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January 24, 2018     The Monroe County Reporter
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January 24, 2018

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January 24, 2018 Page 5A ill-porter ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Don Daniel Just to be safe and not violate the law, you might want to take a ruler or tape mea- sure with you when you park in downtown Forsyth. Forsyth's police officers are going to be carrying a tape measure or ruler on their belts next to their Taser, gun and handcuffs. Just in case you missed it, Forsyth's Police Chief is warning about "improper parking especially around the beautiful town square". According to the Chief, every vehicle stopped or parked upon a two-way roadway shall be stopped or parked with here is the necessity of a ruler or tape measure the right-hand wheel parallel to and within 12 inches of the right-hand curb or as close as practi- cal to right edge of the right-hand shoulder. That's what the chief explained and after two months, his officers will be giving out verbal and written warn- ings to the public/citizen about improper parking. After the two month grace period, if you violate Georgia State Code 40-6-200 you could get a citation. Chief didn't report what the fine will be or how long the jail time. The mayor, city manager or a council member must have been the "complainant" to the chief to do some- thing about "parking' in downtown. No doubt, downtown parking has become a detri- ment to shopping and particularly when court is in session. Several years ago, at their yearly retreat, the Forsyth Downtown Development Authority board of directors established a get-accomplished list. You guessed it! Downtown parking was going to be a pri- ority. That was over two years ago. Ho-hum! Guess making sure cars are properly parked down- town is more of a priority than more parking avail- ability in downtown. MEANWHILE over at the county commission meeting, Deputy Sheriff Jeffrey Graham Wilson was appointed Monroe County Animal Control Officer with the responsibility of enforcing the '%rzcious and Dangerous Dogs Code Amendment". According to the adopted code, "Dangerous dog means any dog that: Causes a substantial puncture of a person's skin by teeth without causing serious injury; provided however, that a nip, scratch, or abrasion shall not be sufficient to classify a dog as dangerous". Dog means any member of the canine genus, including wolves. Also included in the 24-page code, '%-icious animal means any animal that attacks or attempts to attack without provocation a human being or domestic animal". rmious dog mean a dog that inflicts seri- ous injury to a person resulting from reasonable attempts to escape from the dog's attack. Here are a couple more highlights of the county ordinance: A dog may be found to be a nuisance dog if the animal control officer or the Sheriff's Office responds to more than two complaints that are found to be reasonable complaints against the dog. All owners of dogs shall be required to obtain an annual dog license per animal as set forth in the Schedule of Fees. Don't know where you go to get a dog license but be ready to have one just in case. My suggestion, for you and your dog(s) to not become "criminals", go to the county offices and find out where you can get a copy of the 24-page code. SERIOUS, this was the headline from last week's Public Records: "High Falls Road resident reports ex- boyfriend stole toothpaste". The ex-boyfriend should have accompanied the dumpster diver raiding the Highway 87 Dollar General store dumpster. Guess the diver thought he could get a better price if he found a tube of toothpaste in the dumpster! THE correct answer to The Question was emailed first by Malcolm Calhoun identifying Maggie Renfroe as the performer scheduled to be on stage at the Monroe County Fine Arts Center on Jan. 26. Malcolm gets a certificate for a dozen Dunkin Donuts, Jonah's cookie, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, two Lucky Caf egg rolls, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt and from The Pickled Okra a sandwich, drink and chips. Here's The Question for this week: The name of the local dentist who completed training for implants not breast but dental? First correct answer after 12 noon on Thursday gets the certificate. GUESS who is continuing to be paid during this government shutdown? Yep, you are right if you guessed our senators and representatives and of course their office staff and that is disgusting! Betcha my bottom dollar, if their salaries and benefits were included in the shutdown, it would have lasted no more than a nano-second. HERE are a couple of Vent comments in regards to the exorbitant local gas prices: "It is quite common for gas prices to be higher near Interstate Highways. Since we have busy 1-75 running right through the middle of town, the gas stations can and do charge moze. This is good old Trump supporter capitalism at work, my friend". And this one: '%Vhy do you keep printing all the illogical gasoline comments? If you drive out of county regularly, get gas out of county. If you stay in Monroe County like me, you don't use enough gas for the price difference to matter that much. Too much space wasted on gasoline vent". WONDER how many Monroe Countians are job commuting to the Dollar General distribution cen- ter just off 1-75 in Butts County? Over 3,500 people applied for positions and over 500 were hired. Don Daniel founded the Reporter in 1972. Email him at tullaybear@bellsouth.rtet. UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED by Marilyn Langford I et's get to the bottom of who's to blame for the shutdown of our government. It won't take long. It was Donald Trump! He wanted one, he needed one, he manufactured one, he got one! I will offer proof. THE EARLIEST inkling that Trump wanted a shutdown