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March 7, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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March 7, 2018

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March 7, 2018 Page 5A ,Reporter O. N THE 0 U My mother carried a weapon in school } efore I get started on the headline subject, I have always been of the opinion that some politicians, both those elected and trying to convince us that they are the most qualified to rule, are self-serving. The classic and perfect example of political arrogance is person:ft, ed by our Lieutenant Governor in his attempt to "punish" Delta Airlines for withdrawing dis- count tickets to NRA members. Guess Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle thinks his action will get him the vote of NRA members and seat him on the governor's throne. We are seeing the same type of political arro- gance by our Secretary of State Brian Kemp and Congressman Austin Scott. In my opinion Kemp is refusing to make a decision on the county line for a simple reason: He's running for governor and knows he will get more votes in Bibb County than in Monroe. His ignoring Monroe County is a classic example of blatant, rot-gut politics verging on the nasty. Congressman Austin Scott obviously is also ignoring Monroe County, not crossing the county line to visit with us in over 1,200 days. I think he is our "ghost" congressman. NOW, TO the subject of this column. The news has been dominated by the high school shooting, with everyone grabbing headlines by suggesting solutions as to how students can be protected. Of course, the debate now is: Should teachers be armed? Well, my mother was a fifth grade teacher for 33 years and I was once married to school teachers. I don't think any of the three would want or would have wanted to have a gun in their classrooms. Arm the principals and the school resource officers. Actually, my mother was "armed". I am told of her being armed when I meet her former students remembering how mother ruled the classroom with a one-foot wooden ruler and being "whacked" on the hand with the ruler when they ~: : "acted up" . .~.~, or weren't paying attention. And, later in high school, the male teachers were "armed" with a paddle for those sent to the principal's office. Never heard of a female being paddled, but rather being assigned some type of embarrassing work. For the male students, the principal had a paddle with holes to make the "impact" more punishable. Some stu- dents often '%ragged" about how many times they were paddled. The severity of the act determined the number of whacks, one being less severe and five being the epitome of having done something that bor- dered on being kicked out of school. The most embarrassing consequence of being pun- :shed was not being paddled, but parents knowing before we got home from school. Facing a parent who had been embarrassed by our actions was tougher than the school punishment. TalMng with a teacher the other day, teachers are afraid to punish a misbehaving student because of possible parental consequences and subjecting the teacher to extreme questioning. Teachers are not allowed to discipline students, having to send the stu- dent to "the office". (SIDEBAR: I hear the best way to punish a student now is to take away their cell phone.) SPRINGTIME is upon us and our cars are chang- ing color to yellow. My black car is forsythia yellow and garden is plowed and ready for those anticipated tomatoes. In the meantime, I have planted my lingui- ni and I have been fattening up the naugas in their pens down on the creek. NO CORRECT answers to last week's The Question and the correct answer was Harbin Engineering. So here's The Question for this week: Who was named Monroe County's Businessman of the Year and picture was on the front of "Men At Work 2018"? First correct answer after 12 noon on Thursday gets a certificate for a dozen Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, Jonah's cookie, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt, sandwich, chips and drink at The Pickled Okra. I HOPE members of Monroe County's Hospital Authority read a recent issue of The Wall Street Journal which had a detailed story about the future of hospitals. Here was the lead in: "Driven by econom- ics, the inpatient institutions we know are radically changing becoming smaller, more digital, or disap- pearing completely. The result should be cheaper and better care." Here's a question for our hospital authority: Would the hospital have made a profit if it had not received the tax money from us? FYI. Our state legislature has adopted a policy of what constitutes sexual harassment. Here it is: "sexual harassment includes derogatory statements. sexually related comments, unwelcome advances, patting, pinching, intentionally brushing against someone's body, making unwelcome visit to someone's home or hotel room, or making sexually suggestive posts online." Here are a couple more bills being under scrutiny by the Georgia House and Senate as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Us drivers would have to use hand-free cellphone technology according to the measure that passed the House: patients with post-traumatic stress and intractable pain would be eligible to use medical marijuana. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR To the editor: AYdv s someone who worked for a decade-and-a-half in the criminal justice stem as a Victim ocate, I have been very troubled by people's reactions regarding the teacher who received a First Offender sentence for this unconscio- nable crime. An astounding number of hateful com- ments seem to point a finger of blame at Mr. Davis, but he is NOT the bad guy in this situation. I find myself wondering if people's reac- MOSER tions are due to a lack of understanding of the crime of Child Molestation. Or perhaps it is just an instinctive anger when someoneoexposes an incident that may include a flaw in a local sys- tem. If it is the former, I am glad that the angry people haven't had to deal with this tragic, heartbrealdng problem in their families. I have been involved with helping far too many families whose children have been molested - by family members, teachers, youth ministers, and oth- ers. It is a traumatic, life-altering event. It is important to remember that child molesters are known for being recidivists, not for reforming. If you don't take this seriously, please look up the studies. Child molesters are also known for seeking " positions in which they can be around children. This is what they do. You cannot solve a prob- lem unless you get it out into the open, and this situation is evidence that there is definitely a problem with the First