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August 7, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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August 7, 2019

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August 7, 2019 Page 5A aP@orter ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don Daniel T f Commissioner Larry Evans gets his way, County Manager Jim Hedges is going to have to find another ,place to get his nicotine fix other than on couI ,ty property. Evans made the attempt to get even with the county manager. Commissioner Evans is or was attempting to get his other fantastic four buddies to support an ordi- nance prohibiting smoking on any county property. Obviously the commissioner didn't really think his idea out. If the ordinance passed, I guess there would be no smoking on county roads, after all they are county property. Guess it would have to be enforced by the sheriff's department. Wonder what the fine would be. Of course, the county manager or any other smoker could take their puffing pleasure across the street to a Forsyth city sidewalk off county property. DURING MY rearing up days, I never heard my parents or any "x. member of my family use the "n" word but they did use "negro" and not in a disrespectful manner but in today's society we are supposed to say ' frican Ameri- cans". I do not agree with that terminology and I use the term, American Africans. The reason I even bring the subject up is the results of an opinion on the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Page, asking the question "What Would We Do Without the Word 'Rac- ism'? I did not hear racism used until 1961 as a student at the University of Georgia when UGA was ordered by a fed- eral district court judge to immediately admit two blacks, Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter to UGA ending 160 years of segregation. There were several nights of student anti-desegregationist "demonstrations", not riots, in downtown Athens for a couple of nights. No troops were called in but tear gas was used by the Georgia State Patrol and local police and sheriff department to disburse the rowdy students. I was not onel I was not opposed to Charlene and Hamilton attending UGA. I had the attitude of'so what?" Going back to the word racism, in the WSJ opinion piece by Joseph Epstein, he wrote, "The term became pervasive only after discrimination was banned and blacks made significant progress" He further stated, "If you are politi- cally on the left, racism is what you accuse people of who don't agree with you. If you are on the right, you can accuse them, I suppose, of socialism". He continued, "I can think of no more devastating insult than being called a racist. In a mere six letters the word suggests one tyrannical, vicious, stupid cruel:' Amen Mr. Epstein! }- THE CITY of Forsyth collected $41,995.20 in hotel/motel tax for the month of May with $25,197.12 going into the city coffers and $16,798.08 going to Forsyth Convention and Visitors Bureau to promote and advertise stop, stay and eat in Forsyth and advertise the hotels/motels that collected the tax. Here are the top five hotels/motels collecting the tax and the amount: Holiday Inn Express, $8,374.12; Hampton Inn $5,999.10; Laquinta Inn and Suites, $5,252.38; Days Inn, $4, 239.66 and Comfort Inn and Suites. $3,191.65. The least tax collected came from Budget Inn, $147.00. THE FIRST correct answer to last week's The Question was from Jennifer Goode identifying Mike Burroughs as the recently named Plant Scherer general manager. Jennifer re- ceives a certificate for a dozen Dunkin donuts, Dairy Queen Blizzard, single dip at Scoops, fried green tomato appetizer at Whistle Stop Caf4, slice of Shoney's pie, slice of pizza at Jonah's, dessert at The Sweet Tea Cafe, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt, sandwich, chips and drink at The Pickled Okra. Here goes The Question for this week: Monroe County Schools ranked in what place in schools in Middle Georgia? First correct answer after 12 noon Thursday gets the goodie certificate. FROM THE absurd to the ridiculous is the best analogy I can make about longtime---41 years---school board mem- ber J.P. Evans wanting to sue this newspaper and making asinine comments such as "The paper never puts anything good unless it's in the back". He must be reading some other newspaper or he is reading from the back page to the front page. HERE ARE a few "outstanding" payments our tax money went to: somebody at the Sheriff's Department---not revealed---got a $1,040 check for per diem reimbursement for travel, former animal control director Ty Oppelt got a $2,281 check for travel reimbursement, Protecom