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May 1, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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May 1, 2019

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May 1, 2019 Page 5A RepOrter ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don Daniel is an adage that is very suitable now for Monroe County Hospital: it is easier to have a need rather than finding a need. Thank goodness it is beginning to look like our hospital is going to do what it has been intended to do: provide medical services and emergency care for us. The turbulent past of the hospital is slowly becoming the past and beginning to provide what we need in medi- cal care. Learning from the past, we are moving forward. : Up in Dahlonega, Lurnpkin County, Chestatee Regional Hospital dosed its doors in 2018 having found itself in a similar situation to our hospital, trying to over-provide services that could be found in Macon, Thomaston, Gritfin and even McDonough. Because of the Dahlonega hos- pital's location just miles away from major full service medi- cal facilities, patients who were going to Gainesville, Cumming and Dawsonville for medical care, the hospital shut the doors and the emergency room. Under a reorganization effort and community involve- ment, the hospital is going to re-open get ready for sounding familiar providing emergency room re- sponse, and providing only six hospital beds for inpatient services and observation. Now that we have a new compa- ny managing our hospital and updating building renova- tions, our hospital is becoming what we need instead of creating a need. One final observation: as you are aware, we have a county hospital authority which is working with Navicent. Yes, we voted the hospital a lot of money and it is obvious Navicent and our hospital are working together finally. Now flour county commissioners will cease trying to micro-manage what the hospital authority and Navicent are attempting to accomplish, we will have the hospital we deserve. Uh Uh: one more final note: we have a new member of the hospital authority, Kerri Swearingen, who is a local real estate agent, former nurse and Chairman of the Forsyth Convention and Visitors Bureau. She comes on board be- ing appointed when Henry Davis resigned. And then, we have a new chairman selected by the board, Mac Brown. Under the new leadership, management and barring the county commissioners attempting to micro-manage the hospital, our hospital will be serving us. But hey, the county commission chairman is part-owner of an ambu- lance service with Forsyth's mayor. THERE IS a lot of growth taking place all over Monroe County. Head down Hwy. 41, just below Bolingbroke, there is a huge parcel being cleared. Wonder if that is where the apartment complex was going to be built before the zoning board and commissioners put a paper shredder to the proposed complex? I think we are all waiting for a super announcement from the Development Authority of Monroe County as to when the concrete plant going to start hiring. Now that we have had some spring weather without the rain, some dirt is be- ing moved around in Forsyth with the new CheW dealer- ship and the Zaxby's site are back to constructing. Here's a question for you to think about and ask our commissioners, city council, development authorities: what incentives should we give to a prospective developer to locate in Monroe County? What about tax breaks, free flushing, free water, free electricity? Think about it. I WAS with Six Flags Over Georgia which had a park in Arlington, Texas, Six Flags Over Texas. I traveled quite a bit between the two, met a lot of Texans who thought President Lyndon Baines Johnson was a typical cowboy Texan, rough shod and ready to draw a gun. Then there was Richard Milhous Nixon who until the day he died would never admit he was a crook. The White House rumors pegged President Ford as a puppet of all his former House colleagues and fell out of grace when he pardoned "I am not a crook." I'm gorma save Jimmy Carter until next week and you will find out why when you read this column next week. KUDOS TO the Forsyth City Council, Mayor and City Manager for "back pedaling" on the ultra-modem design of the proposed city hall. Obviously their ears got bent and a member of Monroe County Historical Society bent some ears. NO CORRECT answers to last week's The Question so here's a new question: How much are we taxpayers putting out for the former zoning offer in severance pay? First cor- rect answer after 12 noon Thursday gets a certificate for a slice of Jonah's pizza, Dairy Queen Blizzard, dozen Dunkin Donuts, fried green tomato appetizer at the Whistle Stop Car6, dessert at Bolingbroke's The Sweet Tea, slice of Shoney's strawberry pie, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt, from The Pickled Okra a sandwich, chips and &ink. ONE OF my pet peeves is when I have to press "1" for English. Did America move? HERE'S ANOTHER question for you: if you were elected to the school board, would you become adamant that the Lord's Prayer" and The Pledge of Allegiance" are recited at home room, beginning of the school day? Also, would you be an advocate of letting speakers spon- taneously address the board without having to give prior notice, provide rank, serial number just t o be recognized. Hey, the chairman has a gavel and needs to learn how to use it if a speaker gets out of whack. Well, the mayor and chairman of the commission have gavel power. Donald Daniel is the founder and former publisher of The Monroe County Reporter. Email him at mediadr@bellsouth. net. LETTERS TO THE To the Editor: all of the new changes coming to Forsyth, why doesn't the city and county work together and fix the city park? We added a skate park and a splash pad, which is cool don't get me wrong. We use them both. But the driveway could be paved better, the pavilions could be painted a nicer color other than prison tan, and it wouldn't hurt to add another swing- set/slide combo. Just a thought. Robbie Gibson Forsyth Editor's note: As has been reported, Forsyth hired TSW landscape ar- chitects to design a master plan for improvements and additions at all six city parks. TSW has been asking for input from citizens about what they want in the parks and held a &hour public information session at Alder- man Hall on April 16--only about 15people dropped by to see all the possible designs for the