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April 17, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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April 17, 2019

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April 17, 2019 Page 5A orter ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don Daniel Ihave come up with an idea to save taxpayer money. After a business trip requiring going up 1-75 through Atlanta, mid-day not during moming or afternoon rush, traffic was absolutely horrendous. Ga. 400 was a nightmare. Got to thinking sitting in traffic and coming to the conclusion, speed limits were totally ignored and driver courtesy is something in the past. So, Georgia's DOT could save a lot of money by do- ing away with speed limit signs, even on 1-75 splitting Monroe County, because the speed limit is totally ignored !i~iiiiiiTiiiiiii[ and very seldom if ever is the speed limit enforced on our county and state roads. Take a look at the weekly "Busted" reports in this newspaper and you will discover more traffic violations other than speed- ing. A retired law enforcement officer told me "you gotta remember law enforcement wants to go for the big crimes with the big fines such as drugs, etc. Speeding and how close you are parked to the white lines doesn't bring much money into the city, county and state coffers' Therefore, lets do away with all speed limit signs and stop signs because obviously they are not working and are ignored. Think of all the money that could be saved and made. Sell them as scrap metal. LAST WEEK could be classified as "shake up" week in county government. A surprise to everyone as well as the county zoning officer was her getting canned by Czar Jim with the obvious approval of the Fabulous Five. Then there was the tumultuous reign of the hospital board chairman's resignation and the naming of Dr. Craig Caldwell as the new interim chairman. After the resignation of the former chairman, there are rumors and innuendos about the county commission chairman's involvement in an attempted sale of the hospital -- this may be far from over. Reporter Richard Dumas, who has been aware and tipped off on the turmoil surrounding the hospital's chairman's resignation and the commission chairman's involvement in hospital going-on's, wrote a most com- prehensive story in last week's paper. Hope you read the story and will read it again. Having covered and reported on Monroe County Hos- pital since 1972, our local hospital has been like a ship in a tumultuous storm. Finally it looks as if our hospital is on the fight path to serve us like it should be intended to do. WONDER WHAT kind of birds we heard chirping during broadcast of The Masters? I never heard the bird sounds that I am hearing on television. Just wonder if they are recorded and broadcast to make The Masters seem more ecologically friendly. HERE ARE some outstanding big checks our Monroe County Finance Officer has paid: $29,071 for a Dodge Dumngo; $5.865.40 to county attorney Benjamin A. Vaughn for legal services; $26,208.23 to Butts County Water and Sewer Department for water lines; $2,091.61 for wage garnishment of thirteen county employees; $15,748.20 to F-5 Hauling services for bulk/yard waste; $16,159.46 to Georgia Power for electricity to several county locations; $7,436 to Middle Georgia Regional Commission for dues April to June; $5,392 to Smyrna Police Distributors for jackets; $12,500 to Standard Prop- erties for Riata Water taps reimbursements; $13,345.90 paid to Thomaston Hardware Co. Inc. for a Grasshop- per Mower; $17,402.35 to United Bank for such items as a purchase at Ingles, Walmart, Dairy Queen. Georgia Bobs BBQ, McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, King and Prince Hotel on St. Simons, Holiday Inn Express, Sprin- ghill Suites, Marco's, Hampton Inn, Hilton International in Washington, D.C Little Caesars; $84,080.39 to Wade Tractor andEquipment; $10,275 to Watch Guard Video. Seventy-eight checks paid $303,353.89 in taxpayer money. A MAJOR sewage spill was the answer to last week's The Question and J Clanzy was the first with the correct answer. He receives a certificate for a Dairy Queen Bliz- zard, dozen Dunkin Donuts, slice of Shoney's strawberry pie, slice of Jonah's pizza, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, Sweet Tea dessert, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt, sandwich, chips and drink at The Pickled Okra. Here's The Question for this week: Name the family who gave a parking lot to the City of Forsyth. First correct answer after twelve noon Thursday gets the certificate. HOPEFULLY ANOTHER warehouse is being an- ticipated at the industrial park in Smart next to the Five Below warehouse. The facility is expected to hire 200 and begin operations in mid-2021. Then there was the announcement that a local real estate company owner/developer/county commissioner, George Emami, would like to convert one of the oldest buildings in downtown Forsyth referred to as the "ice house'; According to the front page stor he has plans to convert the building into a downtown hotel, restaurant and the possibility of a brew pub. Monday night, Forsyth's city council