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August 15, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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August 15, 2018

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ON THE PORCH by Will Doris All in for Abrams he top headline on the front page of last Wednesday’s Macon Telegraph blared an alarming “fact” at readers in 60-point type: “In May, 276-voter precinct cast 670 ballots”. ’ The headline hinted at election corruption, and was gleaned from a federal lawsuit alleging incompetence and worse by the office of secretary of state, who just (cough, cough) happens to be the Republican nominee for governor. What a co-ink~a—dink Unfortunately, in their zeal to help Democrat candidate Stacey Abrams, McClatchy got it wrong here. More on that later. The writer, McClatchy intern Christine Condon, is based not in Georgia but in Washington. She reported breathlessly in the story that the lawsuit was filed by “election security activists? quoting D.C.’s Marilyn Marks as saying, “something is terribly wrong at a systemic level, and it not being taken seriously by Secretary Kemp.” It wasn’t Condon’s first attempt to flay Kemp on the issue in governor’s race. At the top of the July 30 Telegraph, she co- wrote the story: “Election security could be issue for GOP, Kemp” The story’s lead (the first sentence, in journalist parlance) is a case study for objectivity. lust kidding; “Backers of Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams are mobilizing to make Republican Brian Kemp’s past as secretary of state a major campaign issue” In the story, Condom delivered yet another quote from someone in DC. critical of Kemp, because we know that Telegraph readers can’t wait to hear what Washington thinks about the Georgia race for governor. And it’s not just the governor’s race. Attorney general Jeff Sessions came to Macon last Thursday, but that wasn’t what excited the Tele- graph. Oh no. Rather, the top frontnpage headline on Thursday read; “Sessions Macon visit sparks protest rally” Go protestors! Hate Trump and Sessions! But let’s go back to that first headline about those 670 ballots cast in a precinct with 276 voters. The precinct Condon cited was in Habersham County in north Georgia As usual, it was left to the hometown paper to clean up the mess of the large McPaper chain. The New York Times once had a writer named Jayson Blair who wrote for four years before they figured out he was plagiarizing material and fired him. The old saw is that Blair wouldn’t have lasted two weeks at a community newspaper. I think that’s true. Anyway, the editor of the Northeast Georgian, Christina Santee, set the record straight: “‘Facts’ stated in Christine Condon’s article, published Mon— day by McClatchy DC Bureau surrounding voting turnout at one of Habersham County’s precincts are false.” Santee continued; A statement of votes cast in the May 22 primary provided Tuesday to The Northeast Georgian by Habersham County Election Supervi— sor/ Chief Registrar Laurel Ellison states otherwise. “That was just a typographical error,” Ellison told The Northeast Georgian, regarding results included in Condon’s article, indeed available through the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office. For the Mud Creek precinct in question, during the May 22 primary, of the precinct’s 3,704 registered vot- ers — not 276, approximately 749 cast ballots — not 670. Ellison attributed the error to a computing issue, and although town of Alto ballots were included (hence the 276 figure), “other totals had ac- cidentally not gotten added. “I have contacted the state to let them know,” she said, well aware of the issue when contacted by The ' ‘ ’ Northeast Georgian. “I’m sure they will update the information on their k website.” So what did McClatchy do when confronted with the rest of the story? They waited six days and then at the top of Tuesday’s edition, the headline on Condon’s “correction” read, ”Vote isn’t official yet, state says 12 weeks after primary’ 3 In other words: Kemp sucks, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it Of course, Monroe County knows well that Kemp’s performance hasn’t been great That’s why we were one of just two counties (out of 159) that voted for Cagle. But McClatchy’s boring liberal cheerleading is a reason you got President Trump, and it’s a reason why you’ll get Gov. Kemp. The Boston Globe is urging newspapers this Thursday to run the same editorial blasting Trump for calling journalists “fake news” The Reporter is not participating. As Walter Kim said on Twitter: “Angered by Trurnp’s charge that it feigns independence while acting as a unified, coordinated attack machine, the press responds with a coordinated, unified attack on Trump. Smart’ ’ There’s a reason we’re one of only two newspapers in Georgia with a growing circulation, and that’s because we actually have and en— courage original thoughts, even conservative ones like those of our readers. I would suggest to my fellow newspapers that perhaps you are losing influence not merely because of the internet, but because the dominant liberal ideology in our newsrooms drives us to report fake news, over and over again. Readers are tired of it, and they’re voting with their eyeballs. l t theMomoc County I . . is published every week by The Monroe County Reporter Inc. Will Davis, President Robert M. 