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May 30, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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May 30, 2018

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Page 6A May 30, 2018 porter IN LOVING THE VALEDICTORY ADDRESS by Madetine Copetand Robert Harold Etheredge November 25, 1949 - May 21, 2018 Forsyth - Robert Harold Etheredge passed away Monday. May 21, 2018. Graveside services were held Friday, May 25, 2018, at Forsyth City Cemeter)n Chap- lain Scott McMlllan officiated. Mr. Etheredge, the son of the lateEarl Lindsey Ether' edge and Evelyn Kimbell Etheredge, was born Nov. 25, 1949, in Forsyth. He was a retired dairy farmer. Survivors indude his cousins, Anne Kimbell Heath (Nell) of Macon, Steve Jennings of Chickamauga, Kimbell Duckworth (Dot) of Forsyth and several other cousins. The family requests no flowers but suggests donations to Forsyth First Baptist Church Building Fund, 95 West Morse Street, Forsyth, GA 31029, Please visit to express tributes. Monroe County Memorial Chapel had charge of ar- rangements. Tom Glennon r The family ofT0m Glermon would like to thank ev- erybody who Supported us by visiting or sending cards during this difficult time. A Celebration of Life service will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday; June 2 in Newton Chapel, which is located at the corner of Adams and Coleman Streets in Macon. Continued from Front around Fitzgerald's patrol car. Deputies ordered her to stop but Carter continued [,Madeline Copeland, the MILLION in scholarships! so blessed to live in such ], yaledictorian of the Mary The Class of 2018 has a dose-knit county like Persons Class of 2018, deliv- accomplished all this and Monroe County, where this address on Friday so much more!! We are everyone knows and cares night: definitely the best class to about each other. People walk the halls of ME of all ages come to every Good evening None of it would've been football game wearing black teachers, faculty possible, however, with- and gold to support of Mary Persons, out the assistance of our the Bull- oard members,teachers here at Mary dogs. parents, friends and family Persons. Thank you to So, I members, and to my fellow Ms. Little for teaching would like graduates, Congratula- us proper grammar, to to thank our tions! We did it! It is my Ms. English for be- commu- honor and pleasure to ing the best librarian nity for welcome you to The Pitt! ever, to Meeks for being The last time we were all in the cheat sheets, this stadium together was to the Coaches Dec. 1. That was the night Mac for their of the Final Four football impressive game. It was the last game dance moves, in an amazing season, from to Magda "Kicking Butts" to "Mush- for teaching ing" the Howard Huskies. us how to Our other fall sports had live without fantastic seasons as well, a cell phone, many of them placing 2nd, to Coach Class of 20]8 valedictorian Madeline 3rd, and 4th in RegionSimmons for Copeland delivers her address on Friday. Competition. Our spring hosting every sports had phenomenal pep rally, to seasons this year too, al- Ms. Morrow for teaching us such a huge part of our suc- most all of them placing about physics and fish (RIP cesses for the past few years, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in region, Fredd), and to Coach Carey as well as give a huge shout and many also advancing to for teaching us never to ex- out to Waffle House for the 1st and 2nd rounds of pose our shoulders, also hosting almost the entire State Playoffs. In addition, like to give a special thank MP Student Section after Chorus got all Superiors at you to our counselors, Ms. each game. LGPE, Band got all Supe- Roller and Ms. Burston. Now is the part where I'm riors in every competition They have spent countless probably supposed to give (and Myles Johnson walked hours on our schedules, you some words of advice. on the moon), and Drama transcripts, and being a In the whole 5 days I had to put on many amazing listening ear when any of us write this speech, I thought performances. We also put needed one. Finally, I'd like about what I should say. on an awesome Christmas to thank our administra- Should I talk about con- play, and were able to do- tion for all their leadership tinuing to work hard, or nate so many toys to Kids and support. Our class how to never give up, or what it takes to be success- northbound on Weldon we all go from here, wheth- er it be college, the military, or to work, I hope you remember that a single act of kindness can completely change the life of another person. Princess Diana once said, "Carry out a ran- dom act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you" We will do all of those things I mentioned before: we will be successful, and will work hard, and won't give up. We will go out in the world and make a