was to hold a pub- lic hearing to discuss adding a downtown entertainment district which would allow walking around downtown with an alcoholic beverage in your hand. I am sure re- porter Diane Glidewell will have details on thehearlng. Also, the council was to review the city's Travel Policy to review amendments. Wonder if the amendments will in- dude approval of council member spouses and children attending out-of-town, specifically to the beaches, confer- ences and the taxpayers picking up the family tab. Donald Danid is the founder and former publisher of The Monroe County Reporter. Email him at mediadr@ TO THE e To the Editor: In response to criticisms in this newspaper of my plans to build Midsouth Packers, I want your readers to know that this busi- ness will be an asset to Monroe County. The UGA Small Business Development Center plan for this facility indudes six to eight full-time jobs at anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 per year. Several people have already expressed an interest in these jobs. Local cattle farmers will soon be able to come the short distance from Barnesville and other towns to process their cattle instead of driv- ing hundreds of miles and countless hours to places such as Bluffton or Athens. The Agricultural Department of Georgia has been a supporter of this project for at least three years now, ever since the project first began. Any misunderstandings about the building have been resolved, and we have agreed to every condition imposed and clarified at a meeting by the Commissioners on March 4. We are also complying with every state and federal regulation. Progress in Monroe County? This state-of-the-art meat processing facil- ity will be the first USDA-TA organi- To the Editor: Monroe County needs to patrol Hwy. 18 between Juliette and Forsyth every morning. I usually getbehind two school buses between 6:55 and 7:15 a.m. to Forsyth. There is a red Toyota that constantly passes all the cars behind the buses and the buses either in turns or double lines every time. They are gonna kill somebody! I couldn't get the license CAROLYN'S CORNER by Carolyn Marfel TIe other day I was watching an d man walk down a sidewalk Forsyth. His steps were slow d methodical. He relied on his trusty cane to help maintain his bal- ance. I continued to watch as he entered a nearby pharmac It took a great deal of effort for this older gentleman to get where he needed to go, but step by step he reached his des "tmation. I dare say that most of us take for granted the ability to put one foot in front of the other. We step in and out of our vehicles with ease. We step over our children's toys and we step outside for a breath of fresh air. Steps. We don't think much about them do we? Yet, Father God thinks about them all the time. He remembers the day His Son, Jesus took the most courageous, determined steps ever taken. Painfully, step by step, carrying a heavy cross Jesus reached His destina- tion. On a hill far away, He died on a JUST THE WAY IT IS by Sloan Oliver Oh the hypocrisy! For years, leftist and socialist cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, NYC, Austin, and Detroit have &dared themselves "sanctuary cities" meaning that those cities refuse to ap- prehend, detain, or even identify illegal aliens. The sanctuary cities (SC) refuse release illegals into their cities. It's price- less!! Dems know that everything they say about illegal immigration is a lie. Cities with illegals are not safer; illegals are not more patriotic than Ameri- cans; and SC's don't have less crime. Like they lied about Trump-Russian collusion, the Dems are lying about the benefits to society ofillegals. Dems are to cooperate, whatsoever with federal authorities, such as Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), in regards to iUegals. SC's even refuse to inform ICE when they are holding dangerous illegals; and if asked to hold an illegal until the Feds arrive, they refuse and then release. them. The SC's actu- ally discriminate against Americans in favor ofille- gals, often not charging il- legals for crimes for which ~iiiii!~ ii*i i 4 5/oo O/,V r complete hypocrites but aren't intelligent enough to understand they're being played by Trump. Then again, Dems cannot help themselves; they're only doing what they do best - lie and engage in hypocrisy. ON SUNDAY, Nancy Pdosi appeared on CBS'S "60 Minutes,'. Very ironic, she feels the President Trump is a threat to the U.S. Constitution yet it Americans are charged;. reason being, SC's don't want the illegals to be deported and they think ifillegals are charged that they'll be deported. NOT A single Dem says a disparaging word about an illegal - ever. When an illegal murdered Kate Steinle and Mollie Tibbets, not a single Dem castigated the murderer. Instead, the Dems made idiotic statements such as, "illegals make our cities safer" (Nancy Pdosi) or "illegals act more American than do American dtizens" (said by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)). Nancy Pelosi (D-San Frandsco) even called illegals "little angels". And every single Dem insists that every illegal must remain in the country - forever. The way we know that