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July 17, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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July 17, 2019

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Page 5A Rep"”"""“”0rt€r July 17, 2019 JUST THE WAY IT IS by Sloan Oliver Spectllatedsincetheboy . Continued from Front was in foster care that he . might’ve been upset his . h - Moon tl‘lp a U. S . success Count, near Cameo... 3:1: hag; might On Sunday, he stole a car said the boy had no “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” were Neil from his foster parents juvenile record of prior — Armstrong’s first words from the lunar surface on July 20, 1969. and drove to O’Neal’s trouble Several hours later, Armstrong stepped off the lunar module and home where O’Neal was Adanfi said Since the famously said, “That’s one small step for (a) man; one giant leap for getting ready for church, he not out killed his ’ t mankind.” Armstrong, Apollo 11’s commander, and “Buzz” Aldrin said Hamesposs. am); but coémitted V 'i 1'. . , were the first humans to set foot on the moon. Those old enough Hames-Ross said that th f l . n , remember exactly where they were when Neil Armstrong walked Krieger took his aunt’s .0 dad” on???” we ’ on the moon. I remember watching Armstrong and Aldrin’s moon- gun, pistohwhipped her, mhlll mghs e e n walk while at summer camp in Wisconsin. The counselors herded d th ve. 1c es’ 6 WO e m- 5 ; 1: . . . . . an en ShOt her 1“ the clined to seek the death . . l200+ campers into the actiVities build- head, killing her. penalty but said courts , ” W’s ing where we crowded around a small Haines_Ross sat-d that have ru’led that out for t Nith black-and-white TVto watch one of the Krieger tried to bury her , fl t. S . most hlStOI’lC events in history. in a shallow grave by the luven es'hfl H . " ' red _ , driveway rthen Krieger R3333 ShZ’iS 31:12: Tryetlue O'Neal, tront right, shown in happier times heir £31; ANY 112?“ ray aghe (“Ed 60 3) Stole her car and headed tated by her loss with her two sons, daughter-in~law, and stepson. w at ewante to ew en egrewup O , . and somewhere, near the top, w0uld thwarfldsoum camlma, She said 0 Neal moved Haines'Ross Said Piece Ofme that is (3105' re be astronaut. The first astronauts were 5 fhsal ' _ .d to Monroe County two O’Neal raised true Ger- est to the Lord. Things 1e: heroes and rock stars of the 1960’s. As- .at evening sal Years ago and She and man Shepherd PuPPieS are “Qt always as they x . . . sheriff Brad Freeman, he h all k d ueh tronauts received paparazzr media cov— h d Ch C er two sons wor e and they had found appear, some not even r t erage; they met presidents and appeared gegc be (35ng 01:)th at Campers Inn RV in homes for all but two of close, when you are too _ I on magazine covers and on school lunch ' Cimfen ofilm hla Byron. those as of Monday. tired to stand...kneel, we boxes. an at Otte’ W en e She got married last O’Neal’s two sons had but most importantly LCA; AQAWt/tiftg/k calla?“ and aSkeduld September but the rela- just moved to Warner I’ve learned God STILL ey’d APOLLO 11 was the Clflmination 0f . '1 V l l for a 11.6qu 5.0 he}? tionship went south and Robins to be closer to HAS A PLAN! Jeremiah many President Kennedy’s May 1961 historic tum lmself 111‘ C_ €35" she had finalized her their workplace. One 29:11— I will wear it tee challenge, “I believe that this nation should commit itself to achiev— Sr COHPW auflwrlfiles divorce last Thursday, of the sons is expecting proud with my broken 4,. ing the goal. before this decade is out, of landing a man on the med local deputies to said Haines—Ross. Sheriff his first child as O’Neal’s wings and tattered rope . moon and returning him safely to the Earth.” The boldness of such a CheCk the home around Freeman said that depu- first grandcth was because even in the is challenge is impossible t9 comprehend. We had not even sent a man 8:40 Pm S‘mflay’ i‘nd ties had been called to expected on Tuesday. worst of storms there is he into orbit and the president committed the nation to putting a man they fffimd O Neals the home four times On July 5, O’Neal still a rainbow hiding y, on the moon. What audac1tyt! But we are America, and we knew bOdY In a Callie, shallow in the past two years, , thanked people on her somewhere amidst the my we could do it. Unhke today, in the 1960 5, every American bought grave. Her 9 Y was sent but only once related Facebook page for their rain. Look past the dark ; into America’s greatness because America was and still is GREAT. t0 the G31 Cnme lab for to Krieger when he was birthday wishes and in- clouds- open your eyes :rats Kennedy’s challenge committed the entire nationeto even more an autopsy. missing Haihesposs q cheated that it had been of Faith Believe that the way greatness. While relatively few Americans were directly involved in District attorney _ said that ON e at threat a tough year. latter days will be better the e i ’ . . . on him more times but first [year] I ever spent Believe that there is a he?“ Pr 1de- Egagffighlffigifid ragly didk d h completelyelone. What God who gave his only OUR MANNED space program began with Project Mercury. back to Midd1e Georgia am?” 085 sa’ e a year?" If ve learned S_°n that we may ha‘ie , _ t t _ was gomg to take 0 Neal anything its to never life and have it abun it Mercurys misSion was to put the first American into space (Alan on Wednesday Adams some ifts to Cheer her take ANYTHING for d d L kin f0 d She ard aboard Freedom 7) and into orbit (John Glenn aboard 'd h ’11 k 3 'ud g V . . an y‘ . 