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July 17, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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July 17, 2019

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2019 P u The Lord loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love Psalm 33:5 The Monroe County Reporter 0 July l7, 20l9 illilllllll!lliiililllllllllllillllllllllillllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllilllllllllllllilllll5|iiillllllllllllilillllllillllillllllllllllllllllll|llllllllllllilllillillliiiiilllliilliliillilllliiEillilllliiillitllilllit5iIlililliiiiiiitllliilll!lililillilliiititlliliii3:ltlitllliiiillilliill?i2Eilliiiiiiiiiliitlilliliriilillllliliii?Eililliiiéllllllliliililillllilll INCIDENT REPORTS Q July 17, 2019 i - J j: The following incidents were reported by the Forsyth Police Department and the Monroe County Sheriff's Office June 29—luly l3. Deputy locates driver of overturned truck on Lee King Road At about 11:15 am. on June 29, I ‘ Motorcyclist wrecks in Macon after high- : ' speed chose on July A 34-year-old black Union City exited a second time at Eisen- hower Pkwy. but was traveling too fast to negotiate a turn at the top of the off ramp and instead drove down into the grass, wrecking into a drainage ditch. Haskins found the male driver lying on the ground beside the wrecked motorcycle. The driver was con- scious and alert and told Haskins: “I’m late for a meeting with my girlfriend, who’s in rehab down here.” The driver, who said the motorcycle belongs to his brother, was then taken to Macon’s Medi- cal Center Navicent Health for treatment. The driver was later released from the hospital and booked into the Monroe County Jail. The driver was also charged with removing license plate to conceal identity of vehicle, speed- ing, failure to use a turn signal, failure to use due regard, driving in the emergency lane and driving in a wreck Brown smelled a faint odor of marijuana, but the driver said she was unaware of any mari- juana in the vehicle. However, the driver said her daughters smoke marijuana and allowed Brown to search. Brown then saw one of the daughters tuck an unknown item into her pants waistband. Mean- while, Brown determined the oth- er daughter was wanted in Union City. Brown did not find anything illegal inside the car, but he found cigar wrappers on the passenger seat that appeared to suggest that marijuana had been smoked recently. When Brown then asked the first daughter what she put in her pants, she pulled out edible cannabis. The mother, who was cited for speeding, and the second daughter were each released when Union City declined extradition on the second daughter. However, the first daughter was taken to the driver tested positive for alcohol on a field breath test and was taken by Monroe County EMT s to Macon’s Medical Center Navi- cent Health for treatment. Once at the hospital, the driver refused to submit a blood sample. Deputies locate bag of cocaine in SUV during l-75 South traffic stop A 50-year—old Hispanic Mor— row man, a 39~year—old Hispanic Macon man and a 41—year-old Hispanic Ellenwood man Were all arrested and charged with pos- session of a controlled substance after deputies found cocaine in their SUV during a traffic stop on I-75 South on July 4. At about 1:54 pm, Dep. Willie Barkley saw a silver 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer traveling 86 mph in a Dep. Willie Barkley went to Lee man was arrested and charged in between cars. Monroe County Jail. 70 mph zone on I-75 South near King Road about an overturned with fleeing or attempting to mile marker 191. The male driver silver 2004 Chevrolet Silverado elude and other char es after a . s stuck on a wooden fence. The ‘ high-speed chase ended in Bibb 9‘9"? finds eg'bl? F'i'sy'h dr'ver Charged lymgaleghggde$tlfg