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February 6, 2019     The Monroe County Reporter
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February 6, 2019

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February 6, 2019 Page 5A ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don Daniel T udattempt by two Forsyth council memb.e Julius and John Howard, to change the dtys travel cy so that family members could attend the irees council members are requh to attend is absolutely disgusting and puts a bad rap on the other four council members and politidans in generaL I was not surprised at coundlman Howard's attempting such because his past record indicates he feels he is entitled to use taxpayer money for his own personal satisfaction. Council- man Stroud's go-along was the surprise. It is one of those" instances where this comment is apropos: "Dodt youknow better? Go get that peach limb switch. I am gonna teach you better". The sad thing is how Howard got elected again after his shenanigans as mayor. Voting again for Howard and Stmud is like saying "that's okay". A classic example ofpolitidans trying to serve themselves instead of serving the dfizens who dected them. Our elected politidans have a gravy train opportunity to abuse the powers they hold. Circumvention and '3et me see ifI can get away with this" seems to be some politidans' mantra, is why transpar- ency in government is an absolute necessity if we are going to have a govemment of the people, by the people and for the people. I wouldn't take the bet when it was offered that Howard and Stmud will get re-elected. Council members, commission- ers and other elected offidals can take advantage of how they can use and abuse taxpayer money. Here are a couple of examples of how they are being reimbursed with taxpayer mone3n, travel- hag around their districts; meals reimbursed when they attend a function such as a chamber break- fast; tipping a hotel bellhop for carrying luggage are just a few. He 'S the one that gets me: health insurance premiums and retirement plans for part-time dected officials. It was not a good news week for the dty with Howard's and Stmud's attempt to usurp taxpayer mone plus another dty employee getting caught stealing. Will and his staff got the scoop with great news coverage. THE OTHER night and I think once a quarter or maybe its once a month, there is a confab of our elected dty and county offidals, school board members, et al to dine and sup together to learn what the others are doing. It's brag time and very informative and you should attend because it is a public meet- ing. You might learn something. Here are some unattributed comments from the in-town soiree last week hdd at the Conference Center and trough fed barbecue and all the fixins' from Georgia Bob's: (at least those dected cannot file for meal re-imbursement. Wonder if they will file for mileage reimbursement from their home to the conference center): "Wonderful mayor"; "One last thing"; "Doing good work out there" "Like the mayor says ; 'TU let you go first"; "Come on up"; "Basically what it does"; 'A little bit of information"; "Life doesn't always work out the same". MONROE COUNTY Hospital and staff said they were just doing what they were supposed to do after being praised for their effident response to the school bus wreck on 41 last week. About 30 students were brought into the emergency room and the staffquickly performed triage as trained, mak- ing sure they were all OK. Hospital CEO Lorraine Smith told me her staffhas had training in response to a mass casualty situation, which this disaster could have been. Thank good- ness, no life-threatening injuries just some bump and bruises. I ENOURAGE you to read the legals in this weel Reporter. About 30 home and land owners have refused to pay their county taxes and are ricing the possibility their property will be sold to the highest bidder on the courthouse steps. Might be your next-door neighbor. LAST WEEK was a busy week in downtown Forsyth with two new businesses having their official announcement of being open and ready for business. The Brokery had a ribbon cutting at offices at the old Reporter office. And then right next to the present Reporter office, another ribbon cutting was held for Fair Masonr); which I regretfully missed. I attended The Brokery ribbon cutting and again, as most of the time, I am surprised who doesn't show up to lend their support and encouragement to new businesses com- ing to town. Just too busy to support and encourage I guess. A ho-hum attitude personified by many who think they are "community leaders". CHAIRMAN OF the Monroe County School Board is Nolen Howard and Wayne Calhoun was the first to answer last week's The Question. Wayne gets a certificate of down Dunkin Donuts, slice of JonaKs pizza, Dairy Queen Blizzard, dessert from The Sweet Tea in Bolingbroke, Whistle Stop flied green tomato appetizers, slice