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May 16, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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May 16, 2018

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l i3orter Page 5A + ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don DanieE City council candidate Ronald Bearden was ready to debate at the Reporter's May 1 forum, but his opponent former mayor John Howard was a no-show. can't Show' Ivo n a week, May 22, the polls are going to open for us vot- ers to make some choices. On the local level, we will be ting for school board members in a couple of districts, our state representatives, governor and others, expressing a yea or nay on a tax increase and a council member in the city of Forsytl We all are getting inundated with robo-calls, junk marl, etc. I know I am going to "catch some grief" by expressing what I am fixing to. For the council seat held by the late Dexter King, Ronald Bearden and the former disgraced mayor John Howard are on the ballot for the throne. Howard's entangle- ment in the fringe of breaking the law and using the office for his personal gain while he was mayor disgraced the office and him personalS. Obviously he is seeking redemption for his mayoral transgressions. Wonder if he realizes he will not have "flee" use of a city vehicle and will have to pay his TV cable bill? Maybe he skipped the city council debate because he didn't want to answer questions about that? OVER at the county commis- sion, the checkbook was brought out to reimburse commissioner Eddie Rowland $228.36 for travel around his district and chair- man Greg Tapley got a check for $763.51for his March andApril traveling. We also paid $1,988.52 for something called 'health coaching". Last night, commissioners held their meeting down in Boling- broke instead of at the county offices in downtown Forsyth. This was the second "Mobile Commissioners Meeting" held this year. The first MCM was held down in Culloden. Guess the next one will be Juliette? Wonder if the commissioners will request mileage re'tmbursement for "traveling" to Culloden and Bolingbroke. I am sure ifthey think they can, they will TWO out of three persons running for school board dis- trict were identified by Kathy Branch as Greg Head and Matt Morris. Kathy gets a certificate for a dozen Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appe- tizer, Jonah's cookie, slice of Shoney's strawberry pie, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt, drink, chips and sandwich at The Pickled Okra. This week's question is going to require some research but it was printed in last week's paper. Here's The Question for this week: Select two items out of five that are listed as projects for Monroe County if the 1-percent tax we will vote on is appoved. First correct answer after 12 noon of Thursday gets the certificate. DON'T forget to listen to The Reporter On The Radio on Majic 100 on Sunday momings at 7 or anytime by clicking on the radio tab at and watch the show on Forsyth Cablevision. Don Daniel founded the Reporter in 1972. Email him at !ii!i~i!!i~ii~iiiiiiii~ii~iiiiiiiii~iiiiiiii~iiil LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 0 (Editor's note: Because we cannot print them all, the Reporter normally does not publish letters to the editor concerning candidates for office. But because one of our columnists criti- cized this candidate last week, we are giving him space for a rebuttal.) To the Edite', Oliver, I am very disappointed in your column CSloan unveils .qection endorse- ments" page 4A, May 9 Reporter), one which very few people appreci- ated. A true writer is one who uses facts not emotion so the reader can trust what is written. After your artide I think most will agree you have not been truthful, which is sad because you had an opportunity to do some really credible writing. I am a very "Fiscally Conservative Republican", so you comparing me to a Democrat and accusing me of half-truths and innuendos makes you truly the thing you are accusing me of. Every single piece of literature or post I have produced has been sourced. Most of the sourcing has been from the Monroe County Reporter itself. I have never lied or been dishonest, it's been quite the opposite and maybe that's what you really have issues with. Any and everything I have said is absolutely the truth and is sourced. I am actually financing more than 99 percent of my campaign. My website has a donation button for compliance and it made it easier for a few people who have donated to me, one being my Mom. I have not formally asked anyone for a cam- paign donation. Of the $150,000 I reported in campaign funds, I have received less than $1,000 in dona- tions. Referring me to as "Shady Shane" is not great writing and it's just childish name calling, some- thing I feel you should be above. As far as referring to Todd Tolbert being the reason we are now in debt $10.4 million for the hospital I remind you I got this information from the Monroe County Reporter, which I source in every article. The bottom line you can't bor- row your way out of debt! Using the good credit of the citizens of Morrroe County to finance way more than the hospital needed doesn't take great management skills it just takes good credit, which in this case is the credit of the Monroe County taxpayer. The hospital is facing con- siderable headwinds in the future. I have been involved in saving rural hospitals for 20 years and I will stand in support to make sure the Monroe County Hospital is as successful as it can be while minimizing the impact on Monroe County taxpayers. is is what a true leader should do, what a representative of District 141 should aim to do: Make sure taxes are low and defending the district from unnecessary spending and protect District 141 from any and all special interests. I would certainly entertain having a cup of coffee or a meal to discuss these issues with you. Would you be open? Kindest regards, Shane Mobley Macon ( ) To the Editor, he T-SPLOST referendum on your May 22 ballot is a 15 percent increase in your sales tax. Please vote no. Jones and Monroe counties voted this down in 2012. Georgia has changed the vote counting to make it easier to pass. All 11 coutlties are voting as one. Majority rules. Large counties can force this tax on smaller counties. We do not need to open this revenue source for the state. Roads should be paid for ONLY with fuel taxes. Please vote NO. Tom Payne Jones County TAKING A LIKENS TO YOU by Dale Likens tt omeone once said, ship in an ocean is great! But ,ocean in a ship is not so great! Whata poverful message! ship rides upor, that ocean it will not sink. If it doesn: let that ocean in, it will ride along safely with no harm. However, if that ship allows that ocean to seep in and the ship gets filled with the ocean that ship will obviously s'mld about it. If America rides along with God in it, it will ride safely and not sink. If America chases God out and lets sin abound, it will sink Recently; I read of a college professor who assigned a project where students were to go out into the world and act the part of a homo- sexual just to see how difficult it must be when people reject you. Each male student was told to find another male student and walk the streets together, hold hands and occasionally kiss each other. Female students must do the same with another female. Then they were to come back to class and share their experiences with the class. way the students would understand the turmoil a homosexual must feel in a world that just doesn't understand their lifestyle. Perhaps the professor could have challenged the students with a far greater turmoil Why not have the students go out alone with a Bible in his/her hand and preach the gospel? A week ago, my wife was reading an article on her phone and said, "Honey you just have to hear this one ' I paused with what I was doing and lis- tened as she began to read the article. prindpal of an elementary school" she began, "sent a letter home to each child's parents explaining that he was soon to have an operation that would change him to a female. 'Please explain this to your children he was quoted as saying 'so they will understand and not be confused when they re- tum to a female principal." His superintendent sup- ported his thoughts and his letter" my wife ended the article as she looked to me in disbelief. Many years ago, I guess it must have been dur- ing my college years, I was assigned to read a novel by Aldous Huxley tiffed "Brave New World." I remember very little about this fictional novel apart from the fact that it was published in the early 1900's and the theme was about a world that could be in 600 years. Our world would be controlled by a few people at the top of a world state, Aldous Huxley suggested. A few Cliff Notes on this novel explain the events that will happen as: A new question of traditional morality, especially regarding sex, dress and language. A great openness for both women and men in their sexual lives. A totalitarian world state. Questioning of religious beliefs and the growth of materialism:' At this point I knew why a flashback of the novel "Brave New World" had come to my mind. Who hasn't heard of Bruce Jenner? Who hasn't heard of Christians being murdered around our world for believing in Jesus Christ? How far from reality was Aldous Huxley in the early 1900's? Only afew hundred years too far! A few years ago, a couple my wife and I know very well had a daughter who decided to marry her dosest friend, who happened to be another woman. Each woman wanted children but refused to adopt. Instead the daughter of our friend asked each of her three brothers to offer their sperm to unite her wife's egg through in vitro fertilization. Thus the child would possess the DNA from both her and her wife. One brother refused on his biblical beliefs while the other two happily accepted the idea to offer their sperm. The condition agreed upon was that neither brother would know if the child would be his child or his brother's child. Today our friend's daughter in the father-aunt of two beautiful young girls. Our friend's daughter calls herself the father! True story! My wife and I do not judge our friends or their daughter. Today they are still our friends. We simply disagree and wonder where our world is headed. Huxley wrote an interesting novel to say the least! However, ifI were to write this same novel I believe I would have changed the title to "Strange New World" instead. Perhaps a better title would be "Lost New World!" The stories I have shared with you are true stories that are happening in front of our eyes, here in America. While 51 percent of Americans may believe such behavior is acceptable, my wife and I proudly stand with 49 percent. Perhaps some who read this artide will laugh and sa); '%Vake up Dale! Get with it! This is 2018, not the 1800's!" My question is not will I wake up, but will America wake up in time? As I began this artide I will end it. ship in an ocean is great! But an ocean in a ship is not so great!" God bless! Dale Likens is an author who lives in Monroe Coun When Brian Kemp became secretary of state on Jan. 8, 2010, Terry Scarborough's survey of the Monroe-Bibb county line was on his desk. The law says it's his job to do something with it. But Kemp, an ambitious politician who announced on March 13, 2017 his intention to run for governor, punted. He announced on Aug. 23, 2011 that he was rejecting the Scarborough survey because he can't be sure it's the original line. Unfortunately, the law gives him no such option. So on March 10, 2014, the Supreme Court ordered him to set the line and resolve the dispute. That was three years ago. The Reporter is devoting this space each week to counting the number of days Kemp has been on the job, and yet not done his job. If you want Kemp to do the job which he's sought three times before he gets a promotion to governor, call his office at (404) 656-2817 and let them know.