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August 15, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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August 15, 2018

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TOWALIG ' .. I’m madder than Donald Trump at a Taco Bell that our government is letting our country be overrun by foreigners. Just last week, Tina and I were coming back from the hunting club in Dodge County when we came to the construction zone where they’re redoing the split of 1-16 and 1—75. And there it was: A giant road sign completely in Espanol. I’m trying to figure out how to get home to Forsyth, and suddenlyI think I’m in Mexico City. Who decided to make me a foreigner in my own country? And how does “Forsyth” read in Span- ish? I can hear you commie libs saying I’m racist, intolerant, blah, blah, blah. Have you ever heard of Bull Moose? That was President Teddy Roosevelt, and I agree with what he said about immigration: “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an eXact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...'lhere can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for Trusting me BOE has but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American Get it? Good. Y’all be good now. Or should I say: Sayonara! Forsyth hopes new lip sync Video goes Viral www.MyMCRInet/vent Somebody sure seems to know an awful lot about the Animal Control lady's coming and going. Stalker much or is there a leak in ‘ information in the BOC Office? votes: 9 Take this lab and shove it! I ain‘t working here no more. votes: completely different situ- ation. I don't believe this teacher drives students and wasn't on the iob when the incident oc- By Diane Glidewell Connor graduated from . ‘ curred. Let those without news©mymcmet Georgia College & State sin... votes: 8 University in May 2017, Forsyth went all out on after Studying Creative Wfit‘ “Mk V” Pres'denf Saturday, Aug. 11 to answer ing With an emphaSiS'OD Trump‘ Because of your a sync Challenge from script He went strength, a Georgia . . Monro ’s 0 er ci business for himself soon Korean War soldier is e county th ty’ afterwards, based in Macon. . . . . Culloden. With the urging ‘ fizzznaézhlsvfiglém of Tammie Pierson, who is He is the son 0f Stacy and y' e a member of Culloden city Todd T01beI’t- council as well as coordina— Connor filmed the Thats right, vote Dummy- crat and watch Abrams raise taxes on working families so she can give out free favors to buy votes with. Thats how tor of Forsyth Main Street, all CUHOden lip Sync Video the of “Team Forsythj’ indud- weekend of Aug. 4. He said it mg mayor, city council, seemed like the whole town police) fire and public works showed up and was excited departments came on board to be a Pal”t 0fthe Promo' they stay in office and to make a lip sync video ti011- He said all Of the differ- make-the big bucks. promoting the city. ent departments In Forsyth votes: Pierson arranged with collaborated in making the Connor Tolbert of Monroe Forsyth Videor Working to One way to stop waste- County to do the hard part pick out locations for filming ful spending is to vote NO in November. NO NEW SPLOST! votes: Connor Talbert, left, films Mayor Eric Wilson, center, and council members Mike Dodd, Chris Hewett, Julius Stroud and Melvin Lawrence at the Splash Pad as children enioy the water feature around them. (Photos/Diane Glidewell) Get over it Shane Mob- l, . . leyn' You los" “ms and representative songs. For allow closing streets around Connor will take three to If you acfuauy think the police, it’s “U Can’t Touch the square for the filming on seven days editing to create , Abmmshqsofiha ; This” (referring to keeping Saturday, Pierson said, “This the final video. Pierson said .1 .Mfiging wfi: $363, ‘ hands off cell phones while is probably the biggest proj— to check the Forsyth Main ( lusiona]. Kemplwm be” driving); for the firefight— ect I’ll ever do for Forsyth.” Street Facebook page to view me next goverfiég by ers and EMT’s, it’s “Danger Having done all the pre— the video when it is ready. To landslide_ votes; 5 1 Zone”; for the public works planning work and now contact Connor about other 1: department it’s “Taking Care having the film in hand, Burning Triangle projects, Fact Forsyth won't ‘ row of Business”; for council and including some taken with email him at tolbert.con— 7 like we could or be glint people in town it’s “Down- a drone for overhead shots, we could until the Wattle town,” with council mem— H¢"‘°TW is 5 Left, mayor, council and city leaders lip sYnc "Downtown" bars wrapping thing: up at :zlglheged’ and coverele ‘ in front of the Rose Theater and then, right, sing to the sky 3161381313811 Pad WIth Sphsh A TRANE COMFORT as they are filmed by a drone. * Iin r ' uestin that councfl SPECIALLST Is As :15 : Hooray! l boycotted the eq 3 RELIABLE as THE TRANE THEY ARE first Falcons game tonight! bf the video, that is, staging, votes: 5 a , .‘ filming and editing it and ‘ ‘ putting the music with the visuals. Connor has a film company, Burning Triangle, 405 College Street i Forsyth, GA INSTALUNG- We are DE T and BF] certified for testing your home and duct work for air tightness. I love seeing all the Trump Haters. Guess what? HE ‘lS STILL 5‘ _- with partner Alex Newberry. transgenic...” mfgfggggggffim p ‘ doyou want another ZB C fl. g "EAT‘nfiig Henry CountfiCheékhour mew or ean.s. O ee’ ‘ I jagggaiufiin ' their was schoolscrime WQrkedon “161301101631 cam- "Local Award Winning Business serving ' and faxes, votes; 5 Palgns OfTOdd TOIbel't and“ Monroe County and surrounding areas since 2009" ‘ Gary Bechtel, and have done 1,... Hm am ,. Any," Wm, m~ ‘ Bigfigsneed a‘ mu“, short films and a number 0f - min msurto a. notion: Professionally mm uniformed stuff Etheridge around the courthouse, Short tefm “fleOS- , s" ‘ I waned through 3 “EMS Bummg Triangles pre- ' Service On All Brands - Replacement Repairs New Construction l‘l'talh‘iakéi-dieff sanity mier film, “Stained Glass,” 'Remodelmg'Custom Designed Metal Duct Systems And was an atlas- “ :- Wa-s released in May and is 'zmd sys'm ' "a"? C°’"'"“"‘°a”"9 “Stems . . getting good reviews. the , ,, , , {2 over 30 Years Don Etheridge, Owner gammy , compan is set to do a e- ~ ' ‘ ‘ , ‘ cial videb] for the Methipdist - I , p _“ 519W” ' Children’s Home in Macon. ' ~ M ' new» 7 Cali fora quote today: Connor said the contacts a: Subject tentacliiapprovsl,‘ See start; for detail ‘ old guys 09* and brought made through work on the " TE ST Y°Un9 led in *0 9“?f rid two political campaigns have I P . . x . r v of the mold and molestr H growmhe business. eam eanlng I'OSJGII‘I \ , , COUNTY SCHOOL mun-.m- m m 2496.207 7 they rtellyznesdslighelp. ‘ GTestldVie. vote “4 n on —L M A 9° to co II N .0' a: o :" o N o When-will ourjilfrump~sup~ L porting editor lee-forecast; Timber 100% p *°:;‘W°Im°v*irtwm new - ‘ Gross Digest 1,501,976,730 1,564,241,378 1,563,225,120 1,523,381,102 Less M& O Exemptions 221 ,036.639 208,711,603 210,376,331 213,493,363 Net M 8: 0 Digest , 1,280,940,091 1,355,529,775 1,352,848,789 1,309,887,739 State Forest Land Assistance I Grant Value 31,417 712 34,047,814 38,214,028 40,431,739 N b .1 .o >1 A O A (A) 5» .0, o _\ U! (A) on W A B —‘ on 3 8 .e so (d (O (.0 N «bu (.0 éTheIEN COMMAND? \ iiMENTSisaystHou-sbsii Tinerltlilavbtes 4‘ “i ,_ \ AdjustedNewaowsest 1312351803 ———— $21,465,125 _ $126,026 0.59% Gross M&O Millage n . “ *1 ‘ Smitsihf'Afiecisafiw . all become naturalistic ‘ {sand‘driven by notifies» _l,-Too many rules and KW.“