00 g mar P sai e as j ge on (F . . l . , up on Sunday after granted. Life is short to 42 With my first ,h nendship 7). Every aunch was broadcast on both TV and radio. Thursday or Fnday to h h B h . d _ . ti In lst grade I remember listening to the radio broadcast of John 1 t him t the b f C urc ' ut S 9 “Pace (“0 matter how 01d You grandson 11mg a hfe 0“ 3 ’ , . . e rY or on Sunday morning that are- RIP NaNa). Forever purpose, new journeys, [es Glenns nussron. As murder as an adult . . l tio - . ' Tryeflue 0 Neal, Whom ends before forever is big dreams, big results, « oca ms were men He Sa‘d depuues also she called “Tr e” wasn’t t' S ulful 1 ti h‘ tioned around the recovered the gun . y Lip some. ’meS‘ ome— . so . . r.e a on,” 1P S’ ; w 01.1 d, the teacher which he said ma); have teas/$11? he;1 text flrlnheszetlg— ttilmes Mtg: bgy heart ifs find if it is Gods Will omted them out on a es. en 5 e st a t e most ag' e part 0 ew Beginnings. It’s )3 Slap The six manned bee: “Olen or,“ 0 Neal read them on Sunday my being- and I must never too late to begin Mercury missions were ES, 8 e was mlssmg some night’ She went to the never Change that “0 again.” in followed by Project egrms- .d h h home and deputies had matter how bad it hurts Krieger turns 16 in Gemini. n 513:1: g: otifle git already arrived. at times as this is the August. GEMINI’S objectives M i;— were to further develop '3 techniques for space that when Plant Scherer was While the economy has finally travel for the upcom- hiring scores of workers to add rebounded, Freeman said his I hll in:1 APOllO miSSionS. environmental controls in 2007, deputies still aren’t seeing the t For examp e, W 6 Mercury missions were sin e-man, Gemini . there were so many illegals on surge in illegals that border . missions were two-manned. They included space walks along with said Freemanh t k ffi . the property that “it wasn’t even counties are seeing. But for ~ rendezvous and docking procedures with another capsule. Gemini Ianrlf’gnfitvfia: b2; afflict}: funny”. Back then, said Free- those they do catch, including ‘_ -- {)mSSion lengrtfhs ingreased longcfigough for 51 trip to gie moon and V Sham}; office for 30 years, said man, ICE was not impressed if the 58 arrested last year, usually ed ' aCk and Pe “"3 dOCkmg “3 “lugs an atmosp em reentry de uties called to re ort the on traffic char es Freeman said , There were 10 manned Gemini missions to include Gemini VII they,“ seen a marked improve‘ p - p a -g ’ - (Frank Barman and Jim Lovell) which established a record of 13 ment in federal attitudes toward had stopped some illegals. its becoming increasmgly likely t . . . . “You could call ICE and say that the feds will actually do . days, 18 hours in space. Gemini XII, November 1966, was the final addressmg the problem Since . , . . . . . . . . 211 G . .mission an d it ave wa to A 0110 President Trum took Oflice Ive got five illegals in this care. something about it, espeCially if t emu“ ’ g y p ‘ While federal {aw fixes the' They’d say well we’re not gonna, they have a criminal record. to . 1 THE APOLLO mission was simple and straight forward -— put us. Immigration angd Custom piCk them up”, said Freeman LaSt month’ Monroe county Freeman still has a big col- lection of fake ID cards confis- cated from illegals from when he was over the road patrol. But as illegals learned that the US. would not deport them any- way, fewer and fewer of them even bothered carrying fake ID cards. The only thing that seemed to stem the tide of illegals, said Freeman, was the crash of the construction market in 2008. Those jobs disappeared, and so did many of the illegals. judge Bill Fears sentenced an il- legal alien to 25 years in prison for dealing meth. Freeman said he doesn’t know what will hap- pen to the alien. But he said if it was up to him, he’d deport him to his home country and save Georgia taxpayers the high cost of incarceration. Freeman said his deputies aren’t immigration cops, but said they can do their part to uphold the law of the land. “No sanctuary city here, buddy,” said Freeman. 1 a man on the surface of the moon and safely return him to earth. - The execution was anything but simple. Apollo was one of the most complex endeavors ever undertaken by man launch three men from the earth’s surface into orbit; accelerate to escape velocity (11 kilometers per second or about 24,000 mph); travel 240,000 miles to the moon (which orbits the earth at 2,300 mph); enter lunar orbit . with the command module (CM); land a two-man, two-stage lunar module on the moon’s surface; remain on the lunar surface for 24 hours; execute moon walks to conduct various experiments and gather lunar rocks; launch one stage of the lunar module and return to the CM that remained in lunar orbit; rendezvous and dock with ;. the command module; jettison the lunar module; retum the CM to earth; re—enter earth orbit; re-enter earth’s atmosphere; and achieve at splashdown close to the recovery ship, somewhere out in the middle of the ocean. What could go wrong? Enforcement (ICE) the main responsibility