main- tained phones in the amount of $1565.50, local Red Dog Safety Outfitters got a check for $2,675.10, the county fire department spent $7,137.37 at Ten-8 Fire and Safety Equip- ment (a local business), Accredited Security refurbished tasers in the amount of $2,396, United American Life Insurance got paid $9,347.40, and the biggie went to AT&T for $26,231.23. Buice's Garage got $7,179.94, The City of Forsyth got $5,418.42 for utilities, we paid $13,489.30 to Correct Health for medical/dental hospital services. Here's one more biggie, $5,037.14 to Forsyth Cablenet for watch- ing TV. Office Depot got a check for $3,269.48. Ninety six checks were issued totaling $216,318.51 of our tax dollars. YOU GOT a comment, suggestion or want to answer The Question? Contact Donald Jackson Daniel at tullaybear@ and listen to The Reporter On The Radio on Majicl00 on Sunday mornings at seven or anytime by click- ing on the radio tab at Don Daniel is the founder and former publisher of The Monroe County Reporter. Email him at mediadr@bellsouth. net. TO THE To the Editor: tion of the new due date was posted and the applicable fees, also ques- Tgot my county water bills (3) on Aug. 1. With all due respect, tion why so many are exempted Aug. 2 for meter readings who goes to the county website to - one in, all in, or none - its only ofJuly22 (11 days), to find the get nformaUon? Surely, if these $50 ayear with Secretary of State JLnew due date is no longer the new rules were to be imposed in Monroe County: $175, then $125, 20th, now its the 10th. a more business-like or right at Christmas - if imposed, at The online payment fees COlmnercial manner, we least consider staggering as they do are unrealistic, so we de- pend on checks and snail marl. So we have just six days (gotta send on 8th to get there on time) to pay our water bills and avoid the now strictly enforced "on-time"-or-get-a-pen- airy-for-late payment (the B'flIN| county used to accept post mark of due date - no more, gotta "absolutely, positively be there"). I submitted a complaint to the county website. I am interested to see where it goes! I saw the notifica- would have been given a month's notice in LARGE PRINT on the bill to give people time to make the necessary arrangements. It seems that since we have the new County Manager, the spending and changes are com- ing thick and fast it's concerning. Must be due to his domicile - too much time to think up stuffwhile commuting! I also have concerns as to the proposed County Business License for tag renewals. Regarding the change in the due date change for county water bills, I have asked Will Davis to congratu- late the water department on their newfound efficiencies. It doesn't seem all that long ago when I had to complain that it was taking three weeks for my check to go through the bank. I've shared this note county commissioners George Emami and John Ambrose. Over to you. Laurence Byrne Bolingbroke JUST THE WAY IT IS by Sloan Oliver ,ll Last month, NBC said that President Trump was e winner of the first emocratic debate. Even uber-leftist NBC knew that the Democratic presidential candidates were so wacky that no sane person would ever vote for such lunacy. Now after the second debate, it's obvious that Trump was again the winner. The second debate could be sum- marized with the acro- nym - SOS, Same Old Stuff. Again, the Dems reaffirmed their desire to give free stuff to everyone - free college tuition, free monthly income to everyone, student loan forgive- ness, free medical to all, and open borders and citizenship to all ille- gals. However, the "free stuff" isn't really free because YOU pay for it. When Dems say that something is free they really mean - they will raise taxes On taxpayers in order to give free stuff to anyone who prom- ises to vote for them. Anywhere else it's called bribery but politicians write the laws so they make it legal to buy votes with your money. AS IN the first debate, the only sane Democrats appear to be Tim Ryan and John Delaney. Both are less crazy than their fellow candi- dates and both think it's idiotic and stupid to promise trillions and tril- lions of dollars in new government give-away programs and even cra- zier to have complete open borders with endless benefits to all illegals. Sadly, sane candidates are a dying breed in the Democratic Party and both were booed into silence. IF PRESIDENT Trump was the winner, who was the loser? That would be President Obama. The Democratic candidates pum- meled front-runner "Sleepy" Joe Biden and his ties to Obama. They blamed Biden (and Obama) for the Obamacare disaster, for the crisis at the border (which was made worse by Obama) and for deporting