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June 12, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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June 12, 2019

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Page 2B il orter June 2019 MONROE OUTDOORS by Terry W. Johnson One of tl e most possible to spot the butter- beautiful but- fly anytime during this time terries to grace of the year, there are occa- Monroe County sions when you are hard- is the pearl crescent. How- ever, due, in large part to its demure size, it is also one of our most overlooked butterflies. The pearl crescent has a wingspan ranging from 1.25-1.75 inches wide. Females are larger than males. Look- ing down on a pearl crescent, the butterfly TERRY W. appears to be tawny orange and black. The butterfly's wings are bordered in black. Black splotches and lines create an attractive orange and black pattern. The insect's underside is much paler. Along the trailing edge of the hind underwing, a dark patch is featured. This blotch encircles a pale crescent. The pearl crescent is named for this tiny pearly-colored mark. The pearl crescent is one of.our most common butterflies. Here in Mon- roe County it can be seen from early spring into late fall. During these many weeks, it produces multiple broods. However, while it is pressed to find a single one. When this occurs it is usually because the but- terfly is between broods. By that I mean, as one brood of pearl crescents is slowly living out its short lifespan, another may have not yet emerged to replace it. The pearl crescent is arguably the most successful mem- ber of its tribe. For certain, its success is JOSN$ON closelylinked to the fact that it is a con- summate generalist; it literally thrives in a num- ber of different habitats. Here in Monroe County it can be seen flitting about our yards, in dearcuts, alongside our highways and byways, along the edges of forests, in utility right-of- ways, you name it. In addition, it will nectar on a wide variety of plants. I have seen them sipping nectar from thebeautiful orange blossoms of but- terfly weed (better known as a host plant for the monarch). In my backyard, I spot them on a number of nectar plants including butterflybush, coreopsis, lantana, white dover and blanket flower, to name but II The pearl crescent is tiny, but can be seen from early spring a few. However, although the pearl crescent lives in a va- riety of habitats and nectars on literally scores of plants, it lays its eggs only on asters. As such, ifyou don't have asters growing in your neck of the woods, you won't see the pearl crescent. Although you will rarely e it is one of the most common butterflies to late fall. (Photo/Terry Johnson) come across a large num- ber of pearly crescents in one location, if you do you might have stumbled across a puddle party. The pearl crescent is one of several species of butterflies that convene on mineral-laden mud or sand. They gather at such locations to consume the minerals concentrated in Monroe County and there. Interestingly, should you find such a gathering chances are all of the but- terries assembled there will be males. This is true for all butterflies that puddle. In fact, since females are so rarely seen at puddle parties they are often called bachelor parties. The pearl crescent displays an erratic, rapid " flight. This makes trying to identify it difficult when : the butterfly is aloft. This problem vanishes when it lands and begins nectaring; then you will be able to see the distinctive color pattern of its wings. One behavior that will help you identify a pearl " crescent is its behavior while feeding. Feeding pearl crescents will continually - open and close their wings as they feed. During the current drought, the pearl crescent has been one of the few butterflies regularly visiting my backyard. When I see one, it is usually flying dose to the ground. If it happens to be a male, I know it is spending most of its time searching for a mate. Keep your eyes peeled for this dainty black and orange butterfly. Once you take the time to identify one, you will not overlook ttUs beauty again. r Terry Johnson is retired Program Manager of the Georgia Nongame-Endan- gered Wildlife Program. He has written the informative column 'Monroe Outdoors' for the Reporter for many years. His book, "A Journey to Discovery," is available at The Reporter. Email him at tjwoodduck@bellsouth, net. ? Heating & A/C, Inc. We Service All Brands of Heating & Air Conditioning Units Serving Monroe County & Surrounding Areas for over 40 years Free Estimates Financing Available Juliette Rd, * Forsyth, GA 478-994-6127 Ga.Reo.CU 401419 turn to the experts" By Richard Dumas Maynards Mill Road cattle farmer Joseph Eglofftold commissioners on Tuesday, June 4 that he intends to complete his cattle processing facility/slaughterhouse on Hwy. 42 South by mid to late August. Egloffthanked commissioners for approving the slaughterhouse in November 2018 and said he wants the facility to be a "shining star" in Monroe County's cattle industry. In other Board of Commissioners' news: Monroe County Commissioners allowed a Rivermist Road resident to have a 5-foot setback from the south side of the property line. Todd Ussery of 329 Rivermist Road asked commissioners on Tuesday, June 4 for a condi- tional use variance in residential zoning to allow his home to be built within five feet of the vacant south edge of