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August 14, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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August 14, 2019

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V tronic devices”. August 14, 2019 ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don Daniel Left my bank after .00 delinquent notice have been using the same bank, BB&T here in Forsyth, as my “checking account bank” for the last at least 30 years even before it became what it is now. Yes, I still have accounts at two of our other local banks. The tellers at all three of the banks I use are nice, professional and very customer—friendly. None of the three banks are locally-owned as they used to be. Now that you have that background, here’s a stupid, ignorant, inconsiderate and incompetent letter I received from BB&T’s banking head— quarters in Charlotte, NC. But first I am going to brag. My credit rating is more than good in the excellent range according to the three credit reporting companies. I have no credit card debt and don’t , owe any money and I pay k what bills I receive before they are due and in full. Thankfully I can financially accomplish that. Now back to the letter --—-notice from BB&T; here goes: “Realizing that most often a missed payment is an oversight, we understand our clients appreciate it when the oversight is brought to their attention. Ac- cording to our records, the above referenced account is now past due in the amount of $.00. Please remit the past due amount today. “If you have already made your payment, please'ac— cept our thank you”. Well, I sent them a check payment in the amount of $.00 and officially notified BB&T I am closing all ac- counts I have with them, transferring to another local bank and charging BB&T for any expenses for their stupidity, ignorance, inconsideration and incompe— tence. If they don’t pay up, it will be turned over to a collection agency. What I am writing and hope comes across, that’s my money they are using against me! WOW, I feel better. AS YOU are aware, there are some people in Con- gress wanting to pay reparations to the families of slaves. Here’s what my friend Rand is willing to do and I quote: “If you are a freed slave from the Civil ;War, I will pay you personally $1 million in cash! Again, if you are a living freed Civil War slave you will get the cash”. MONROE COUNTY’S school system is ranked No. 11 in the state according to SchoolDigger and Wayne Calhoun was the first with the answer to The Ques- tion. Wayne receives a certificate for a Dairy Queen Blizzard, dozen Dunkin Donuts, slice of Ionah’s pizza, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, Scoops single dip, and a For— syth Main Street t-shirt. Here’s The Question for this week: what is the name of the church in the old Piggly Wiggly shopping ‘cen— ter on the left of the building, almost directly behind ,Wendy’s. First with the correct answer after 12 noon Thursday gets the goodie certificate. . AFTER OVER an hour of work “sessioning”, dis— cussing how a County Commission meeting should be run, or better yet, how the commissioners should perform and act, the one Who Thinks He Is A Coach and his four—man team got to work. Here are a few unattributed work session and regular meeting com— ments: “Jim would be the gatekeeper”; “I don’t, I don’t, I don’t”; “What a crowd, what a crowd”; “We all have phones”; “I’ve never seen you on Facebook”; “If you will humor me”; “We won’t have lipstick on a pig”; “He might be emotional about it”; “They tell me”; “Saved by thebell”. Reporter Richard Dumas was at both the work ses— sion and the following regular meeting and his story will give you a play-by-play, down by down. OVER AT the Forsyth City Council, the members were getting used to their new play toy, each receiving a new i—Pad. As one council member stated, “we are going paperless. You will find a copy on your elec— Here are some unattributed council member com- ments: ' “What prevents us from exploring?” “Y’all know what I am saying”; “In my Opinion”; ‘ “But at any rate”; “We got to get the money somewhere”; “The reason I did it this way”; “I’ve been chasing it for years”; “It can get worsethat it is”. This from an observer, “The county line will prob- ably be settled before the Forsyth City Council demolishes the old grocery store and starts work on a new city hall or demolishes the six buildings that are considered blighted”. ' Reporter Diane Glidewell will have a complete story on the council setting the city tax millage Don Daniel is the founder and former publisher of The Monroe County Reporter. Email him at mediadr@ Page 5A LETTERS TO THE EDITOR To the Editor: V ne of the toughest chal— lenges cancer patients face is getting to and from treatment. Many