hundreds of thousands of illegals. While Obama should be blamed for wrecking healthcare and worsening the border crisis, there's much more that he and Biden should be blamed for. Following are specific examples: Obama attacked the police and praised criminals (Michael Brown from Ferguson, Missouri); turned race relations back 60 years by making every- thing racial (the media and Dems learned well and continue making everything racial); destroyed the sanctity of marriage; attempted to turn the military into a social experiment (women in combat arms); weaponized the IRS to go after political oppo- nents; wasted billions of dollars on the climate change hoax; selectively enforced some immigration laws while ignor- ing others; greatly empowered the radi- cal Iranian clerics by giving them billions of dollars which they use to fund terrorism; allowed men into women's bathrooms; and corrupted the DOJ, the FBI, and the intelligence community by turn- ing them into the KGB to spy on candidate Trump in an attempt to prevent his election victory. THE REASON that President Obama was never criticized for his "destroy America" agenda is because he's half black. If you criti- cized Obama, the Dems and the media (I repeat myself) labeled you a racist. And the cowardly Repub- licans, who stupidly try to curry favor with the media, stood by and watched, saying nothing, while Obama did all he could to destroy America. Now, the 2020 Democrat- ic candidates are trying to destroy "Sleepy" Joe but to do so they must destroy Obama's legacy. Very ironic that Republicans and conserva- tives were called racist for criticiz- ing Obama yet the Democratic candidates aren't racist when they criticize Obama. Certainly makes the "racist" accusation meaningless when the exact same words spoken by conservatives are racist but not when spoken by Dems. (This is further proof of Undeniable Truth #2 - Liberals (and Democrats) are Hypocrites.) IN THE two nights of the Democratic debates not one of the 20 candidates was the least bit inspiring. Everything they said about America was negative. How do any of the candidates expect to become president when their entire message is one of finding fault with and criticizing the United States, of criticizing the people, and criticizing the very existence of the country? Why would anyone vote for someone who hates the country the way all the Dems appear to hate the country? The theme of their campaigns seems to be, 'America is racist, so vote for me" It really is a bizarre strategy that might work among the loony fringe of liber- als, leftists and illegals. But I can't imagine a majority of the country buying into such a negative, anti- America message. ANOTHER EXAMPLE of Undeniable Truth #2 occurred last week between President Trump and Representative Elijah Cum- mings (D-MD). The back story: For months Cummings has been railing against the Border Patrol claiming they're racists, they put children in cages, and screamed at the head of the Border Patrol. Tired of the bogus accusations, President Trump tweeted, "Rep Elijah Cummings has been a brutal bully, shouting and screaming at the great men & women of the Border Patrol about conditions at the Southern Border, when actu- ally his Baltimore district is FAR WORSE and more dangerous. His district is considered the Worst in the USA " Trump followed with another tweet, proven last week during a Congressional tour, the Border is dean, efficient & well run, just very crowded. Cummings Dis- trict is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. If he spent more time in Baltimore, maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous & filthy place" EVERYTHING THAT President Trump said about Cummings' and his district is 100% accurate - Cummings screamed at the Border Patrol, his district is dangerous, and his district is filthy and rat-infested. However, to libs and Dems, facts don't matter. President Trump was quickly labeled a racist solely because Cummings is black. As it turns out, 20 years ago Cummings himself said the exact same thing about Baltimore, the mayor of Baltimore has said the same thing, and Baltimore newspapers have written the same. Yet President Trump is called racist. Can you say hypocrites? WEEKLY THOUGHT: The Left claims it's racist to hold black politicians accountable. Actually, it's racist to not. Sloan Oliver is a retired Army of- ricer who writes a weekly column for the Reporter. Ernail him at sloanoli- ver@earthlink, net. FF We love to hear from our readers. Here's how you can do it: Email to Send letters to PO Box 795, Forsyth, GA 31029 Post to the Reporters popular Facebook page Fax to 994-2359 All letters must have Signature , ~ ~ !f