of enforcing immigration laws, Monroe County’s 26 miles‘of interstate means local deputies frequently come across illegal aliens them- selves. Readers of the Reporter note the many Hispanics in the weekly arrest report who are driving without a license, some- times an indication that they’re illegal aliens. But Freeman said his deputies actually see fewer illegals than they used to. The sheriff noted AFTER APOLLO l 1’s successful moon landing, while travelling t back to Earth, Armstrong acknowledged those who made the this M ls Slon successfifl' “wea hke t'o give Spe'cml thanks to those Amm- for 30 da 3 but an additional chan e at the state e cans who built the spacecraft, who did the construction, deSign, the 18 C] re J’ir’ed th_s lic wait an tlgler 30 da S so 3 tests, and put their heart and all their abilities into the spacecraft. Continued from Front V q . 1 P0 0 He knew that thousands of great Americans were responsible for that all changes could be made to comply With the mission’s success. state regulations. parents’ primary language and what language is g normally spoken in the home. ESL is a special program within the school system. Hickman said that citizenship and immigration are under federal jurisdiction; the state Board of Education and local school systems may not set guidelines for admit- ting students based on US citizenship. He said Monroe County Schools is adding the item to its policy to comply with state guidelines, and the Georgia School Board Association recommends the item be added to local school system policy. Board member Priscilla Doster asked several questions about whether non-citizen children would be required to have immunizations and health checks like other students before being allowed to attend classes and was assured they would. “Any child who gets into our school system has been vetted pretty thoroughly,” said Hickman. “Honestly, we don’t live in an area where we have a lot of students to whom this applies.” As well as citizenship, the policy added informa— tion about “kinship caregivers,” like grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings or even non-relative caregiv- ers, being able to register children for school and emancipated minors and homeless children not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian being able to register. Hickman said that when children come to regis- ter for school and their citizenship, guardianship or residency is in question, they often fall under the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, which re-authorized the education of youth experiencing homelessness in December 2015. It defines homeless youth as any individual with- out a fixed, regular, adequate nighttime residence. That includes children sharing housing with others temporarily; living in motels, hotels, trailer parks or campgrounds or in emergency shelters; living in accommodations not ordinarily used by hu- man beings; living in cars, parks, public spaces, WHEN YOU think about the countless challenges that confront- ed the engineers at every step along the way, it’s absolutely amaz- ing what the United States accomplished in less than 10 years. We developed equipment and techniques that sent seven manned mis- sions to the lunar surface, achieved six successful lunar landings, put ; 12 men on the moon’s surface, and returned all astronauts safely to ‘3 earth. Even the mission that failed (Apollo 13) is widely considered one of NASA’s finest hours. While en route to the moon, Apollo 13 suffered a near-catastrophic explosion in one of the service module’s oxygen tanks. The NASA engineers quickly developed and imple- mented a plan that safely returned the crew to earth. All this was accomplished without computers —— just tenacity and brainpower. w‘ r THE APOLLO 8 mission, that orbited the moon, is one of my most vivid space memories. William Anders took the famous “Earthrise” photo that shows Earth rising above the lunar surface set against the darkness of space. Then, during their live Christmas Eve TV broadcast, the crew read from the Book of Genesis, Chapter 1, 1-10. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth( 1). .. (2-9). . .And God "called the dry land Earth, and the gathered waters called the Seas. And God saw that it was good( 10).” Frank Barman n ,, . abandoned bundmgs 01' SUPStandard homing; 01' t ., . Rules need to apply across the boar , said 1h Ki _V €153,333 rbaticllcldglcinleif melfiiii’lfffinpg’ii’oiiliigflell’ t” Head. “ $Lg1iiii’iilfe’ldgffs’lbeéix; minszneefcfdfifitiay’ 5w, all of yogu on the good Erarthh” “That’s Why we have item 13’” said board member ’ opportunities and services as other children and ' Judy Pettigrew, indicating that it clarifies that the not be segregated. WEEKLY THOUGHT: Ameriéans should rightfully be proud of 19°31 “11901 “Stem is n°t respons‘ble for venng “The school system is not responsible'for deter- the lunar landings. ‘ , szemh‘l’ Status‘ mining their status,” said Hickman. “Kids can’t The re-written policy had been posted on the /~school’s website for review for 60 days and received no comments. Policy changes are normally posted help where they are. A lot of times they show up Sloan Oliver is a retired Army officer who writes a weekly column on your door step.” . for the Reporter. Email him at sloanoliver@earthlink. net. f‘