parks, fill out the brief surveys of what they want and talk to two of the architects. Send your input to or contact City Manager ]anice Hall to learn about the dog parks, soccer fields, amphitheater, new entrance, etc. planned at the city's biggest park. e e To the Editor: Iwas catching up on reading last weeks edition of the Monroe County Reporter and read in Don Daniels column about him wondering what birds were chirping during the Masters. Funny that he should wonder that because as I was watching the tournament I too noticed one bird in particular chirping and singing quite loudly. The bird I bdieve you may be referring to is known as the Summer Tanager. I have attached to this e- mail a photo of the Summer Tanager taken by my stepfather, Phil Hardy. Phil is a world-traveling birder, member of the Ocmulgee Audubon Society, and guest columnist for his local newspaper, the Americus Times Recorder, writing about birds once a month. He has taught me a great deal about birds! I immediately rec- ognized the chirping in the back- ground of the Masters mainly because when the weather warms I know our resident Summer Tanager will return to our neck of the woods in Juliette. I enjoy their song and brilliant beauty so much! Summer Tanagers tend to stay high atop the trees and are very vocal as you heard. In fact, I've noticed that along with the Northern Cardinal, the Summer Tanager is one of the last birds chirping towards dusk at our house. Maybe you'll get lucky and spot one in your yard this year! For some light reading, I've also attached my stepfather's most recent article from the Americus Times Recorder. It's not about the Summer Tanager but about the Greater Roadrunner. It's a fun and educational read. I also attached a Reader Cara Barnes says this bird, the Summer Tanager, may be the one you hear during The Masters. photo of"Roadie" for reference. Happy reading and happy bird watching! Cara W. Barnes Juliette e To the Editor: I would like to know what has happened to our County Commissioners? Monroe County finally gets a man that knows how to run a shelter and even says he is doing a good job and county administra- tor Jim Hedges is pleased with himl Next thing y'all do an about face, and take sides with a grumbling citizen! For once can't you people have a heart for our fur babies, who were being cared for like they should be? Ty was do- ing an amazing job! My commissioner is about as useless as it gets! It seems to me all of them are in it for their own personal gain! That's just my opinion from what I see being done! I wish someone would run for this position with the attitude of"how can I help make my County a better place to live?" Ty Oppelt did not deserve what you did! May God help you! Mary Mullis Forsyth City mi to k To the Editor: T T am disappointed that members of Council have i ,rejected the exterior designs of Clark Nexsen for our ~:~!~ | new city hall. JL. As I wrote last year to members of City Council when they were planning to place the new building on an obscure lot on East Chambers Street, they have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build something distinctive in Forsyth. I fear that they are now being tempted to retreat from the challenge. In one respect, they have done a positive thing. They have secured a prominent place for construction. Now they need to build a city hall that reflects our time and not pusillanimously fall back on an antiquated design that evokes the ideas of another period. rhen at the end of the 19th century, the County Com- missioner:" :;elected Bruce and Morgan as architects of the courthouse, they sought designers who could project the spirit of the age. We need now in Forsyth a design that reflects our spirit and aesthetics at the beginning of the 21 st century. Using the jejune designs of the past strongly suggests that we could not come up with a de- sign that reflects the vibrancy of Forsyth in 2019. I implore members of City Council to accept the original guidance of their professional architects and construct a town hall that reflects the spirit of today's Forsyth, which, although on the cusp of its 200th birth- day, looks forward. Ralph Bass Forsyth To the Editor: danger, and your own, because you SA: The 40 foot banana does think your time is more valuable stop on a dime. than 40 peoples' lives. There are fewer than 20This includes pulling out in school days left, and I'm beg- front of busses, passing busses in a ging the people of this county to use no-passing zone (yes you Mr.-Red- some common sense, show a little Toyota-Corolla-Every-Morning-On- patience, and let us finish out the Hwy.-18-who-is-in-such-a-hurry-to- school year safely, get-to-the-Circle-K), trying to ride Quit putting the kids' lives in in the back seat of the bus (the peo- ple that like to be so far up on your rear they can tell you if the left bank of the motor is running lean cause of the exhaust fumes they are inhaling straight from the tail pipe), and any other things that people with a little sense would deem unsafe. The life you save could be your own or a loved one. Rae Dozer Knight Forsyth IIs To the Editor: around High Falls State Park and its lands. T% been a 20-year resident who moved here for the Oddly, if one were to study the trimmed areas to pro- |quiet of a country setting on High Falls Lake to recu- tect drivers when going off the road, it appears 80% of |perate from a lingering disease, the cutting is uphill from the expressway and not even a possible threat to life. As a double whammy; I m sure the Ive watched, and am still watching, the deforestation southbound side wont get trimmed due to lack of funding, along 1-75 North. The volume of noise from the expressway is now audible through dosed windows with insulated glass. It's not just a distant hum we can hear trucks and bikes upshifting and downshifting, even the ripple ofvehicles as they pass over the Buck Creek bridge. Now you cannot have a conversa- tion anywhere outside without raising your voice. It's hor- rible. While I applaud the state taking action to save lives from drivers hitting trees as they go off the mad, one would have thought that there would have been a buffer zone whereby amplifying the noise to the state preserve on the other side. I'm wondering who profited from the harvest, and why in a more sensitive area around the state park, why guard rails weren't installed instead? I'm too poor and too old to move. Russell Brissette High Falls