of Shoney's strawberry pie, chips, drink and sandwich from The Pickled Okra, and a t-shirt from Forsyth Main Street. And, The Question for this week: how many nearly attended the Five Below job fair? First correct answer after 12 noon Thursday gets the certificate. STILL WONDERING along with you what happened to dose the door and turn off the lights at on-the-square res- taurant Bluetick. Really enjoyed their fresh bread, coffee and biscuits and grav GOT A comment or want to answer The Question? Con- tact Don Danid at tullaybear@bellsouth et. Listen to The Reporter On The Radio on Majic 100 on Sunday mornings at seven or anytime by clicking on the radio tab at Also you can watch us myself, wm and Richard on Forsyth Cablevision as we tape the show. Dona/d Dan#.//s thefounder andformerpub//sher of The Monroe County Reporter Contact him at tullaybear@bellsoutlk net. i orter LETTERS TO THE EDITOR II To the Editor: Wit to "Ignite the night?" Beautify Forsyth has the answer r Forsythians who like cinna- on with a "kick." Littered every- where on our roadways are the small, red-capped 50 mL bottles of Fireball cinnamon whiskey. Invariably empty, the found containers feature the caricature of a self-described "fire-breathing dragon who just ate a whiskey barrel full of spicy cinnamon." Additional prose describes Fireball as a "red hot" libation that can "ignite the night" (thoughI suspect all quadrants of the day are susceptible). It offers33 percent alcohol (66 proof) and all the above advantages for only $1.19. What a deal! Our featured international delicacy is manu- factured by the Sazernac Company, a privately hdd entity owned by billionaire William Goldring and based in New Orleans and Louisville. Beautify Forsyth encourages everyone to collect litter around their homes and busi- nesses. As always, those "adopting" a street can receive a free pick-up stick. Tom Perry Forsyth To the Editor: fter reading the artide regarding council mem- bers wanting taxpayers pay for their families to attend various events in the Jan. 30 Reporter, I am just astounded. "Public service" has become "self service." Call me stupid but I always thought that taxpayers pay for the council members and they should pay for their famih'es bottom line. Now they want my tax money spent on providing more benefits to people that can dearly afford it, when I cannot get any benefits at all. By all means let me do without health/ medical insurance, so you and your family can have a great time. Don't get me wrong, I am all for law and order, you can't have organized crime without it. Mary Moore Forsyth To the Editor: I was sorry to see the listing of [nameredacted] being charged in the You Remember When column on Jan. 30, 2019. IfI remember correctly he was acquitted. Having his name dragged through the mud falsely one time was bad enough but to republish it 10 years later deserves an apology on your part. Nora Hoyt Forsyth Editor's note: Yes you are correct he was acquitted. We won't re-print his name this time, but our apologies to him for that oversight. To the Editor: a participant in a flag burning in cannot be changed. No one living Iam sending this Ietter in re-,1992. She participated in burning today had anything to do with the sponse to Sen. Chuck Schumers the flag of the great state of Georgia. American Civil War, it happened. It choice of a person to respond to Apparently flag burning, whether seems the people who feel that it was the State of the Union address our wonderful American flag, or such a travesty keep dredging it up. from President Donald Trump. the flag of one of our great states is It happened, lay it to rest. Stacey Abrams is the first person acceptable to Sen Schumer and the Edd Hart not holding public office who has Democratic par . This is an insult Forsyth been chosen to do so. The ques- to all citizens of our great country. tion becomes why? She also was American history "is what it is." It JUST THE WAY IT IS by Sloan Otiver M hTyvocabulary is completely the womb. And because the ,fetus isn't Rep,ublicans, are NeverTrumpers to describe viable, its not a person. Theyre correct; (NTs). The Dems latest efforts to legal- repulsive and sinister a five-month-old fetus cannot survive ize infantidde should be aloud siren to emocratic Party has outside the womb. However, with all the NeverTrumpers. You NT'S must become. Democrats have devolved into a satanic, death cult. Her6s proofi The Democrats glee- fully support k ng babies because the Left worships at the altar of "Choice" How much more evil can the Dems get than to heartily and enthusiastically support killing their own babies? In case you missed it, last week Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) signed a law that legalizes murdering babies, for ANY reason, up to and even during the baby's birth. The law was over- whehm V d ml,rrs Democrat-controlled leg- islature who then hollered and cheered when Cuomo signed