truck was unoccupied with its County on July 7. At about 10:54 drugs lns'de drlver 5 “"111 Du' after wreCk started driving. Barkley and Dep. engine turned off. A witness told a.m., Cpl. Thomas Haskins saw pants in l-7 stop on Hwy. 42 North Willie Brown then found inside i‘th Barkley the trucks male driver a red 2005 Yamaha motorcycle the SUV two open beer cans on i had left walking in the dheChOh Withou" a hcense Plate havehhg A 25-year—old black Fairburn A 63-year—old white Forsyth the rear passenger floorboard 1 0f P1116 Yancy- Barkle)’ then we‘ht 112 mph and weavmg “1 a-hd oht woman was arrested and charged man was arrested and charged and a blue bag containing a white j to the drivers home and saw hlm , 0ftrafli€ 0n 1'75 391ml hear hhle with possession of a Schedule I with DUI and failure to yield powder substance that was sus- ',]p_ 51thh8 Oh the Steps to hls home marker 191- Hakth the‘l to Stop controlled substance after depu- while turning left after a two—ve- pected cocaine behind the driver’s ‘_ “5mg 3 khlfe to remove glass from the mOtorCYde hm It continued ties found edible drugs inside her hicle wreck on Hwy. 42 North on seat. Two male passengers said the his legs: The driver t°1d BarkleY " SOUthbouhd at Speeds in “Fess 0f pants during a traffic stop on I-75 July 5. At about 5:19 pm, Dep. Ja— beers belonged to them while one he was headed home when he , 140 mph While weaving der' South on July 5. At about 11:57 cob Davis went to Hwy. 42 North of the passengers admitted the fell asleep at the Wheel- Barkley high! the emergency lane and am, Dep. Jaleel Brown saw a about a two-vehicle accident cocaine was his. The driver and tom him his “‘th had damaged fallth to use its huh Sighah DeP- white 2008 BMW 5281 traveling involving a white 2009 BMW both passengers were then taken another citizens fence, and the ChIlS Sherrell and Sgt; KeVih 88 mph in a 70 mph zone on L75 3281 and a 1986 Dodge W Series to the Monroe County Jail. The driver said he knew that The Wilhth l‘hhed the hlgh'SPeed South near mile marker 183. The truck A male driver of one of driver, the 50-year-old, was also mt driVer, WhO t01d Barkley he did Purs‘ht Onto 1'475 and into Bibb female driver, who was traveling the vehicles appeared incoherent, charged with speeding while the not call law enforcement about County- The mOtOYCYCle eVChhl' with her two adult daughters and and Dep. Jacob Robins smelled two passengers were each charged the Wreck was then Cited fOI‘ ally 6X1th at ThomaStOD Road hm a child, said they were headed to alcohol coming from the vehicle. with open container violations. the £11113” hOtifY upon Striking a righthdlm‘igh a red :Lthitopt Savannah for a family reunion Robins also found a six—pack of ._ s e 0 lea: 0 e 6X1 mth ah 8° ac 0h 0 and said the were in a h be- beer inside the vehicle with 0111 Be 1475 SOUth- The mOtorCYCle the“ cause her huhband had jutltgeen ' two beers left unopened. The y see INCIDENTS . Page SB 11 inn",an.«mismaimrimrmires-seisrlmmrm - Damel Alyndnd‘ - Matthew Scott Clem- . John “mm Montrez Alan Cain, : ‘ . ons, 31, For- as Ashley, 30, PattehSOh’ 31, Cincinnati, : Syd" cnmmal Macon, theft by 23’ Inhétte’ Ohioi Speeding) . ‘ trespass, Shoplifting possessmn of driving while ; affray , Ronnie mahlu‘fha license sus— IY ‘ Dela” Trevon Cross, ' D m que Pended . DeFore) 46’ 21, Winter Render’ 22’ U Khal- Warner Rob- Park Fla” loheSboroi fani Jacobs, 34, , ‘hs’ theft by driving away faflure to Ridgeland, S.C., _ n g . convers1on, without paying Obey 3‘ “3th DUI (refusal), I financxal for gas control dev1ce, Speeding fai]_ new nintmsflw insurerqu i‘lWH‘W transaction Nicholas Commemial ure to maintain _.. , . , , . .. . , , ’ ... cardtheft, FemenEpPs) vehicledriver lane + V theft by tak-j 21 Forsyth qualification , Donei- The lollowing arrests were reported by the Monroe County Sheriffs Olfico and Forsyth mg f t 1 Violation, sha Kimmi‘ Police Department on July 8- l4. An arrest means someone has been charged with a crime, cm. ure 0 ap POSSCSSion 0f tl L V. but the low considerslhem innocent until proven guilty in a court ol law. ence Hams, Pealrames marijuana 22, o . , 35, Forsyth, Goulding, 48, ' 03cm“ speeding, ,wear- D0243;ng Ch'h’lhg Wh‘le New Haven, Slimhez' ihg headphones .fin ’. hcense sus' Mo DUI pos- Vlumeal’ 32’ while operating >n ' leshon .Chesher’ dnv- Pended’ no session ofmari— Norman Park’ a motor ve- Gilliam. 