patients don’t oWn a vehicle, can’t afford gas, or don’t have access to public trans; portation. Some are elderly, too ill to drive, or have no family or friends to help. Without access to reliable transportation, cancer patients are unable to get regular treatment. The American Cancer Society is urgently seeking volunteer drivers to transport cancer patients to treat- ment through the Road To Recovery program. To volunteer, you need a valid driver’s license, reliable vehicle, and insurance. Drivers must be at least 18 and have a good driving record. The Society conducts criminal back- ground and driving record checks and provides free training. As a volunteer, I can attest that the patients aren’t the only ones benefiting from this program. After retirement, I was brought into the ACS family through the dedication of fellow drivers, but I’ve stayed on Drivers needed for cancer patients for the past five years because of the patients. I’ve never felt like I was being taken advantage of, nor have I ever left a ride feeling that what I did wasn’t needed. The ability to give a ride to someone who is fighting cancer is a simple way to help them understand they aren’t in the fight alone. They have people who are pulling for them in the battle of their life, and that feels good. I’m literally giving someone a ride that is helping to save their life. Deborah Woodward Smarr We must fight to saveour country To the Editor: any ask me why I both- er. “They (politicians) do not care what you think” While I cannot . disagree, I love my country and I care about my fellow people, hence I will notgive up on this country. We must fight to take it back. President Trump is trying but he gets little help and is attacked by all. Please join me in contacting our federal, representatives and sharing your thoughts/ concerns with them. Here’s what I tell them: Deceit is like a cancer which eats at the soul until the host body dies. I love my coun- try and, with many fellow Ameri- cans, am saddened at the increasing decay of our country. Many issues are ignored, many made worse by a government (congress, executive, & judiciary) that serve their personal interests, not those of the American people or our Republic. Gun Control is such an issue. Con- gress and government in general continue to steal personal liberties in a progressive manner, adding costly overheads to lives and businesses alike. Guns are not the problem. Personal behaviors, from politi- cians, to law enforcement, to judges, ad nauseam, working together to create a tempest in a teapot is! We are choked with laws and regulations that are increasingly used against the public. Politics have been activated to harm those who disagree or op- JusT THE WAY IT IS by Sloan Oliver The left hates Trump and his voters OW. Just when I thought it was impos- sible for the Dems and the media (I re— peat myself) to get more unhinged, they prove me wrong and become , v more “bat-shyster” crazy. Since the 1980’s there have been hundreds of mass shootings but suddenly President Trump is responsible for them. In response to last week’s mass killings, Democratic politicians, Hollywood celebs, media anchors, and news commenta- tors came right out and said that President Trump is to blame for the killings, that he’s a racist (they’ve claimed that for years), that he wants to exterminate Latinos (actually said on MSNBC), that he’s a terrorist, a nee—Nazi, a white-supremacist, and he wants terrorist attacks to continue. These comments are end— lessly echoed by every Democrat, every celebrity, most of academia, and 90 percent of journalists. Fol- lowing is proof they’ve gone crazy: CORY BOOKER (D-NY), “Donald Trump is responsible for this (meaning the El Paso shoot— ing.) He’s stoking hatred, fear and bigotry.” -. Beto O’Rourke (D—TX), “He’s not tolerating racism; he’s promoting racism. He’s not tolerating violence; he’s inciting violence.” . Don Lemon, (CNN anchor), “We’re now at a point where politi- cal violence is literally justifiable in the Left’s eyes, because after all, what do you do with White Na—v tionalist Nazis who not only sup- port mass shootings, but actually encourage maSS shootings by way of “subliminal orders” from their leader, the President of the United, States?” . The “stupid award” goes to former FBI counterintelligence agent Frank Figliuzzi. In response to President Trump calling for flags to be flown at half-mast until August 8th, Figliuzzi, appearing on I MSNBC, said, “The President said that we will fly our flags at half—mast until August 8th. That’s 8/ 8. Now, I’m not going to imply that he did this deliberately but I’m using it as an example of the ignorance that’s being demonstrated by the White ‘ House. The‘numbers “88” are very "'3. 