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August 15, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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August 15, 2018

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dominantan “in; tifoin .4 ‘W’fim‘ififi ten, l ,1 lhtirt‘tt- ltogtd WUttttttl told l tit her Smith and f; 'f 1L1 ti :Utl‘} Mitt \Vt’hfittll .i cl lhttnt‘luun \V‘tlfi miss» ingj horn her silrer .ftlt'l)?‘ 'l‘ovottt t-l thinner; 'l he \Hlllltlll said she didn‘t idiot»; it her Eaton \‘v'ttri stolen tint ot'hri fit‘V while it was .‘ll ,1 V i r ,3 ' motor at (tt ht‘z tvotngtlitttx lttc vitamin ‘xttltl die last stow the gun r in her fit,‘\' on ltilv :tl. {inward drivnr hirian with QUE otter igniting high on nonrigid air tit "Yt'ill' old tiltzte t iontord mun was urn-riled and t hinged with Ell/ll uttt‘t' Lt ti’itlhr stop on E 7"» North on tul‘v it}. :‘it til‘iout mitt tint, lf/‘c‘tt. (Lodv Mottleb , I I t 7' Saturn Vite trttx’el- int: I‘t‘tl‘ilk‘ohly on l-r71’i Not th. Mahler. saw the vehicle exit tit lttl‘itttdttttttlllt‘ lx‘ottd, whore he veliit‘le rim it Mot) sign and then t‘otttitnted northbound on l-VS Not th. Maples ti led to atop the With its, hot the male dint/r ltept driving. Maples stir» the driver \‘v‘ttiz ollttléltltl violentlv to: it‘he was hit ingi tremors, .tntl the vehicle eventually att'ttt’lt ti road «iin near mile tnztrlxttr it)?» at \vliit‘h point it stopped, lilitplex MIH’ the driver httd red, watery eve», lllh latje \vtts‘. droopy and he appeared it tillll‘it'il 'l he driver, who i’nttde Ht,‘"\"L,’l1ll iu‘lxjv movements with his hands and arms, said he didn‘t lmotv why he didnt atop, saying}, he might have heen asleep. 'l he hum-Wm“).me RUGUS'F 3 e April Nichole lltn‘ton, 35, Marion, litil Jonathan McCrinr IHOHS, 32, Luella, thett by receiving stolen prop- ‘a’ ownL£-y&fl?W%fik$WWWM£%WW§WMMflWWW x driver, it'lio mid nei; 'dt} engineer tor l‘xioi'toll; houtlitrrn railroad, told lilttples he mtg; headed to n'litton and then pointed northhound on l 7, . the driver then tailed several held whrietv teat». t vlttples th 5n searched the vehicle and lound tttt it'v rold earn otWAirrlhixter (grinned air that appeared to have recently heen ttfictl. Maples asked the driver it he used the run to get high, but the driver responded that he did not and he and instead that his girllt'ientl used it to spray dust oll‘ othis dashboard. h’lttples then ainv :t signitieiint tilllttttlll otdnst and dirt on the dash and around the siteering eons‘ole. Maples étlfit) determined the driver was arrested in l')il{t? County tor DUI the [fit'evions day. When hrlztitles asked the driver tthout the previw om; arrest, the driver said he was just asleep in his; vehicle on the sit e ol‘the rottd. t\'lonroe (,lottntv l‘il‘d'l's then rlr-t‘tred the driver ol any medical issues, and the driver rettised LI hlood test. Maples then took the driver to the l\~'lonroe (Iotlntv Jail, where he wag tilso charged with titilure to stop at it ,xtop sign, it'nproper lane change, liiilttre to maintain lztne, window tint violation and litilure to yield to hlne lights. Arrested driver drops methamphefumine hag inside patrol car A 257 year-old white Milner lII‘dtI was arrested and Charged with possession otrnethainphet~ amine alter ti tnttlie stop on Wel- don Road on July 21. At about It); I :3 3.111,, (Jpl. lacoh Robins Walkiria Davis, 35, warrant Violence), 9H call « Bonita t Branden Johnson, lime, no insurance, tire to :tW‘vL'dt‘ , ‘ ertv, tleeinu 3 ,law Wm, Raymond “ fl. 3“ r “ ~ H “ll 0 “1‘ t intent to (ihnmhlns, in l W Um E ()‘l, llttl'SVllI, “ l k. Conceal Violation, Sham“ murder AUGUST 4 o Amanda Barnesville, theft by Ink» ing, Superior Court bench Richard Aaron Ham, 36, Forsyth simple hat tery (Family obstructing a 4‘), Bowdon, DUI, failure ‘ t to maintain use