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July 25, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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July 25, 2018

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July 25 i orter Looks like I'm going to have to send the goats, Peaches and Betsy Lynn, to Weight Watchers to work offall the tall grass they've been eating. Peaches can barely fit through the yard gate after all these gulley washers we've gotten have made the grass grow out of control. Speaking of eating, 478 Country Buffet in Forsyth is re-opening under its original owner later this month. I guess because of those buffets, everyone is on some kind of diet these days. sponsi witheut Keto, Adkins, GMO, Gluten-Free, Daniel. Everybody's got a diet, but from what I've seen at Walmart, everybody's Pay r going to the ? still fat. The missus, Towaliga Tina, and myself, we have decided to try the GMO diet -- you know, Git More Oreos. demoteBut yet heYan employeeCan iust that So far, so good. I ve lost five pounds, and gained 15 back. I ,ll tell you one group thats losing weight is them folks up at the wasted taxpayer money? Monroe County school board waiting for this runoff. They re nervous as a Clinton in church about new blood joining the Something does not seem BOE. Some people are worried that a new board might want to make a change at the top position in the right, votes: 24 Name one thing Trump has done for the average American citizen? Mak' ing a6o, one thousand need not REPLY. vo : 7 without e ' 0ecause r ' "~rne ~s not : va :6 NFL MUGS. votes: 5 It will interesting to see ; many local, liberal :i lawyers will support the Democ for Gov, votes: 4 school system. But I don't think the football coach has anything to worry about, no matter who wins. Y'all be good! Margaret Sigretto, a long- time columnist for the Reporter who wrote about life in High Falls, passed away last Wednesday, July 18 at the age of 79 after a short battle with cancer. Sigretto moved to High Falls from Clay- ton County in 1998 after retiring from Delta. But she was not the kind of person who High remain idle. After moving to High Falls, she man- aged an assisted living center for years and then managed the High Falls Hideaway for Dean and Betty Huckeba. It was there that she began to write a regular column in the Reporter, "Hello from High Falls", about the good things happening in the county's riverfront community. Sigretto said she loved writing about her beloved High Falls and only quit when she couldn't get out and talk to people as much. Sigretto's son Chris said his mum will be remembered for her ready smile and sunny outlook. "She had a very positive at- titude, and she tried to teach us that growing up" said Chris Sigretto. "She said you think negatively, negative things will happen, and vice versa. Being positive just makes things bet- Page 3A e ter:' That became harder in the fall when doctors removed a cancer- ous tumor from her abdomen, and later discovered that it had spread into her lymph nodes. Chris said he'll remember his mother as someone who loved those around her. "She enjoyed her family and enjoyed life" said Chris. Sigretto is survived by two sons and passed away on her oldest son's 61st birthday. INTERNET Continued from Front since c,tp umues IrOmp b ame omce m l'qovemoer zu 17, President vows: : initially requested. However, Goldberg tells the Emami said he was willing &has good values! Pirro is nothing more than a demagogue, votes: 4 Caryn Johnson has severe Trump Derangement Syn- drome (TDS) as displayed on I"V and what we saw from the audience perspec- Loo like will be next Governor. Listen for the gnashing of teeth from local "political insiders". Likely the biggest surprise since Sonny Perdue. votes: 4 TRUMP isn't Great and Georgia isn't either! votes: 4 So, are part of the left- ist cabal, then (R)s must be in the fascist cabal, rm look- ing for a (C) centrist cabal meeting, votes: 4 Hey Marilyn, tell us about the#WalkAway Cam, paign. Ihear it is a new left wing movement, votes: 4 The more some of y'all vent, the more you prove common sense isn't common anymore, votes: 4 TRUMP stands with Kemp for keeping Georgia great! votes: 4 to reduce substantially his $1.5 million request in order to trim the county's SPLOST wishlist down to the $21.2 million final number. The decision came at the condusion of a two-and- a-half-hour called meeting to discuss SPLOST. District 2 commissioner Eddie Rowland cast the deciding vote on the intemet, break- ing a 2-2 stalemate in which Emami and District 3 com- missioner John Ambrose, who supported allocat- ing SPLOST revenues for internet, were pitted against commission chairman Greg Tapley and District 1 com- missioner Larry Evans, each of whom was adamantly against the monies being used for internet. Rowland said he was unsure ffspending SPLOST funds on intemet was the right decision but said 80 to 90 percent of his constitu- ents were in favor of spend- ing on intemet, including the county potentially running fiber lines to entice additional private intemet service providers (ISP) to locate in Monroe County. Rowland likened his situ- ation as District 2 commis- sioner to an Old Testament Bible story. He said, "It reminds me of its intemet shortcomings. Development Authority of Monroe County president Be Gregory told commis- sioners that high-speed intemet is "mandatory" for companies seeking to locate in the count. Gregory said even though commissioners could never keep up with the ever-changing intemet technology, he said it's im- portant that they set money aside earmarked for intemet infrastructure needs. Grego- ry said the specifics are less important than the measure to take seriously the county's intemet shortages. "(President John) Kennedy didn't ask for a plan ofhow to get to the moon" Gregory said. "He just said, 'We're going to the moon' And he didn't see the end of that. But it happened because we made a commitment through leadership that we're going to do something that was important And I think that's the important part." Emami said he's not intending to run $750,000 worth of fiber arbitrarily, saying a plan will be developed for how best to spend the available funds. He pointed out that Bibb County requires any com- pany digging a trench in the county to put conduit in the ground while it's digging. Emami said Bibb County representatives have told him they've received very little pushback to the mea- sure and suggested Monroe said endorse connecting all of the county buildings on the same intemet service. Evans, who