the bill into law. Does anyone know if the Nazis cheered when they legalized killing Jews? Just asking. Then, the Dems in Vhginia tried to 'but evil" them. The VA Dems, supported by Gov. Northam (D-VA), tried to pass a law that would outdo the NY infantidde by allowing the doctor and mother to kill a living baby after it's been delivered. Fortunately, the VLrginia Republicans defeated that satanic bill. proper medical care, a six, seven and eight-month-old fetus can surviv they do so all the time. Ifthe pro-choice argument is that a non-viable fetus is not a person; then, the opposite must be true - a viable fetus is a person. Everyone, induding "pro-choicers ' knows that a viable fetus is a person. The pro-choic- ers lie to themselves to argue otherwise At some point, that "non- O/;V'eI" person"becomesa person, and it's months before birth. Once the fetus becomes a person, it's murder to kill the bab5 not "choiceY Basically, the Left and Dems want to take the grant- ing of'lmman status" away from God and give it tO leftist politidans who have different ideas on when human life begins than do most of us. TillS IS not a religious issue. This is a humanitarian issue; it's right versus wrong, good versus evil. You libs can go ahead and call me a"woman hater" because I dofft support killing viable babies. Fine, at least I'm not a baby killer or support those who are. Here's how the left and Dems frame the conversa- tion: A woman should be able to do anything she wants with her body - because it's her Translation, it's her "choice" to do as she desires. And nobody, espedally a man, is going to tell her otherwise. If she wants to kill the baby in her womb, that's her choice. If you disagree, "tough shyster,' it's her body. Then, they argue a fetus isn't even a person; it's a blob of ceUs. And ifshe wants to ldll the "non-person" carried in her womb, it's her right to do so. Now, shut up and pass the forceps. THE"PRO-CI-IOICERS" tell us that a month-old fetus or even a five-month-old is not viable outside LAWS AGAINST harming babies in the womb are another aspect not being disctme Under current law, if some- one assaults a pregnant woman, and that assault kills the fetus, the perpetra- tor is cha ed with murder because the fetus is considered a person. How can it be murder to kill one fetus (when done via assault) but not murder to kill an- other fetus (when done via abortion)? If it's a murder to cause the death of a fetus in the womb, then shouldn't it be murder to abort that same fetus? BACK IN 2008 Sarah Palin was mocked for asking if"death panels" would soon be coming. At the time, nobody knew how prescient she was. The Democrat Party has become a death cult. Whds next to die, infants with Down Syndrome? Infants with birth defects? Should we keep babies alive for several months and only then deride if we should kiU them or allow them to live? AS I'VE said before, President Trump wasn't my first choice. But given the choice between Hillary and Trump, I supported Trump. Unfortunately, many realize how extreme and dangerous the Democratic Party has become. Until recently, the Dems tried to conceal their true intentions and beliefs. They never came right out and said what they planned to irntxxse once they got in power. However, since November the Dems have steered radical left. They have become hard core leftists and support many tenets of the old Soviet Union. The new crop of Dems are completely open about their desires and beliefs - income tax up to 90%; daily condemnation of the wealthy; not just neutral on religion, openly hostile to Christians as ted by a1 cks on Covington Catholic High School; confiscation of weapons; complete open borders allowing anyone to enter;, immediate benefits to all illegals; abol- ish any and all border enforcement free college education to everyone indud- ing illegals; complete remake of the dectorate via millions and millions of illegals; baby killing on demand; gov- ernment mandates over large sectors of the economy to indude energy and healthcare; and a huge expansion of all government to implement and regulate those new mandates. THE LEFT, the Dems, and the media are attacking the country on all fronts. When the leftist cabal doesn't win at the ballot box, they file endless lawsuits. The Derns, and their media spokes- people, have handcuffed President Trump with a bogus investigation. Endless fake news has so confused the dectorate that sooalism, as a form of government, is polling very wall among Democrats and millennials. President Trump is one of the few Republicans who see the dangers ofthis cabal but he's becoming increasingly powerless because few recognize and understand what's at stake. If the new infantidde laws dodt convince the NT'S at how evil the Democrats have become, then nothingwi WEEKLY Quote The Left worships at the altar of"Choice Sloan Oliver is a retireA Army cer who lives in Monroe County. Email him atdamdivera