Offender program and perhaps with the hiring procedures of Monroe County, or perhaps with a lack of understanding of the true nature of child molesters. My hope is that this situation will spur our legislators to revisit the First Offender law, to ensure that judges will no longer be giving this type of sentence in any violent cases or any cases involving children. In addi- tion, I do not understand why the agency that licenses teachers did not revoke his credentials. I hope this policy will be changed, as well. If my husband and I had a child in the Monroe County School sys- tem, I would be very thankful to Mr. Davis for bringing sunlight onto this problem; this can lead to the better protection of children in the future, and isn't that the crux of the matter? I imagine that when they see that I live 10 minutes away from your county, some will be upset that an "outside ' is shar- ing an opinion about this. But this is something that should anger ANYONE who cares about the wel- fare of children Thank you, Will Davis, for doing your job and doing it so well, and for looking out for the children of Monroe County. lanice moser Flovilla TAKING A LIKENS TO YOU by [)ale Like s II T yay, Feb. 21, 2018 Rev. Graham passed ay at the golden age 99. A true man of God. television had not yet been trned on when our son sent a text to my wife explaining that he had just heard the announcement of Rev. Graham's pass- ing away. Quickly, I turned Fox News on to hear this important news. Other national news was men- tioned, then came the repeated announce- ment that Rev. Billy Graham had passed away. As I listened to the high points of Rev. Graham's life, I began thinldng of how much he had affected my very own life and millions who are still pondering the effects of such a true Christian man in their very own lives. Yes, he was a humble man who became America's Pastor. Rev. Graham never favored one political party over the other. He was a friend to both sides of the aisle. He was kind, leading many to follow Jesus Christ. Some had been alceholies who had turned from drinking. Others had given up their wayward ways and began follo ng Jesus Christ. Rev. Billy Graham met with many important political leaders through- out his life. He met with presidents from Harry Truman to Barack Obama and became close friends with many. World political lead- ers and Popes became his friends. He met the needs of millions of people throughout his life. Yes, Rev. Billy Graham was a Christian Evangelist, an ICON who will always be remembered. One news commentator referred to him as the Pope of the protestant Christians. I'm not Catholic, but I believe this to be high praise for such a humble man. Although he was a friend of many presidents and drew millions to his crusades, he was always proud to say he was a Christian first. '~ have one message," he claimed. '~hat Jesus Christ came, He died on a cross, He rose again and He asked us to repent of our sins and receive Him by faith as Lord and Savior. And if we do, we have forgiveness of all of our sins." How simple can message his be? ' Now, for the rest of the story!" As Paul Harvey used to say. Reared on a farm in North Carolina, Billy Graham developed strong work ethics which he later claimed gave him the driving force for his future profession. At the young age of 16, at one of Dr. Mordecai Fowler Ham's evange- fistic meetings, Billy accepted Jesus Christ into his life. Soon after, =he was accepted into Bob Jones College in 1936. Later he tran erred to Florida Bible Institute (now Trinity College). His first sermon was at Florida Bible Institute with an eight-niln- ute, borrowed speech. In 1938, during a nighttime wall Billy got down on his knees at one of the greens on a golf course and prayed, "Oh, God, if you want me to serve you, I will!" And serve Him, he did! In 1939 he was ordained a Southern Baptist minister. In addition to the many Crusades, despite extreme guerrilla threats, he traveled to Japan and South Korea during the Korean War preaching Jesus Christ. OnAug. 13, 1943, Rev. B'flly Graham married Ruth McClue Bell, a wonderful, beautiful, born- again Christian who worked in a hospital with her missionary par- ents in China. Billy laughed when he once said, '~ now have five children (three daughters and two sons), 19 grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren." "About one thing I have absolutely no regrets," he often reported. '~hat is my commitment many years ago to accept God's calling to serve Him as an evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ," . It has been estimated that nearly 215 million people have been reached by Rev. Graham's crusades. He has written 33 books. His auto- biography, "Just As I Am," pub- fished in 1997, achieved a 'Triple Crown,' appearing simultaneously on three top bestseller fists in one week! Obviously, I could only touch upon the magnitude of such a great servant of Jesus Christ in such little space. Although his great- est love was serving Jesus Christ, Billy loved his wife, Ruth, deeply. It was she whom he called upon for advice. It was she who encouraged him along his path to serving Jesus Christ. It was she whom he relied on when times became so difficult. It was she who literally reared his children while he was serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ across "the seas. Ruth had a great sense of humor that sometimes may have seemed cruel. But if you were to have asked Billy Graham what his favorite story of Ruth was, it would prob- ably have been this: "Once a mentally unstable man knocked at the home of Rev. Billy and Ruth Graham. Ruth quickly answered the door and politely greeted the man. Tm Jesus Christ!' the man said. Pregnant Ruth wiped her hands on her apron, held the door open and replied, %Vell, for Pete's sake! Why did you have to knock? why didn't you just come through the closed door?' Having no reply, the man simply got back into his car and drove away." "Some day," Rev. Graham said. ' /ou will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don't you believea word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God!" Now you know some of the rest of the story about a man who simply called himSelf a Christian by choice! Dale Likens is an author who lives in Monroe County. Scott (R-Ashb.m) THIS WEEKEND is the famously promoted and attended Forsythia Festival with just about anything you can name to buy or eat on Saturday and Sunday with a mass of humanity in downtown Forsyth. Make sure you check out the Forsythia Festival spe- cial supplement in this issue: Tells you where you can eat, entertainment schedule along with everything you want to know to attend and see at the festival. Don Daniel founded the Reporter in 1972. Email him at medi-