every Dem wants illegals to remain is because NONE of them favor deport- ing an illegal - ever. In short, Dems support illegals over U.S. dtizens. DENIS ENCOURAGE illegals to break our laws; they wdcome the crimi- nals with open arrn and they don't want any illegals deported. So, when President Trump announced that he is considering authorizing ICE to release illegals into the sanctuary dues, you would think that the Dems, in those dties, would rejoice. But you would be wrong. OMG, the Dems are in a tizzy; they are screaming and shouting about Trump being a racist for threatening to was her evil Democrats who attempted a coup to overthrow him. Also, very ironic that she daims President Trump is unfit to be presi- dent yet she, and all Dems, supported Obama, who will go down in history as our worst president and most cor- rupt - once the full measures of Obama corruption is exposed. THE MUELLER Report proved there was no collusion involving anyone in the Trump campaign. However, collu- sion did occur but all of it was between Democrats. Was it collusion when the Dems rigged their 2016 primaries to insure that Hillary received the nomina- tion over Bernie? Was it collusion when CNN provided debate questions to Hillary? Was it collusion when Loretta Lynch, the Attomey General, secretly met with Bill Clinton while Hillary was under investigation? Was it collusion when the FBI refused to charge Hillary with obstruction ofjustice even though she destroyed evidence while she was under investigation? Inquiring minds want to know. IF YOU need proof that Dems prefer illegals over Americans, the following headline says it all, "NY Dems block bill expanding college tuition for Gold Star families after approving $27M in tuition aid for illegal immigrants" You read that correctly; Dems in NY approved giving II cally processed Animal Welfare Ap- proved Facility in the state of Georgia. As far as the commissioners are concerned, they went above and beyond. District 2 commissioner Ed- die Rowland took his personal time to visit the facilty at UGA before their meeting, and had to be impressed at the deanliness, lack of odor, refrig- eration, proximity to residential buildings, and integration into a busy academic community before he voted favorably. And finally, it has been noted that this is agricultural land that will be used for a conditionally approved agricultural process accord- ing to Monroe County zoning law. Joseph R. Egloff Monroe County Joseph Egloff is the owner of Rocking Chair Ranch and Midsouth Packers. number but when I do I'm turning it in! Brad Harris Forsyth ! cross for our sins. I'm so thankful for every step our Savior took, including the ones He took on a resurrection morning when He rose from the dead leaving behind an empty tomb! This Easter let's rejoice and give thanks like never before for the costly, sacrificial steps Jesus made to make our salvation possible! Carolyn Martel is the advertising man- ager for the Reporter. Email her at ads@ myrncr net. tuition aid to illegals but denied college tuition to families of service members killed in action. At one time, Demo- crats proudly served in the military, proudly supported the military and proudly supported service members. That's no longer true and hasn't been since Bill Clinton's presidency. I know military personnel who served in the White House (WH) when Clinton was president It was known that Bill and Hillary were hostile to the military and to service members. That hostility actu- ally increased during Obamals reign in the WH. Now, Dems favor illegals over service members. I simply don't under- stand how any service member, past or present, can support a political party that despises and disdains all aspects of the milita . FM TRYING to find one level-head- ed, sane Democrat in Georgia. If you know any; please ask them to tell Stacey Abrams to shut her pie hole. Every time she speaks, she makes a fool out of herself and makes every Dem look as unintelligent as she. Perhaps they are. Almost daily, Abrams is on another news show spouting off about how, "I was robbed", "the election was rigged" or "the Republicans are undemaining our democracy." First off, tell Stacey that we don't live in a democracy; we have a "representative republiC' and want to keep it that way. Next, tell Stacey that her Dems are the ones undermining our elections. The Dems are purpose- fully sowing doubt in voters' minds by daiming "fraud" and "voter suppres- sion" every time they don't win. Just like there was no Trump-Russia collusion, there was no voter fraud or voter sup- pression in Georgia. Stacey lost for the same reason that I-Iillary lost - she's a terrible candidate and a worse person. Stacey proves that Georgia made the correct vote every time she speaks. Hill- ary still thinks she won in 2016. Heck, the Dems still think that AI Gore won back in 2000. And now, Abrams is cry- ing the same tune as other loser Dems. The whining gets old and no longer works. He); didn't Stacey play the race card as well? I thought so. Stacey; your race card doesn't work either. Take your race baiting elsewhere. Sloan Oliver is a retired Army officer who lives in Monroe County. Email him at