the lot, less than the required 20- foot setback, due to the narrowness of the lot. Monroe County zoning officer Kelsey Fortner said the county owns the adjacent property, "i which was purchased after the Flood of 1994 as part of a flood mitigation grant program admin- ": istered by the Federal Emergency Management t': Agency (FEMA). District 1 commissioner Larry Evans said the county is not allowed to build anything on its lot. ,' No one opposed Ussery's request. The Monroe '. County Planning & Zoning board previously '. approved Ussery's request but mandated that the setback be adjusted to 10 feet from the south side property line. Commissioners had the final "1" say at their June 4 meeting . Monday - Sunday: 8:00 a.m. - 7:80 p.m, LOCATED OFF 1-75, EXIT 185, FORSYTi.I, GA O 1TIE SHELL STATION Peaches, Tomatoes Watermelon * Jams Hot Boiled Peanuts And More! House Washing (Soft Washing) Sidewalks / Walk'ways Driveways Commercial Buildings Much More[ Continued from Front superstar he's been for the past decade. And whether he stays or leaves, the War- riors will likely drift back closer to the pack without him in the lineup for at least the early portion of next season. But let's look at the more important impact of the injury, the overall manner in which sports fran- chises do business. NBA franchises are required to provide daily injury reports with Durant having been listed as "questionable" with a "right calf strain" prior to Monday's game. These reports are issued more for Vegas betting lines than for actual transparency; and pro franchises have been known to hide injuries (cough, cough New Eng- land Patriots). But the War- riors never revealed much information about Durant's initial "calf" injur); a move that reeked of gamesman- ship. For the last month, Warriors' opponents have been scrambling to game- plan not knowing whether Durant would play, a sce- nario obviously beneficial to Golden State. While Myers daimed that he didn't think anyone was to blame for Durant's injury, I disagree. I think a whole lot of people were to blame. While I guess it's possible, as Myers contende& that Durant's Achilles injury could be unrelated to a "calf strain" on the same leg, that seems like a tale that would cause Pinocchio's nose to grow. Was Durant's first injury related to his Achilles all along? If so, did the War- riors hide it either to make opponents think he would be coming back sooner than antidpated or did they hide it to protect his big payday in July? Or was the initial injury misdiagnosed all along? These are all questions that the Warriors' organiza- tion needs to answer soon. Here's a few more: Why did Myers, head coach Steve Kerr, owner Joe Lacob and anyone else in the Warriors' [There's no facebook~m/ mamasktchn organization with decision- making power think it was a good idea to put a superstar in an NBA Finals game who reportedly hadn't even completed a single 5-on-5 practice? Why did KD'S agent Rich Kleiman not advise his soon-to-be- superwealthy client to rest a few more weeks until the ink dries on that $200 million deal? And why did ANYONE question. Durant's heart, insinuating he might actually sit out an NBA Finals in which he was healthy enough to play? So here's the blame count so far: Lacob, Myers, Kerr, Warriors' doctors, Kleiman, teammates who questioned Durant's motives, media members who questioned Durant's motives, fans like me who initially delighted in a basketball villain's ap- parent misfortune and, yes, Durant himself. Thanks to LeBmn James, Kawhi Leonard and many other superstar athletes, the past decade will be remem- bered as the one in which players seized control. And Durant should have exerted his over the Warriors last night. The one-time fan favorite, who controver- sially entrusted the War- riors with his future in 2016 to the detriment ofhis reputation, was thoroughly let down by everyone as- sociated with the Warriors kitchen like 789 gS~41 on Monday night. With a *" , monster paycheck almost ,D" completely in his grasp, he never should have tried (or i. felt pressured) to play on a bum leg, no matter the significance of the contest. Barbaric sports fans and media members, often former athletes, criticize *. modem athletes for not , being as tough as they were. " The world needs to stop all that nonsense. If a player is hurt, he needs to sit out. And Durant should have listened to his body and taken control of the situ- ation before he suffered a threatening injury. "" career Leonard took tack in 2018 for enlisting his own medical team when he , disagreed with San Anto- nio Spurs' team doctors assessment of his quad injury. As a result of the rift, he demanded a trade and ended up in Toronto, where he is likely to win NBA Fi- nals MVP in a few days. All athletes who can afford to do so need to go Leonard's route and get independent physicians, who aren't paid by franchises, to evaluate their injuries. Who knows where this story goes from here? Du- , rant could delay free agency , for a year and opt-in for another year with Golden State for $31 million. But - why would he trust the Warriors' doctors to handle his Achilles rehab after they (at the very least) errone- ously advised him that his injury couldn't worsen ffhe " played on Monday? And so, the NBA Finals heads back to Oakland's Oracle Arena for one final well-deserved send-off on Thursday night. The games will go on, but they are diminished. Kevin Durant deserved better.