oflicense .,‘;i l‘{’ ',,,,,\‘;._v;‘ Ntt‘o. :h’dt. l’x 3 Not llt\lwtki _~ itE iltttlkltlilitlttitr ixluinuti "022‘: i‘itt‘utlllxli“ touts smell-ed ntL‘n‘; thing: eonnt‘,‘ "“ denied having sin); titdt‘llttditd inside the truth, gin Eng: he had srnoltt d stontt: earlier in the dirt: 'ihe driver then rlit'ttnted hi»: sitar}; and said there no» ;t Sittttll lxty, or" t'ltttt'lltlttt‘td in the glow,- box. which lioltins lintettd tonnd in the renter gonxt‘ile, Alter pttltttt”, the driver in the Intel; ot'liis not o? cur, ltohim then noticed ti Tilttt‘lr horo riggttrette pack on his; htttglt seat tloot‘honrd all the driverEt feet. Robins opened the welt and found :t Slittlll piere ottvhite ttlttsé i Y tic tied in knot with .:t ttttlgi‘ on one side, ltohins deterntnied the plastic Cotthtltttitl xuspet‘ted tjt‘t'sir l'dl Illt’lllal‘tlpltt’ldtt‘tltit). 'l hr driver want then taken to the Monroe County tail, where he was; also charged with possemtin oi tnori juttnzt, nnproper lune chitngv and failure to maintain lttne, Jail sorgeunr loaning; hit-23min bag in female. inmate's possession A 33 yetitfiotd white Mtitiotxtti, NY, Woman was (hinged with (tossing guard lines with drugs rind possession ot‘tt ,‘ieltednlt‘ l controlled Substance otter an incident all the hilonroe t Tonntv hill on lnlv .32, At irhotit Sgt. Gwen Maddox went in tllt‘ l“ l‘tloelt tinit ol the h’lonroc ('Totin‘ty hill to pass out l)re;tl<litst trays. h’ltttlLlUX ztslted {t tetnttle inmate to ehetilt and see itiit new ll’tllillC intnztte wanted something to eth the inmate walked over and aslth the new inmate, hut the new inntttte didn‘t respond. the inmate then told Maddox the new initiate didn't look good. 'l he inmate then handed Maddox it tolded Sit hill than mt: laying next to the new inimtek hang. Maddox put the St hill on the tood Gill and then directly asked the new inmate il‘she wanted anything to eat. 'lhe new inmate just looked at Maddox and then closed her eyes. Alter t‘vlztddox exalted twire 9mm. John Henry (Ilanee, 46, Juliette, lJUl, litilure to maintain lame, driving to exercise due titre, open container . - James Iohn Hill, 38, Iiir t ROCRJWQIV, ; NY, tttgli’ l violation, driving while license sun pended - Theron Bernard King. 35, Inelmm, contempt ot' court «- lamie Fitzgerald Mann, it, Forsyth, eon» tempt ot‘eonrt o Marquez Marshall, 28, liort Valley, DUI, driving I suspended lanes, 49, while license a Ilohert t t‘ ., ,u V t , , ministration, , Maui”, DUI suspended, items lloolts, [ t ; .i i, 1 m , I , ‘ N t‘n- m l l mm“ mm‘) inn‘n‘oper speeding ,< , El 1;“ t , M "‘ t t A . w M x ' l “all” “’“llt’l stopping on 0(11’6g01‘V 7; t er t t ~ « t devtt‘e, realt- rmdwa , ans Hazel ‘ l ‘ H t‘ t, i ltilirlitii glitnrgon rliing ,xlgatwltix then ixt‘tttttt‘dl lied Lit lt‘litltiit‘ttI‘JIllC litato, 3 , in in httt he mt» holding; tin; phone, ; in it om sitting wt yield, 3, not Moving. ,, tit/flit} driverup iterated to hide fEtllen itsleuo while I whit ith the trottlt still running, Maple; ldtt‘nfld‘tl mfvetxtl think on the tritelt doot, hot the driver did not ttttsth’t} {titer wiveiutl inintitw, the driver then tvolte up tlllkl stared down it I‘iliiples lint tlidnt :igiiettlt. Maple» then opened the dour Ltt’td timiit‘tl the driver ilhe nuts olttn. lle in‘ttnedrttelv smelled the odor otnlt‘ohtil and fittW :.t lHth‘E‘t liquid in the tloor hoard that appeared to litive been spilled. Maples then noticed it hall- t'tntitv hottle olltnn \t‘il litttm l‘iotn‘hon in the ettt‘tlioldet. 