22, mg “mom brake lights ham drivin suspended hicle refusin M .Ellenwood, a hcense; or working e’ficenseg registration, to Si a Cita_g possession commercial turn signals sus ended fail driving without tionggxpired #5 of marijuana Vehl‘fle dhvet - Mirranda to a valid license re étration d with intent to quahhcamh Elizabeth - g1 , _ vi 01 ati o n lane, fail to use ' vahh'ehe distsributeel L Brooke Keen, 32, turn signal Phillips 18 a . amu . ackson, ’- ‘ ' Washington, M: thFhum’ financial 013323;)??? ’ ce‘h'ic Ber‘ iflthfhleltft’ like- 3_ 37, Macon, 37’ _B°h1ta transaction fin 52 Hymn _ nard Bentley, ream styolen bail jump- SPr "1333 F la" card forgery ton, failure t: 40, FOYSYthi r0 err}? in- . ing, Superior Possfsswh 0f 0 De- maintain lane child support grfgrenc’e with 5. Court bench magrxgn shaquan impersonating lockup order government 8 warm“? Funchum Mon“ a police officer, 1081"” D’ Property) fafl' . Iquita I ’ Thompson, drivin While BYOdhageh’ ure to maintain Wells, 39, 40’ homta 26, Warner 1i censf sus_ 36, Apopka, lane im re er Stone Moun- SPhhgsi El?" Robins, no ended Flan POSSCSSiOh turn, irnp rop er tain, failure drugs» dh‘hhg brake lights p Richard of marijuana use 6fce€1tef to maintain unsafe Vehlde or working Ia Heald 49 o Nranni tum lane lane’ “0.9g . game trunk Signals’ Mllisella tag , Name EPPers’ reckless driv— t light, drwmg We" 39: driving while lights required 21: Maw“: “‘3 ins aggressive ll while hcense Milledgevxlle, license sus- drivin while ’ lights reqlhre‘h . .. driving driver >l «suspended susPehdFd pended hcenseg 3115- driVihg While to exerdise due Devon registration, . Dan-1y ended license sus- care seatbelt W'uns, 22, hamg ho Kennith p , Christan Péhded violation driv- Quitman, m§ufahcei Warrick, A Hernandez ' JUSfih L- in without a / giving false ‘th8 Whlle Griffin, fail- 26 Ham ton , LOCke’ 21’ liegense _ name/date of hcense sus‘ ure to appear drivm ghfle, LOUiSVillei Linda Rose of birth, hold for Panda? o Anisha licensegsus_ Tenn-i Obscur' Travis, 53, 1— Other agency o: Nimle wat‘ pended failure mg mg frame Forsyth 3381' 3' EuLawfaux’ kins, 38.. POP to obey,a traffic or tinted tag vated assault Vfll Syd}, dhvmg control deViCe ,covers rPhlb' lake DaVid zigfrid er while hcense , Tommi_ “ed, dr 1V1hg Waddell 18 I sus ended . . while license . Juantavi- regimen“: . €30:- suspended hogshtilnslffii e ous 1. Blood- obswnng tag, darrelD. gssegsion of’ - Josie LYn ure’to mei‘mtain S ‘ sen 26, For_ possessron of Woodward, pmafihana Nelson, 29, lane ’ syth, driving drug related 31, Forsyth, . Jinn,“ Macon, driving while license ObJeFts’ POS‘ violation of Marie Me er Whflehcehse suspended - session of probation, 35 la c160: suspended Michael marijuana armed rob~ op’en com ' ' . Eric Aareiu Crnkic, 26, bery tamer, reddess Carr, 49, Jones- St. Louis, Mo, o Brandon drivin DUI boro DUI tampering Michael (ramsfi’) failure Henry , With ev1dence, ' Thomas Young, 33, to maint’ain Charles Ar- possession of R0“ Adam‘ Broward lane ossession nold, 49, For- marilhaha son’ 62} Fore“ County, Fla, of m’alii-uana syth, failure to Park’ Sthle_ possession of Audion maintain lane, battery, crum- marijuana, Ortiz 23 gap DUI (refusal) nal tresPa'ss SiVihS false ietta expired name/date of regis’tmfion) buthfiope/n driving without comma a valid license t i... .