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August 22, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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August 22, 2018

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August 22, 2018 ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don Daniel "1"hear via the grapevine that Monroe County's real estate II agents are sending members of the Macon-Bibb County II Commission bouquets of roses and thank you notes JLfor raising Bibb County property taxes. Also heard, land prices, lot prices and houses in the Bolingbroke/Smarr/ Culloden and luliette area increased by a fourth overnight And the prices of moving companies increased by 50 percent just for the short trip from Macon-Bibb to Monroe Count. Here's another grapevine talh there is going to be a town hall meeting somewhere in an undisclosed location to urge our newly-elected state representative Dale Washburn to introduce legislation to either rename Bolingbroke, Bolin- gacon; Juliette, Juleacon; Culloden, Cullodacon; and Smart, Smarmcon. The reason those jumping ship from Bibb to Monroe is they will still be working in Bibb and commuting and they want to keep some type connection between where they work and sleep. Also, rumor has it there is a move underway by those mov- ing and intending to move from Macon-Bibb into Monroe County to encourage the Monroe County Board of Educa- tion to build a new education complex somewhere just south of Bolingacon. I was also tipped off the group is intending to go to a BOE meeting and attempt to speak out without having notified the board in advance they want to be heard. That will be most interesting. Wonder ffthe BOE will call law enforcement to enforce their no-citizen-talking-to-the-board rule? they don't need law enforcement since the board has a "just ignore citizens role we don't need to hear them. They are just plain citizens and parents! We are the mighty!" HERE ARE some unattributed commissioner meeting comments from a couple of weeks' ago: "I'm just curious"; "We gotcha taken care off'; "The product life"; "Here's the thing"; "You mentioned reluctantly"; "I think about that some"; "Regardless of my bias"; "I can afford much better"; "I will throw another thing out there"; "Here's the thing"; "Let me blow your mind"; "I can visualize"; "I said that to say this"; "We are like one family". OVER AT Forsyth City Council, a "planning session" was held to reveal the architect's rendering of the planned city hall. From what you have seen as reported by Diane Glidewell, the building is going to be ultra-modem to fit appropriately with the condemned building it will be facing. Finally, the mayor announced the splash pad is now work- ing and the problems with the plumbing have been repaired. But, other problems at the facility are vandalism, wash and getting the right chemicals. the sandbags in front of the Forsyth Welcome Center are not placed there in anticipation of flooding in downtown, but to prevent water from coming into the center which has been a rectm'ing problem with the floor which has to be replaced. I encourage you to stop by the Welcome Center because there is a lot of information on Georgia. Haven't seen it yet but wonder if the city will put the Lip Sync video on the city's web site? According to the city's Main Street Director, when the video is edited it will be posted on Forsyth's Main Street Facebook page. Here are a couple of council member unattributed com- ments: 'I don't understand why people do that"; "They c6nfirmed that"; "I want to bring up something"; "I didn't know if you knew that or not"; "Let me blow your mind"; "Coming out full bore"; "What I would say"; "Limited to one dump load at sewer plant". NO, and this is straight from Chelsea Larkin, the owner's, mouth: Minori's Italian Ristorante in downtown is not, and I repeat, not dosing. Thank goodness. Really good food and fantastic service at lunch and dinner. WONDER HOW long it will take for the newly-hired county finance director to straighten out the financial books of the county? Shouldn't take long if the "they think they are the Fantastic Five" will leave her alone and not attempt to micromanage. Don't bet on it. I can hear a commissioner commenting, "That's not the way we do it Monroe County!" HAD NEVER heard of Monroe County's Blue Bridge Society until it sponsored the sheriff candidate's forum last week. Only four of the six