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September 5, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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September 5, 2018

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F Many good choices for MC sheriff, but please do your diligence and don't rely on personal- ity or family name; ONE candidate is definitely a liberal, votes: ]8 Hey Commissioners, please tell us who you support for Sheriff so we will know who NOT to vote for. You were very helpful in picking winners of the district 141 race not. Lol. votes: 14 The MC School System has produced produc- tive citizens for decades. Please support us and stop bashing us. Thanks. votes: 12 I'm voting for Roscoe P. Coltrane. votes: 12 Sheriffs race ongoing and we get a new Piggly Wiggly! Coincidence I don't think so votes: 9 Will is a liberal, votes: 9 Stacey is a liberal, votes: 8 Trump is in charge of 24.7 percent of the world's total GDP and doing an excellent job, believe me. votes: 8 heart, ears and mind will be opened to the truth of Jesus Christ and the entirety of His word. votes: 7 Don's a liberal, votes: 7 I'm a liberal, votes: 7 Bipartizenship only works for ONE side. That: why there will no longer be compramizing. KAG! votes~ 6 Will Smith? He is a HUGE liberal that HATES Presi- dent Trump. He says the blue wave is coming. He's w r o n g. votes: 6 In NM, a child DIED and 11 others went without water, power, abused: the accused are treated leniently, Obviously troubled Sherry Hall is given 15 years to serve in a case with no victim. She didn't hurt anyone but herself. Harsh. Sad. Sherry, not everyone is against you. You have my prayers, votes: 5 Come on BOE, time to update the football facil- ity so it can match the Fine Arts Center! votes: 4 Just as a cop gets tired of hearing stuff about donuts, refs get tired of things like eye charts. It is a hard job and there is a shortage so go get certified to be a ref if you can do'better, votes: 3 Democrats loved John McCain nobody else did. Wonder why? He gave us Sarah Palin and changed the world. John McCain created the Tea Party and woke up America. I may be the only Conservative that liked him. IDK votes: 3 After seeing Ms. Rob- erts's picture and reading about her other crimes, I thought M.C, Deputy Miller's proposal was fairly decent after all. votes:3 . ~r ~'. Keep hahng en Will snowflakes i love that sexy man. votes: 2 iR orter Page 3A Z Well get ready for the Lexus In.ion! Yep, the Lovett Lions come to town on Friday night and the Who's Who of Atlanta will descend upon our small town to roar. Towaliga Tina's uncle Brody went to Lovett, and he told us the other day it cost $20,000 per year to go to school there. Can you believe it!?! Makes them Macon private schools seem like a real bargain. Speaking of private and public school football showdowns, did you hear about the Howard-FPD game a few weeks ago? Uh-oh. Howard's got a kicker whose name is Elizabeth -- because she's a girL And she can kick it a country mile. Anywa5 them FPD boys put up a sign at the game that said "Football is for boys!" Whoops. And Howard responded with a sign: "God loves us FOR FREE", a knock on that private school tuition. Anyway, our Bulldogs have lost to private schools in the Final Four the past two years, so hopefully this Friday's game will get us ready for December. After the past three blowouts, Fm ready for good game, aren't you? O 0 O By Diane Glidewell news@mymcr.nef With Georgia's Randolph County getting national attention when it tried to consolidate its polls to save the county money, some Monroe County citizens wanted to know what Monroe County pays for elections and who is responsible for supervis- ing them. Monroe County had begun to study how it might operate elec- tions more efficiently and cheaply by combining some polls, but, like in the rest of the state, those ideas are on hold until the cur- rent outcry that polls need to stay open whether they are used or not dies down. Kaye Warren, Monroe County's Elections Super- intendent, estimates that it costs at least $18,000 to hold an election in the county, about a dol- lar a piece for each of the county's 18,451 registered voters, even when only 10 percent of them actually vote, like in the run-off election on July 24. War- ren said she is not sure of the cost, however, since Monroe County began a new system of supervising its elections in January. Warren and April Dumas, Elections Assistant Super- intendent, were placed in charge of Monroe County Elections when local legislation House Bill 852 approved by Gov. Nathan Deal in May went into ef- fect Jan. 1. Before that the county's probate judge was responsible for elections. The bill created a joint Board of Elections and Registration to conduct primaries and elections for Monroe County, Culloden and Forsyth and to handle all matters related to elec- tions. Warren and Dumas were previously Registration Manager and Deputy Reg- istrar for Monroe County. The legislation, which was sponsored by Representa- tives Robert Dickey, Allen Peake and Susan Holmes, continued their existing duties and added handling elections to them. It also created a five-member un- paid Election Board, which holds the ultimate respon- sibility