difference. What the world needs now is kind- ness, not hate. Everyone has differences, but it is how we respond to each other that will be the change that this world needs. As we continue on into the future, we will all miss the Homecoming Dances, Chicken Finger Tuesdays, and Dr. Finch's CHAMP Shout Outs. Each of us will be going our own ways, but with a little determination, and hard work, and most importantly kindness, I know the Class of 2018 will make it far. As Paul said in his letter to the Ephesians, "Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you" It has been an honor get- ting to grow up and now Road. As Carter drove off. Yule Love. We had 2 seniors never would've been able to her hands were shaking,' ^k a ^. compete in the Nationalaccomplish as much as we ful I decided that the most araduate with each and Carter told Haskin o,L, o1, 11, . . s one. doge in thered' several times FFA Competitions, and we have without the wonder-important thing that I can every one of you. As our ozner neaaugnts was not - ' . working and ,ia #h The fight continued, and won region mine ruua nu mcultylaere at Mary encourage you to do as very Senior Class Homecoming ~"'" "*"1 "''*'~ . 7 . . cami from her.hfme on after a total ofeightminutes Competition for the 4th Persons, so thank you!! basra, yet sometimes so Banner (and Buzz Light- Trki andheaded to depaties were able to get year in a row. Our se or An6ther huge part of hard to do. I know it is for year) said "To Infinity and " both handcuffs on Ab0nc ' class (as Abby, already said) ' ourSuccess is due to our me, anyways. It's just this Beyond!" Congratulations ,7 fi ,i and uthim in* IasMns,::" :: : *: ' ,: 5' . % P . .: comm guty. We are allsxmple. Bekind. Wherever ClassofZ018. Thankyou. . ' '."- ' " Deputies then spotted the :,[ - fled as Abonce, hesltatedbe-, o - . - - - : r,~ au v on the other sloe ora:- ~- b - . ,-~ ~ .;-- - ~' - -- ;~ .:- -. role g!vmgms name, causing ;'" " '" " ":' "" * " I Ha.ddn to%elievehewas hill on Weldon Road. They "I UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED by M ar ,yn tangford - asked Carter why she fled, :/ ;, , g!v)rtg a rare name. wnen 7: ':. t-msacms n asked Abob nce to but she didr/t answer. Depu: " " $ $ exit the SUV, he became ties then searched the SUV defensive and instead whis- and found a black Glock pered for Carter to "just go" 26 9 mm handgun under as if he wanted her to drive the passenger seat that was off. Dep. Perry Fitzgeraldof determinedtobe stolen out la! You may (or may not) was a massive gathering and armed stopped. Sometimes I craved silence. the Monroe County Sheriff's of Anderson County, S.C. have missed my columnguards standing shoulder-to-shoulder I know all AirBnB host/hostesses are Office then parked in front Fitzgerald also found a large couple of weeks guarding the front door. Our driver not created equal, but ours surpassed of the SUV to preyent it piece of suspected meth- earlier in May. We were told us it was a protest over the clos- all my expectations. I did not expect from fleeing. Abonce then amphetamine inside a trash in Puerto Rico! When George and I ing of 283 public schools in August. her to take us on a driving tour of all began crying and yell- bag in the center console decided to treat ourselves to a special After Hurricane Maria, the school the beaches and areas of San Juan, ing hysterically, and when as well as $2,054 in cash. trip in celebration of our 49 years of system lost nearly 40,000 students and I did not expect her to take us to Haskins tried to force him to Deputies then found an ad- marriage and George's 70th birthday, when tens of thousands of families the airport. exit the SUV Abonce instead ditional $1,060 in cash inside we chose Puerto Rico for economic fled to the states. School lunged away from him. Abonce's pants pocket. The Haskins and Fitzgerald then money was seized and taken reasons. We reasoned that if we were closings are the least of WE OPTED not to wrestled with Abonce in the into evidence, going to spend mone ; we should their problems. They rent a car, although we roadside ditch for several Carter then admitted tospend it in a place that needs a boost are buried in debt. A regret not seeing the minutes. During the fight, driving away so she could to its economy. That's the problem few months prior to entire island. Most places Abonce punched both depu- throw methamphetamine with we mentally-deranged liberals, Maria, Puerto Rico filed we wanted to go were in ties in the face until Haskins outside the passenger win- we're always trying to do good. for bankruptcy on $73 walking distance, but I deployed his OC spray and dow. Cpl. Wade Kendrick of billion dollars. In 1976, couldn't walk. The week was able to get one handcuff the Forsyth Police Depart- THE RESEARCH we did for our the U.S. Government prior to our leaving for on Abonce. Abonce'then