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Brian Kemp, the Republican nonri— nee, has picked up on a line of attack that was known but largely unused dur- ing the Democratic primary won by Stacey Abrams: that Abrams’ personal debts, including more than $170,000 in student loans and credit-card debt and over $50,000 in back taxes, render her unfit to manage the state’s finances. Abrams has countered that her per— sonal finances actually make her more qualified to serve, because she can relate better to many Georgians in similar situations. But what interests me is the way she talks about the reasons for her debt. v “I’ll tell (Kemp) and I’ll tell anyone else: I could not defer my family’s needs? Abrams said in response to a question after a press conference ' Wednesday. “I could defer paying my taxes and I’m paying them” on a plan. IfindthiswayofAbrams’talldng about her finances interesting because it reveals an unspoken - and perhaps un- witting — truth about priorities. Clearly, her family’s needs took precedence. Or as many a conservative has put it over the years: Abrams knew how to spend her own money better than the government did. What were the alternatives? More borrowing, maybe, or leaving her family to depend on welfare programs. But she didn’t choose either of those JUST THE WAY IT IS by Sloan on... The fake news iusl never end id anyone see the video clips of the conserva- tives attacking the liberal demonstrators just last week? No? The reason you didn’t see the videos is because it didn’t hap- pen. However, last week there were numerous videos of mainstream liberals assaulting conservatives who were peacefully demonstrating in Berkley, CA. Still, you probably didn’t see those videos supporting liberal causes? because the main- The answer is simple — stream media (ABC, conservatives believe in CBS, NBC, MSNBC, free speech and don’t NPR, CNN, NY interfere in the speech of . Times, Wash Post, LA others, even though they Times, etc.) refuses to may disagree with the show and refuses to speech. Best example of report anything that this was Ian 21, 2017, the disparages liberals or day after Trump’s inau- that shows the intoler— guration — the libérals ant, hateful conduct held “hate Trump” protest displayed by liberals across the country and almost daily. So, g m \ there was no violence when President , whatsoever. Contrast Trump refers to A9059!“ that to the fact that the media as “fake liberals (and their leftist news,” he is refer— buddies) don’t believe ring to the fact that the media DOES NOT report certain news — such as the great economy and the intoler- ance of liberals - and does report only some of the news; hence the term “fake news” is applicable. ANOTHER GREAT example of “fake news” occurred just last week when NBC reported, “Man arrested at New Mexico compound alleg- edly training kids to commit school shootings.” From that headlineyou would think it was just an average “Joe” who is mentally deranged. Turns out the “Man” is Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, an extreme radical Muslim and son of Siraj Wahhaj Sr. the radical Muslim cleric to those who conducted the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Cleric Wahhaj Sr. is the same Muslim cleric who said, “America is the most wicked govem- ment 0n .the face of planet earth and the United States is a garbage can that I pray crumbles.” Why would NBC leave out such critical head- * line information as the man’s ties to extreme radical Islam? You answer that question. But again, most “fake news” is news or facts that are NOT REPORTED but are a critical piece of information. Yet, liberals devour the fake news websites and fake news broadcasts all the while arrogantly thinking they’re being informed. . REGARDING VIOLENCE at protests, the liberal narrative is that the liberal protestors are only responding to the “vile” actions of conservative demonstrators. That is what the fake news media continues to report, yet it’s 100% false. Ask yourself, why does violence only oc— cur at conservative protests or con- servative demonstrations and not when there’s a demonstration/ protest in free speech and try to silence all conservative speech; they do so by showing up at any and all conserva- tive rallies to shout them down and shut them up by physically assaulb ing and attacking the conservative demonstrators. Physically assaulting conservatives has become the “go to” tactic of the left. LIBERALS ADMIT that some liberals commit acts of violence but they condone the violence saying, “Both sides are guilty.” Well, with that thinking, back in the 1950’s and 1960’s both whites and blacks were equally guilty of violence during the civil rights era. Is that correct? Of course it’s not correct. While blacks did commit some acts of violence while fighting for their civil rights, far and away, whites were responsi- ble for most of the violence. Exactly the same situation is occurring today in our let century political land- scape where liberals/leftis'ts/Dems are responsible for at least 90% of the violence occurring at political events. The violence from the right pales in comparison to the daily violence caused by the leftists and liberals. However, the fake news me- dia rarely reports on violence from the left and when they do, the fake news media claims that liberals are only responding to acts of violence directed at them. " _, . . r ., .,_ -, _,._, A, 44-, A...A.._r-,,.. _..