came just prior to when this same budget bill was set to be voted on in September 2016, Trump said, "This country needs a good 'shutdown' in September to fLX this mess." tion bill which includes DACA. ing to win people over in a nego- If this budget bill is passed tiation, you do not slap them without addressing DACA, in the face repeatedly. Trump Trump and the Republicans will stirred the pot and disappeared. make sure itis never taken up He is sitting back now enjoying for a vote. the chaos he has caused. TRUMP AND all the Republicans have their pro- paganda machine working overtime to convince you that it is a shutdown manufactured by Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer. Lest we forget. Trump is a Republican President. The Republicans control both the House and Senate. If Trump or Congress really wanted a bill, Schumer could not stop them. What they never men- tion is that the failure of the vote was bipartisan, with four Republicans voting with the Democrats I BELIEVE that if Congress had been left to their own devices, a deal would have been struck. Trump's interference, or as he calls it, "mak- ing a deal," has been a knife in the backs of the Democrats. First, he got everybody in a room and put the onus on Congress, "Bring me a bill and I will sign it." He never indi- cated what he wanted in the Bill. He made a deal with Democrats. Then he reneged. Then he came close to a deal on Friday with Senator Schumer. A deal seemed imminent when Schumer offered him more money than originally requested for the border wall. Trump then upped his request from 18 bil- lion to 33 billion for his wall. There is no way that Democrats or the Congress can trust any- thing Trump says. As of last Thursday, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell lamented that Trump has not said what he wants in an immigration bill and they don't know what to ask for. Obviously McConnell cannot read the mind of a mad man. TRUMP AWOKE on Sept. 5, 2016, and he decided it was time to abol- NO, IT IS indeed a Trump ish another great Shutdown and Trump is to accomplishment by Obama. He blame. Trump's own words when signed an executive order to end he was a citizen about the 2013 the Deferred Action for Children shutdown. "A shutdown falls on Arrivals (DACA). The program the President's lack of leader- had been working fine. He knew ship. He can't even control his this would cause shock and party and get people together awe to the Democrats and cre- in a room. A shutdown means ate a divisive issue. His intent the President is weak." Also, was to end DACA immediately Fox News' Greta Van Susteren but threats of lawsuits led him asked Trump in September, to set a six-month deadline 2013, "who gets fired if there is for it to end. Trump and the a shutdown?" Trump answered, Republicans will tell you he "The President." There you have ended DACA because it was it folks. There's your proofi unconstitutional. Truth is, no Court or Judge has ever ruled THIS JUST in They have that DACA is unconstitutional, kicked the can down the road Trump and his right-wing con- THIS IS all a game to Trump (again) until Feb. 8. Even spirators just did not like it. and his administration. Mick though no vote was held, Trump Mulvaney, White House Budget is happy. The drama of his AFTER SIGNING two con- Director, told Scan Hannity that reality show kept him in the tinuing resolutions (CR's), we he was in charge of the shut-spotlight all weekend and kept arrived at this point in time down and "that's kinda cool."the media from talking about with an impasse on the budget Eric Trump told FOX News on his $130,000 hush-money pay- bill. Even though the DACA Sunday, "Honestly, it's a good ment to the porn star, Stormy program officially ends March thing for us." On Saturday Daniels. 8, DACA protections expire for morning, Trump's campaign 122 young people a month and released a vile campaign ad Marilyn Langford of High makes them subject to deporta- stating Democrats were murder- Falls writes about current events tion. Thus far, the Republicans ers. Ads aren't made that quick- from the liberal perspective. have shown no interest in bring- ly. It was setting on the shelf Email her at marilynlang- ing a vote on a clean immigra- ready to go. If you are truly try- OUR VIEW ' ryE Monroe County's congressman Austin Scott (R-Ashbum) held his last Town Hall with his constituents in Forsyth (at right) on Aug. 20, 2014, which was 1,253 days ago. Scott defeated incumbent Congressman Jim Marshall in 2010 after Marshall went several years without hosting a Town Hall meeting with his constituents in Forsyth. If you want an opportunity to let Scott know what you want him to do in Congress, call his Washington office at (202) 225-6531 and let him know. When Brian Kemp became secretary of state on Jan. 8, 2010, Terry Scarbor- ough's survey of the Monroe-Bibb county line was on his desk. The law says it's his jobto do something with it. But Kemp, an ambitious politician who announced on March 13, 2017 his intention to run for governor, punted. He announced on Aug. 23, 2011 that he was rejecting the Scarborough survey because he can't be sure it's the original line. Unfortunately, the law gives him no such option. So on March 10, 2014, the Supreme Court ordered him to set the line and resolve the dispute.That was three years ago.The Reporter is devoting this space each week to counting the number of days Kemp has been on the job, and yet not done his job. If you want Kemp to do the job which he's sought three times before he gets a promotion to governor, call his office at (404) 656-2817 and let them know. SERVING YOU FORSYTH CITY COUNCIL ErkWilson Mayor 478-461-0889 I~ I Dexter King Chris Hewett Melvin Lawrence Greg Goolsby Julius Stroud Mike Dodd Post I Post 2 Post 3 Post 4 ~ Post 5 Post 6 478-320-3160 478-960-I 017478-993-7841404-402-I 134 706-819-0797 478-994-6203 BALLOT LOCATED ON PAGE 8C