candidates showed up in addition to a candidate for secretary of state. More on the Blue Bridge Society soon. OKAY, HERE'S The Question for this week who was recently swom in as the 2018-19 president of the Forsyth- Monroe County Rotary Club? First correct answer after 12 noon on Thursday gets a certificate for a dozen Dunkin Do- nuts, Jonahs' cookie, slice of Shoney's strawberry pie, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, Dairy Queen Blizzard, The Pickled Okra sandwich, chips and drink, and a Forsyth Main Street t-shirt. THE SUBJECT for next week's On The Outside Look- hag In is going to explain how I lost $2.50 at the pig races in Bearcreek, Montana, which has a population of 79 and 12 pig races every Friday and Saturday night with over 500 people drinking beer and betting on shoats. And then not getting a bologna sandwich in Fish Tail. Don Daniel founded the Reporter in 1972. Email him at to answer The Question or make a comment. Don't forget to listen to The Reporter On The Radio on Majic 1 O0 on Sunday mornings at seven and watch us me, Will and Richard---on Forsyth Cablevision, iR orter TAKING A LIKENS TO YOU by Dale Likens Pc g,5 A nce again I sit comfortably at ' home com- puter. Outside, the sky darkens as the rain begins to pour down. I welcome the rain because my work outside is finally caught up since my wife's and my most recent return from Ohio. I also welcome the rain be- cause it once again affords me time to focus on John Brown, the most famous abolitionist America has ever known. In front of me lies a copy of the Sharon Herald newspaper of May 27, 1960. Once again I read the full-page article titled, "Famous John Brown once 'fleeced' Hartford" I soon learned much more from this article than I ever dreamed I would. I knew that Hartford was a town that consisted of a number of underground railroads. But I certainly did not know that John Brown once lived with Seth Thompson on An- gling Road. From reading this article I learned that Seth Thompson built the first house in Hartford, Ohio. He also built a house on Angling Road, the road my family and I lived on for a number of years. This is the house that John Brown often resided in while in Hartford. I was completely dumbfounded to learn that John Brown had once lived on the same back road that I had lived on as a child. Across from the first house Seth Thompson had built was Hartford Green where a woman's seminary once stood. This is where John Brown's daughters learned to read. The semi- nary stood in the center of our town until 1833; the same plot of land where Karen and I once attended our elementary and high school. Harriet Beecher Stowe, who later wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin", and her sister Catherine were the first teachers of this seminary. Harriet Beecher Stowe? "Uncle Tom's Cabin"? My mind be- gan to whirl. A cholera epidemic once hit the Hartford area that took the life of Lucy Fitch, who lived near the Seth Thomp- sonfamily on Angling Road. Lucy Fitch was the widow of John Fitch who invented the steamboat. I now know that John Brown once lived on the same dusty back road I did when I was a child. Of course, John Brown lived on Angling Road over 100 years before I did. Howev- er, since the house he once lived in was just a stone's throw from our house, I now wonder, "Did the John Brown of our history books often walk to the bridge my brothers and sisters and I once fished from? Did he stop to look down at the many fish that flipped their silver, sunlit tails? Did the fish hide under the shadow of that same bridge as they often did for my brother and sisters and me many years later?" Perhaps he even walked a few steps beyond the bridge and gazed at the tall maple trees where our house would someday be built. John Brown's main goal in life was to end slavery in the United States. To do so, he needed money. Thus, the article contin- ued, he and Seth Thomp- son joined partnerships in many fields, such as tannery, the Erie Canal and dishonest land deals, partnerships that "fleeced" the people of Hartford. Once he refused to leave farm land that had been sold. John Brown asked people to marl donations in care of John Brown Jr. When John Brown's son picked up a series of cof- fins in a nearby town, he apparently didn't know the coffins were holding steel spikes and Sharps carbines for the upcoming Harp- ers Ferry raid. The people of Hartford were much alarmed and