said his District 1 constituents were adamantly opposed to spending funds on intemet, then suggested Emami and Ambrose propose a special district tax exdusivdy for their constituents to pay for the internet expansion. Evans said districts out- side the city could pay an additional mill of property tax rather than use sales tax funds. Evans said he feared that dtizens might reject the SPLOST in November be- cause they don't want to sub- sidize other dtizens' internet enhancements, noting that the SPLOST's failure could lead to a millage hike of an estimated four mills to make up for the lost revenue. Tapley said he opposed spending SPLOST monies on intemet because Emami had not yet provided a dear plan for internet expansion, a timeframe for meeting the intemet needs of con- stituents nor a price for how much it would cost to pro- vide internet infrastructure for the whole coun Tapley said there's no guarantee that spending $750,000 on intemet will enable citizens to improve their internet. Tapley also questioned why the Monroe County Board of Education has not teamed up with the county on intemet enhancements since a significant argument toward improving intemet commissioners opposed Evans' suggestion, and only $500,000 was allocated for recreation as opposed to the $750,000 Evans requested. Evans said the price tag for an outdoor pod would be about $250,000 while a full- fledged natatorium would cost about $1.5 million. Ambrose said he opposed the pool because Monroe County wouldn't be able to afford maintaining and operating the pool Emami agreed, saying Evans didrfi have a dear plan for where it would be located and added that he didn't think dtizens who live outside the dty limits would use it frequent- 1y. Rowland then jumped in and said District 2 citizens were more interested in intemet needs than a swim- mingpool. Evans replied by saying there were objections to opening the county's recre- atio dep ent.30 years ago but said its abig success. Evans said, "I remember a particular comment a person told me that then" cows did not play basketball. I said, 'Perhaps your kids will." Emami then suggested that Evans request the City of Forsyth to build the pool in exchange for giving the city back county-owned land next to the Forsyth Golf Course. Evans said he wasn't opposed to that location for a new pool, saying the city's plan for an amphitheater at the site didn't make sense next to a quiet golf course. Ambrose later rejected Evans' appeal that the pool would provide swimming safety for county citizens. Ambrose told Evans that people frequently die in ve- hide acddents and it doesn't mean the county should provide driver's education. "We can't take care of 'everybody;,' Ambrose said. ,We've go ,tta, use some corn- men sense. Threatening the President of when the Israelites said, 'We County enact a similar law. in the county is the positive the United States a felony "We're not voting thisimpact it would have on under United States Code want a king: And God said, mornin, g to spend the,school children needing to tle 18, Section 871. Many 'Nah, you don't really want a ,mone Emamisaid. Were do homework online. Tapley fol should be before the king. Yes we do, we want a judge: Madonna for ono, king. We want a king: God voting this moming to also cautioned spending blowing up the White saw ,m the future that Saul have the money available if county monies on intemet House. votes: 4 : wasnt going to be a very and when we see projects when broadband allocations j Residential & Commercial * We ServiCe All Brands I out there that have a good are part of the new federal j Honest & Reliable Service. Licensed and Insured #FAKENEWS Anything good king. But God said, I ,return on our value for our Farm Bill recently passed in [ . Experience You Can Count On, Locally Owned & Family Operated you see on TV on Putin and Ifthats what you want, I m money. In other words, ifI the U.S. House [ . Financing Available. Service Agreements going to give it to you: I kind I YO " r gullible?votes:4 offeelthatway Ultimately find out that somebody is Evans instead pushed . Thank u for Your Business. nmning a trench for some commissioners to include I come down to the fact that service from Forsythall funds for a new county ,: Yesterday President Trump I do represent you. This is I endorsed Brian Kemp for what you want. I w,a t you the way outto luliette and pod, possibly an indoor we have a chance to basi- natatorium, in the n~xtr J talK, u, ~ FacelaooR ~ ~u' Govt. But C ey Cagleto know that I dont feel cally drop a conduit in the SPLOST. However, the other and G d'f Duncan are try- confident that you're going ground for eight or ten ':': ' :>" ing to trick Trump support- ers with this flyer they call the "Trump Voter Guide - Off :ial Recommendations," votes: 4 Lincoln and IC, " Assasi ,V i 3 ! to get it as quickly as you think you are. I just don't fed confident about that" About 20 citizens, most of whom supported intemet spending, were in atten- dance at Monday's meeting, including Old Zebulon Road resident Roy Hancock who urged commissioners to work on the county's poor intemet service. Hancock, who moved to Monroe County from Cobb County over a decade ago, said inter- net can do more than any- thing else to enhance growth in a county or region. He said as things stand current- ly, it's nearly impossible for a small business owner to work from home in Monroe County. He said he's even Caryn Elaine Johnson changed her name because she wanted to sound more Jewish. FAKE Hollywood Liberal that is full of hatred. Should be in prison. Hope Jewish people would write her a lette . LOL votes: 3 Metals mercury, iron, J c mium liver mlcaed from considered moving out of taff os votes 3 : Monroe County because of cents on the dollar of what it would cost for us to run that trench oursdves, to me that is a slam freaking dunk right there. That is your tax dollars well spent in my opinion" Emami then estimated the cost of running conduit with a tracer at about $1 per foot with the cost of blowing fiber through an existing conduit at an ad- ditional $1.50 per foot for a total cost of $2.50 per foot. Ambrose said if the county runs conduit and fiber lines, which could then be leased to private ISPs, he's confi- dent that ISPs will want to expand in Monroe County. He said it's his vision to run intemet to all of the county's fire stations while Emami 2.80 i =?iil !!~ ! = L !i( : i i I linimUm eep6si $1ooo * Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective 07/05/2018. 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