingbroke TAKING A LIKENS TO YOU by Dale Likens Tremember a pastor ,once said he was con- l fused about the word JL[all]. He said, "I read about the Ten Command- ments and I thought the Ten Commandments were written for all people so I looked up the word [all] and lo and behold the word[ all] meant [all]? I understood his point. Sometimes we need a little humor to get a point across. However, sometimes I needto rtm to mydiction- aryto see ifI understand a simple word like [anti]. I always thought the word [anti] meant [against]. So I pulled out my dictionary and guess what? I was correct. The word [anti] means [against]. So what is my point? I'm confused about a group of people who call themselves [Anfifa]. I know they claim they are against Fascism because they want us to believe President Trump and all his followers are Fascists. When I looked up the word Fascist I finally realized that after the defini- tion of Fascist I was told to "also see Nazism." Bingo! Now I understand better! The group that call themselves "Antffa" are against President Trump and his followers and guess what? They want us to believe that President Trump and his followers are Nazis! Let's face it, every person who has any knowledge of Hitler's Nazism understands the world under the dictator Adolf Hitler. Thousands of American men and women heroically gave their lives dur- ing World War II to save future generations of Americans the horrendous, unspeakable world of Nazism. Now, those who follow President Trump are labeled Nazis. Yes, President Trump and his followers are also referred to as racists. According to the group known as Antffa those who fol- low President Trump and wish to make Amer- ica great again are now known as racists! First, we were called 'deplorable then ~e ~/'~e~ Racists"and now 'racists" I remember, also, young children calling other children exactly what they themselves were. Then they would organize others to agree with them to blame someone else. Ira child lied he would call another child a liar. Ifa child stole something, he blamed an- other child for stealing and got other children to agree with him. Those who protest under the name of Antifa do the same. They accuse President Trump and those who follow President Trump of be'rag Rac- ist while, like children, theyin turn incite the media to agree with therr. Let's take a closer look at this group known as Antifa. Ifyou watch this group of people known as Antifa, in their numerous protests, you surely have noticed their ag- gress'we ways of approaching their agend First, let's realize the fact that they either wear masks to cover their faces, like the KKK ofyears ago, so no one will recognize them or they gather in groups and sup- port inter aggressive behavior. A few weeks ago I watched a young boy on a news video, frightened and running wildly ahead of a group of protesters simply because he proudly wore a red hat that said, "Make America Great Again!" I truly cringed because the young boy reminded me of my very own grandson running from a group of thugs and there was nothing I could do to help him. I have watched this group bum American flags, smash windows, overtum police cars and beat people up. The other day one of the new reporters told of the hundreds of White Supremacists gathering to protest when truly there were only 20 protesters. Meanwhile a group of hundreds of Antifa protesters gathered from no- where to protest such a gather- ing of White Supremacists. Police were immediately called to separate the two groups. While the police formed protective lines to protect each group, one Antifa member, caught on video, screamed at the police and paced the ground beside them shouting filthy words, demeaning those who came to protect both sides. Police hung their heads and did nothing in response to his despicable chants. At the same rally of protesters I saw a sign, held by an Antifa protester, showing a picture of our President wearing a baby diaper. One sign proudly claimed the words, "Hate is a sin!" On the same day as this protest I understand one of the Antifa gang threatened to kill our President. When I think about all those soldiers who down through the years had sacrificed their lives that you and I might enjoy the freedoms we have today I wonder, Were their valiant lives spent vain? Are we no longer proud to live in a country where respect of law and order has held us together a lone nation under God? Yes, President Trump may often arouse even the most compassionate people to anger at times. He may say things that may even cause his fol- lowers to cringe. But President Trumps our President. Though our media may lead us to believe he is the problem, he is not our problem. He wears no mask to hide his face in shame! He doesn't turn police cars over and smash windows. He doesn't beat people up because they disagree with him. I'm still proud to say he's my president. I'm still proud to say I'm an American. And yes, I am proud to salute our American flag. However, I for one, am ashamed that Gov- ernor Cuomo of New York's boldly proclaimed, for all the world to hear, "We will never make America great! We have never been a great country!." Oh,I know he has since tried to explain that one, but it came out ofhis mouth the wayhe truly meant it. And who can forget Chelsea Clinton proudly pronouncing the trillion or so dollars Planned Parenthood has saved our government by aborting babies! Recently a news commenta- tor from MSNBC was quoted as saying, "I would like a pollster to ask this question, 'How many people in the Republican Party think would be okay to dissolve their own grandparents?' I'm virtually certain flit came from Donald Tromp 10 percent would say it's ok for Trump to kill my par- ents!" (Notice it's not President Trump; it's Trump or Donald Trump!) How despicable! How evil! Even his associates looked on in shocl4 Maybe it's time we get down on our knees and truly pray for America before it's too late! God bless. Dale Likens is an author who lives in Monroe Coun SERVING YOU MONROE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Greg Tapley Larry Evans Eddie Rowland John Ambrose George Emami Chairman District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 478-256-9277 394-0451 808-9354 960-0764 7o6-2o74~883 FORSYTH CITY COUNCIL Eric Wilson John HowardChris Hewett Mayor " Post 1 Post 2 478-461-0889 706-819-2890 478-960-1017 i~ ~4}~ ~'~: : ~ ~: I{ Melvin Lawrence Greg Goolsby Julius Stroufl Post 3 Post 4 Post 5 478-993.7841404-402-1134 706-819-0797 Mike Dodd Post 6 478-994-6203 Austin (not long in) City Limits Monroe County's congressman Austin Scott (R-Ashburn) held his last Town Hall with his constituents in Forsyth (at right) on Aug. 20, 2014. Scott did attend a chamber of commerce event this spring but did not take questions from constituents and therefore cannot be considered a town hall meeting. If you want an opportunity to let Scott know what you want him to do in Congress, call his Washington office at (202) 225-6531 and let him know. When Brian Kemp became secretary of state on Jan. 8, 2010, Terry h's survey of the Monroe-Bibb County line was on his desk. The law says it's his job to do something with it. He announced on Aug. 23, 2011 that he was rejecting the Scarborough survey. Unfortunately, the law gives him no such option. So on March 10, 2014, the Supreme Court ordered him to set the line. That was four years ago. The Reporter is devoting this space each week to counting the number of days Kemp has been on the job, and yet not done his job. If you want Kemp to do the job which he's sought three times before he gets a promotion to governor, call his office at (404) 656-2817 and let them know. J