infuriated when they discovered the truth that hid in those coffins. John Brown Jr. was thoroughly ashamed of his father and brothers when they proceeded to Harpers Ferry. He wanted no part of this terrorist act against the United States and did not join his father at Harpers Ferry. When U.S. marshals were sent to brother were walking home from school when a car hit J.E. and flipped him up and over the hood of the car, killing J.E. and nearly hitting my brother as well. My brother, of course, was quite shaken by such a horrible trag- edy. I remember lying in my bed, listening sadly as my mother comforted my brother all night as he lay in his bed crying and trembling at the loss of his dear friend. J.E'S father, Harmon Thompson, was the great grandson of Seth Thomp- son. During his lifetime Harmon refused to refer to himself as a distant relative of Mr. Seth Thompson. At the time of this artide, Harmon Thompson had discovered a ledger that his great grandfather had hidden in the attic of his Angling Road home. The apprehend John Brown Jr ledger, written, between the they were met by a small years 181 i and the 1850'S, group of neighbors at the had revealed how often his border of the nearby town great grandfather had suf- where John Brown Jr. fered "double-dealing" at lived. "If you continue to the hands of John Brown. attempt an arrest of John It was a shame Harmon Brown Jr. you will meet a Thompson would qui- group of 1,000 men who etly hold to his family. He will resist your arrest!" the spoke of his grandfather, group of men warned the who was Seth Thompson's marshals. The marshals son, pounding angrily at turned and left the scene the kitchen table when never to return, anyone would mention the John Brown, it seems, of- name of John Brown. "Re- ten made trips to Hartford ligious fanatic, murderer, and stayed with his friend horse thief and worse who Seth Thompson. Together got his just desserts by the two men formed the being hanged at (Charles- Thompson-Brown tan- ton, Virginia!*)" Seth nery. When John Brown Thompson's son shouted ran out of money he out of his father's hearing was refinanced by Seth distance when he learned Thompson. One time of John Brown's hanging. Thompson bailed John A hearty thanks to our Brown out of debt and friend, Norma GabicL paid for the Brown family's Thanks, also, to the Sharon transportation back to Herald and Mary Jayn Ohio where John Brown Woge, the author of the was mixed up in land deals newspaper artide dated along the proposed route May 2, 1960! of an Ohio-Pennsylvania *Charleston, Va. later Canal. became part of the state of Now my mind drifts West Virginia. God bless. back to a young friend of my brother Earl whose Dale Likens is an author name was J.E. Thomp- who lives in Monroe son. One day J.E. and my County. SERVING YOU MONROE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Greg Tapley Larry Evans Eddie Rowland John Ambrose George Emami Chairman District I District 2 District 3 District 4 478-256-9277 394-0451 808-9354 960-0764 70~2o7~383 , F 0 R S YT H : : 1 C I TY : COUNCIL EricWilson John HowardChris Hewer Melvin Lawrence Greg Goolsby Mayor Post I Post 2 Post 3 Post 4 478-461-0889 706-819-2890 478-960-I 017478-993-7841404-402-I 134 Julius Stroud Mike Dodd Post 5 Post 6 706-819-0797 478-994-6203 Austin (not long in) City Limits Monroe County's congressman Austin Scott (R-Ashburn) held his last Town Hall with his constituents in Forsyth (at right) on Aug. 20, 2014. Scott did attend a chamber of commerce event this spring but did not take questions from constituents and therefore cannot be considered a town hall meeting. If you want an opportunity to let Scott know what you want him to do in Congress, call his Washington office at (202) 225-6531 and let him know. e When Brian Kemp became secretary of state on Jan. 8, 2010, Terr~ survey of the Monroe-Bibb County line was on his desk. The law says it's his job to do something with it. He announced on Aug. 23, 2011 that he was rejecting the Scarborough survey. Unfortunately, the law gives him no such option. So on March 10, 2014, the Supreme Court ordered him to set the line. That was four years ago. The Reporter is devoting this space each week to counting the number of days Kemp has been on the job, and yet not done his job. If you want Kemp to do the job which he's sought three times before he gets a promotion to governor, call his office at (404) 656-2817 and let them know.