'z\ , «Alana/CC,thug/k ‘ well, he’s a racist.” ’ “OK, you’ve already said that, and significant in the neo-Nazi and white supremacy movement. Why? Because “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet and, to them, the num- bers “88” together stand for “Heil Hitler.’ ’ So, we’re going to raise the flag back up at dusk on 8/8.” THE LEFTIST cabal actually thinks that way. They actively look to be racially offended and thus everything is racially offensive to in- clude a date on the cal- endar. And these people demand we bow to their brilliance. They’re not brilliant, they’re danger— ous. Also, whenever the leftist cabal makes such comments about President Trump, they. always include hateful rhetoric about his sup- porters. So, when they say “Trump’s a racist” or a white supremacist, in reality, they’re calling his supporters racist. I am sick and tired of con— 'stantly hearing how everyone (but them) is a racist. The leftist cabal is great at projecting onto others their racism and their hatred of half the country. You can hear the vitriol , dripping from their quivering lips. I TRY TO understand why the leftist cabal is so angry, so riled up and so vicious? They claim that President Trump’s comments set them off, that his comments are racist and hateful. Then, every single media outlet, Democratic politician, and Hollywood celebrity I ‘ hammers him for days on end. They go full blast “hating on” Trump and his supporters, not caring about the hypocrisy of their own intoler- ance. Mind you, President Trump is only one man, yet the entire liberal media focuses squarely on destroy- ing that one man. Their obsession of and hatred toward Trump is so out of proportion to his comments; it’s very scary. I have no idea where the Dem’s hatred originates. FOR ARGUMENT’S sake, let’s say that President Trump is a racist. Tell me, how he’s wrong? The Dems respond, “Well, well, I’ve acknowledged it, but tell me how his statements about Baltimore, about Elijah Cummings or Ihan Omar are wrong? When he says that illegals are invading the country, pose a progressive agenda: some are attacked by government'officials or departments. Police and citizens are ostracized, publicly humiliated: criminals become more brazen and citizens more concerned and angry. It is a country in decline because of gov- ernment malfeasance. President Trump’s great sin is pointing these issues out. Please, focus on real issues with meaningful solutions, not more bu- reaucratic morass that ensnares all. May God bless us all with a return to one nation, indivisible, under God, with Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness for all. . Dale Miller Forsyth how is he wrong? ” Again, the Dems respond, “He’s a racist.” That’s all they have -— “name calling.” They never address the issue or the veracity of President Trump’s comments because they can’t. Trump’s statements, while rough around the edges, are spot on and accurate. Additionally, his comments point out the failures of the politicians who refuse to do anything about the problems high- lighted. FOR EXAMPLE, the Dems and the media refuse to report on the problems and issues surrounding the country’s invasion by illegals. Instead, they call you a racist for realizing we’re being invaded. The Dems and the media refuse to com- ment on or report about the [terrible conditions in our rat-infested inner cities. Instead, they call you a'racist or white supremacist for calling out the problems in the inner cities (controlled by Dems). The Dems and the media, instead of admit- p ting they conducted a witchhunt against President Trump, call you a Russian agent for pointing out the witchhunt. The Dems and the media refuse to report on the high violence in Democrat—controlled cities. Instead, they call you a racist for noticing the violence. Etc., etc. So, when the Dems, the media, and cowardly Republicans refuse to say anything about the illegals invad- ing the country or conditions in the rat—infested cities or the black-om black violence, President Trump has no choice but to call them out. And cockroaches hate having lights shined on them which is why the Dems, the media, and Hollywood have stich hatred for President Trump who shines the spotlight back on them. FINALLY, ASK yourself why the leftist Cabal makes such vile com- ments abbut the president and his supporters? There are three possible , explanations: First, they actually be- lieve what they’re saying (i.e. Trump and his supportersare racists, neo- Nazis, etc.) Second, they’re trying to rile up their leftist base. Finally, they want to silence all oppdsition. Re— gardless of the reason, their hatred of Trump and half the country does not bode well for our nation. Sloan Oliver is a retired Army of— ficer who. writes a weekly column for the Reporter: Email him at sloaholi- , ver@earthlink. net.