'l he drit er, who apolxe unitttell zililv, Itintliled through his Wallet 1 t hetore tinditn; tn»; t’loridi rim tars ln‘enst: t‘x'hen ,\ lznilr's dxlét‘rl the driver ilhe Ion-v: \rliit‘h not he Wits liegttlt’tl, tht' tlt‘i\’t:t‘ tttkltlt‘tl and said, “North.” As the diner nos eliinhintz tilown troni hix trut‘il; he tell Asleep tigdin while hunting ttgztitthl the aide til it, i\ltt ilm loudly shouted ;tt the driver i.» wake up And then (imitated hint to his ticet, ’lhe driverl‘ et‘cs were red and liloodshot, and he had Lt t t large hrotrn net spot on hi5 shirt where he dppx’itretl to hurt: xt‘silled RUGUEST \"ontne-~ vious Qtinitr‘ell t t Colbert, 33» l tors) tn, tjl'ltlll' iigtl trespttss‘, violation ot' prohtttion helmet Maddox, 13, Statesl‘ioro, driving, while license sits a Edward Static“, 5‘33, Savannah, driving while license sus— pended AUGUST 8 Nhirqnnvio I)’Iildric t Banks, 22, tkii‘xvth. mmt» nttl tresptms, simple hztttert, obstruction, carrying :t eon» coiled weapon Brittany Nicole Gibson, 23, pended M, i i lujuan Witty, Altt, l’orsvth, giving lithe name or tlAIlL’ olihirth less driving, no signal while chantry ing lanes, 5 passing, on l theshoulder, poctsession of matrijnztnzt E oMichael l David Reed. i M, ltiekson, l suspended l registntt’ion, l driving, while l Iieensestw l l l l pended Freddie Swim, 37, lilorsyth, DUI, open container, failure to maintain lane, speed- ing AUGUST 5 o Maxwell Borrack, 3t), Murlrees-- horo. Tenn, possession of marijuana 43 .5 M AA‘JM‘AMM.AA“ .u .u A.MMA,. .4.“- m.‘ HALL... .mg.._‘ m “A A. ‘ 7 I MeKinzie, l9), liizella‘i, (XX: (l’t'tihatlt‘l - Kimeiontu Stanley, Deerlleld, Wix, t'hild seztthelt riot» lion, litiltn’e to stop art it Stop Sign, driving while license suspended/ revoked lloisvth, theft ht' tithing ntlieliztel Ranm‘d Rhodes, 2t), l‘ot‘st'tlt, inter lt‘renet‘ with government property, pox sessron ot nttiriinitnn \\'Illl intent to dis- trihute, giving or possessing tll”tt§1$,;tlt‘ttlt0l, weapons, etc. hv tin inntttte H, a... ,..,...EW,.MAMW£W t l xttspendedi’ t‘ettnttxe net-r tom mutt gt an o: t_7,\~.‘r‘,§,‘li ottlt it ‘n ailklltl‘f “ if " *rt» 't :‘ um rill, \ Mmde l n :l kzzi‘ tn tint , next to the tint: itillitiizi~1t‘>oitle. , It mine Mines»; told Maples ltt' httd tolloiied the trut l; tor ttlmn i {A t, , , ‘ qt. ,,., ,Jv »l- .l‘ ltlltt.fx illitl hall“. tilk .ltl\l\ltt1llt‘i hit several earn txirtted in the ._ t , i S‘ ei‘it:i;,;eint Line ix title downy; . itll t>\'t.‘a litt‘ t’tttttl. .\. t i a r Lion‘s took the t driver léi the Monroe totintt‘ in: , tion, drit in}; in the entergt-nt lune, «titres: \‘oittttiner Ytttldiitttt and litiltire to lt'tttlltldtlt lune. flopnfiw discover dwd insiders? inside home on ‘lownlign lake Drive: l ;t lltlld'étlltlil l,§ll\L‘ l‘u‘ite hotnty \rhere ,2 male neighhor said he tonnd it strange that it it‘ttt‘dlt‘ reanlenti pi’eitrl‘ier mute oi er to her hott’te, 'l he tieigihlfior mid the prezn'lter told hint that he {antic to (heel; on the resident heeattse xhe inisaed inItII‘tilI on My 22 and ltth I the netghhor told Robins he didn't reinernher seeing the rexident‘s vehicle move loi‘ tit ledmt It tv’t'clxi M; he t‘otititetetl the: rest i dent’s father. the residentl; littl‘tet' said it hi5 daughter}; on not. :ti her home, then she should he then; tohitn, Sgt, "todd lldfitiit‘tn and §\lonroe {Tonntv l7..r\rl'll\~ then entered the home and totind the t‘t;>~‘ident degtd on her lied, “the raw tins; then turned owr to him :‘idttt‘n l‘iltil‘tlx'b. tNéfitBEN‘tS at Page it; lt'iatlrohn lama! ‘tt‘oodie, 3*, Window, nowessron ot drugs, their hi l‘iringing stolen property in Kittie leshn ll‘anel Wooten, M having no IIISIII'EIIILK’, prissesston ttl , ntetntttnplict Littilttt‘ AUGUST e 'I‘zniyzt Kylie l l Ambrose, 28, , Martin, lttllttt‘t“ i todptttxir l 'l‘rinity ; lane Davis, ‘ 3, l, leesl‘iurg, l7ltt , driving while license i t revoked, win" W dotv tint violat- ‘ tion « Kwashantel Simmons, I. tit‘a‘n‘ttt’lllt‘, ohstrue- tiont speed— ing. driving wltiir lit‘enae Stisipetidet‘l! revoked, giving it tithe IlLttI‘tC or dine othirth Kerri Marie Zuehlke, it. , Stiiteshoro, rio» ; ltnion othmd 1 light require- merit», l,)l7l Mil