ment deployed his K-9 dog trip assured us that not speaking granted huge tax breaks Puerto Rico, my grand- walked around to the driver's Rocky but was unable to find Spanish would not be a problem, to corporations to set up baby was hospitalized side of the SUV as if he was any more drugs. That's true, only if you don't want to shop there to boost the for six days at Navicent trying to get back inside. Once at the Monroe Deputies then fought with County Jail, Abonce revealed talk to people. And I always want economy. It worked and in Macon. The grueling Abonce a second time with his acuml identity and to talk! We played a lot of charades Puerto Rico boomed, walk every day from the Haskins hitting Abonce in dispatchers determined he combined with our elementary Span- Prior to then, Puerto parking lot to the Chll- the face several times, had an arrest warrant for a ish and used our cell phone translator RiCO was supported by dren's Hospital inflamed As the fight continued, parole violation. Because app. Yes, we managed. However, I their agriculture industry my knees. Uber saved Carter, who was still in the Abonce had bleeding cuts on returned from Puerto Rico with very which disappeared. In 1996, the U.S. our vacation! It was cheap and most driver's seat, watched out his face, deputies took him few of my burning questions an- Government repealed the tax cuts, arrived within three minutes of our the window and exclaimed, to Monroe County Hospital, swered, especially the big one how phasing them totally out by 2006 The summons. Uber drivers are plenti- "I can't do this anymore" where he was treated for a is the recovery progressing? companies and their jobs left, and so ful there because it is a new way for before putting the SUV partially broken nose, and did the young people. Now Puerto younger people to make a living. We into drive and taking off released back to jail custody. I LEARNED a few things. San Juan Rico is left with an older population used the Uber app linked to Paypal metro appears to be in good shape, and those dependent on Medicare, so we wouldn't have to flash our bank We stayed in the Condado area, a Medicaid, and no jobs for those card around. Then, all we did was touristy section known for its res- young people who remain, step in and step out. Easy Peezy! taurants, hotels, beach, and casinos. We had no power problems except WITH THE dream of ever becom- AND, WHAT do they think of for 10 seconds of complete blackness ing the State of Puerto Rico nearly Trump in Puerto Rico? My favorite Call your local Monroe County representative in the casino. My heart dropped to dead in the water, so-to-speak, Puerto response was from a man whose Scott Harrell my stomach and all I heard was a Rico residents fear they are losing home was flooded, but salvageable, massive groan from the crowd. It was their beautiful Island. With hous- and whose three best friends and 478-256-3586 a daffy sight to see power workers ing values plummeting, investors neighbors' homes were completely or toll free: 800-551-1102 in this area. It is my understanding have already started swooping in to washed away by water rushing down if you venture out of San Juan to the buy beach-front properties for cents from the mountains some days after 3250 Vineville Ave. Macon GA 31208 C mountains and rural areas, there are on the dollar. They are awaiting to the storm. I asked how much help still vast areas without power In fact, find out if the new land owners will they got from FEMA. He showed me one lady told me she lives five miles possibly be Chinese, Japanese, or the sign for "zero" with his fingers. I BARNESVILLE MARBLE & GRANITE COMPANY I Serving Middle (k, orgia for Over 100 Year, from the Condado area on a univer- Wall Street. The thought occurred to asked him what he thought of Trump. sity compound for professors. She me that the condo where we stayed He made the motion of tossing a role I ~ Designers & Manuthctttres of [ ~ r=("'~'~;'~"~J, Marble, Granite & Bronze said her power was restored only one would be a perfect location for an- of paper towels while making the I r&l|l I I llklleMemorials since 1908 George & month ago. other Trump Tower. sound of an exploding bomb. That's I f, gll SUWVA. I|IK theuniversallanguageofTrump. [ [ t)e ic ,- WHILE ON the surface Puerto WE STAYED in our first AirBnB ] TOLL FREE Rico seems to be slowly bounding and couldn't ask for a better experi- [ 1-800-377-9341 back, I think the damage is much ence. It was located as close to the Marilyn Langford of High Falls 1-770-358-1470 deeper and threatens the soul of the beach as one could get--only steps writes aboutcurrenteventsfrom the - island. As we rode past the Capi- away from our front door. The liberalperspective. Email herat mari- L Railroad & Main St, Barnesville, GA tol building in Old San Juan, there breeze and the crashing waves never