for decisions related to elections in the county. Members of the board are appointed by commission- ers and councils of the two cities. They can't be officers in any political party, can't hold any elected public office and must live and be a registered voter in the entity appointing them. Members of the cur- rent Elections Board are Rosalyn Harbuck (chair and Forsyth appointee), Linda Davis (vice chair and commissioner ap- pointee), Mary Chambliss (commissioner appointee), Samuel Bennett (Culloden appointee) and Marcus Whitehead (commissioner appointee). Board meet- ings are held the second Monday of each month at 4 p.m. in the Board Room at 38 W. Main Street, Forsyth. Board members serve for four years. The budget of the Board of Elections is divided between Monroe County (65 percent), Forsyth (25 percent) and Culloden (10 percent). The board is responsible for designating polling places, handling the qualifying of candidates for elections, hiring derical assistants as needed and selecting, appointing and training poll workers. Most of these duties are delegat- ed to Warren and Dumas. As it has for many years, Monroe County designates 14 polls: Bentons, Brant- leys, Burgays, Cabaniss, Cox, Culloden, Dillards, Evers, Forsyth, High Falls, Kelseys, Middlebrooks, Proctors and RusseUville. The number of registered voters assigned to each poll varies greatly, from near 4,000 at Forsyth to closer to 400 at Culloden and Russellville. The way dif- ferent districts overlap and separate can necessitate printing 53 different ballots for the county. The state requires that there be at least three poll workers at each of the polls throughout election day. During major elections, as many as 10 workers may be hired to work at the larger polls. For early voting, which is currently held at the county annex during work days and sometimes on a Saturday for the three weeks before an election, three or four workers are hired to help.The poll manager is paid $170, poll assistant $145 and poll derk $120 for election day, including $20 for training held before elections. Poll workers must be at least 16, be U.S. citizens, be literate and not be office holders or candidates or related to candidates. Warren said that elec- tions have gone smoothly since she became superin- tendent, but she has had to learn quickly because she has handled a lot more elections this year than anyone anticipated with the deaths of Commissioner Jim Ham and Forsyth Council member Dexter King and the resignation of Commissioner Jarod Lovett. She has worked to learn the rules and regula- tions of the State Elections Board, which oversees all elections and voter registra- tion in Georgia. The new state policy of having the Department of Driver Services send voter registration information on anyone who gets or renews a driver's license to the county of residence has made a lot of extra work for them. Many of the names sent are already registered voters, and others probably did not care about register- ing. Monroe County has received 1,600 names from the DDS since April. Right now Warren and Dumas are busy proof reading ballots for the election on Nov. 11. They recently finished qualifying candidates for sheriff. Early voting will be Monday- Friday, Oct. 15-Nov. 2 from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and on Saturday, Oct. 27 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. After proof reading bal- lots, they must get them printed, conduct logic and accuracy testing on the ,Jke vot~achines, respond to recluests for absentee ballots by mailing out both the applications and then the ballots, make sure all : polling sites are ready and hired poll workers and make sure they are trained. As the county adds any new streets or street num- bers, they must research and assign the addresses to precincts. Other duties of the Elections Superintendent include getting financial information from candi- dates and office holders and verifying information on voter rolls. The day be- fore elections, they deliver equipment to the 14 pre- cincts, and they pick it up after elections. They pro- vide sample ballots before elections and report results on election night and then deliver them to the state for certification. Now they de- liver the information to the Cl Monroe County for a FREE I ROOFING CO. local State Patrol instead of having to take it to Atlanta themselves. Warren and Dumas will attend at least two conferences for election superintendents next year. Among other information, they will learn how to take care of paper ballots if the state goes to them as a back up. They said they could already use more storage room. Warren also has to an- swer a letter she got from the NAACP national office asking if the county has closed any polling places. Residential & Commercial We Service All Brands Honest & Reliable Service Licensed and insured Experience You Can Count On Locally Owned & Family Operated Financing Available Service Agreements Thank You for bur Bush esd FaCe book ~ 7 ~> ~UNITEDSTATES Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation POI"Tz~LJ;ERVICE (All Periodicals Publications Except Requester Publications) 1. F~Jb~tJe 2 Pu~[c~on N~mber ] 3 FIJng Date 7. 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