-, __-__,_ a... “ALA .1 .n --__.A “A. 2018, 20", 20I6 winner: EOIlOiIOl Page excellence 20‘s winner: Best Headline Writing 2018, 2017 winner: Best News Photography 20“ winnorr Best Sports Pages 20“ winner; Best Serious Column On the Porch 2018, 2017 winnor: Best Humorous Column On Ihe Porch Declare among the nations, and publish, and set up standard; publish, and conceal not; Jeremiah 50:2 Legislature and the US. Supreme Court options. that authorize wider collection of sales That is, I would submit, how most taxes by state and local governments, Georgians would like to handle their and either reduce the tax burden else- aifairs. They’d prefer to take care of their where or prevent future tax hikes (by, own. They see the needs around them, for example, paying down unfunded know the people involved, and want to pension liabilities). be able to serve those needs. But they Recent college graduates drowning in can’t do all that when their tax burden student loans can’t afford for the state to is too great. do otherwise. Is it too much to ask for More broadly, it would those truths to inform the seem to make little sense rest of the debate in this to go on a statewide gubernatorial election? spending spree that veers For example, it surely sharply away fiom the does not make sense to steady, modest budget raise taxes on Georgians increases that have come by a collective $6.5 bil— primarily from economic lion over the next five growth in recent years. A years - as would happen host of new or expanded if the tax cut the General programs would neces- Assembly passedthisyear sarilycome from higher were to be repealed. Keep taxes, given that the state’s in mind, that’s a true , borrowing ability (unlike increase of $6.5 billion the federal government’s) above what individu— is limited als and companies were Folks of all ages who projected to pay before made the mistake of the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act racking up credit-card debt need every eliminated or reduced many deduc— bit of financial latitude they can get, not tions, among other changes. The vast higher taxes everywhere they turn majority of the state’s tax cut merely Turns out, it’s not only prudent to offsets that would-be increase. keep the tax burden as low as possible, Georgians already to take but compassionate as well care oftheir families can’t bear that burden. The CEO of the Georgia Public Policy Likewise, it is appropriate to dedicate Foundation, Kyle l/Vmgfieldis column ’ the higher revenue coming from online runs in newspapers around the state. merchants, following moves by the LAST WEEK the NFL opened its preseason and the players are con— tinuing their protests from last year. Their stupidity continues to amaze me. The past two seasons, some black NFL players have been protest— ing about racism and police violence in America. Their protests take place on the field while the national anthem is being played. According to them, America is, and always has been, a racist nation. Because most of the protesting players are black and what they’re protesting is a lib- eral dog whistle, we’re_a_ll supposed to shut up, agree with them, and hate America along with them. Never mind that America has made these “low—information” players wealthy beyond their dreams; they’re calling America racist and liberals gall us, “if you don’t agree with the protesting players it shows you’re a racist just ' like the rest of the country.” I guess I’m a racist because I don’t agree with anything they’re protesting. Just last weekend, in Chicago alone, there were 70+ shootings. and 12 people were killed; 95% of those shot were black on black shootings and NOT A WORDOF PROTEST from any football player or any liberal. So, NFL players — spare me your phony outrage and phony charges of racism. The last two years I’ve stopped watching NFL games. Keep up the protests and I’ll stop watching permanently. ~ SOME FINAL words on the elec— tion for House District 141: Con- grats to Dale Washburn the election winner. Let’s pray he represents Monroe County the way he prom- ised he would. If you want to know why Shane Mobley finished last in the District 141 election, simply read his letter to the editor in last week’s Reporter. Mr. Mobley - Instead of worrying about who local politicians supported, perhaps we should figure out who voted for Shane and not let them vote in future elections or at least until they have a better under- standing of how to analyze politi- cians - just a thought. WEEKLY QUOTE: “1 attack ideas; I don’t attack people. And some very good people have some very bad ideas.” Late Supreme Court Justice Antonia Scalia Sloan Oliver is a retired Army of- ficer. He lives in Bolingbroke with his wrfe Sandra. Email him at sloanoli- ‘ver@earthlink. net. I > Tl _A.‘_ix_.._.. A...‘ i.» ..